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    Warner Bros. Home Entertainment revealed the 2017 line-up of DC Universe Animated Original Movies at the San Diego Comic-Con. Announced Friday, July 22nd, 2016, the animated film Justice League Dark will hit home video in early 2017!

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  2. A league movie with Constane eh cool. I haven't seen Zantana and GL in a long time animated.
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  3. I like that Matt Ryan is reprising his role as constantine, this time just his voice. I really hope that Batman and the rest of the normal league don't steal too much focus from JL dark. This is a proper time for the mystical and supernatural of DC universe to shine.
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  4. Well Bats is leading the team so....
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  7. The Blue-ray release is Jan 24th 2017
  8. Thank god that it was a JL dark movie instead of a Batman or JL movie. Constantine was the star as his usual bastard self. I'm surprised that Bats didn't question his methods. But then again the one who has most in common with Constantine would be Batman.
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  9. Question. Why didn't the Mr. Big Bad guy try to pull the fear thing with Batman? Take out one of the guys 'actively' opposing you. The rest of the JL seemed to be susceptible to it. He was treating Bats like he was passively 'NOPE!' to him the whole movie.
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  10. I just got around to watching this film today and I was entertained a lot, so much win in this movie. I loved seeing John Constantine as the lead in this movie along with Zatanna. Seeing how Zatanna was in this movie and Etrigan shouldn't Dr. Faith of been in this movie too? He is supposed to be the tier 1 fighters for JL magic. Etrigan hitting me up with constant lyrics and rhymes is always enjoyable lol. When Felix Faust said he designed his house so Zatanna couldn't speak and for every man in the world was fucking hilarious, DC always has great humor. It was a great twist with Ritchie being behind mind control of the civilians and beyond that Destiny using him to become free from his prison. One of the most memorable moments for me was giving SWAMP THING some showtime. I used to love SWAMP THING back in the 90's. He's just as powerful as any character on JL. Did Destiny kill him though? I thought it was silly everyone just forgot about him at the end lol. I hope we get to see more of him and integrate him more in JL shows/films. Also wow the actor that played John Stewart/SWAMP THING is Roger Cross. Some gets a cookie if they watched M.A.N.T.I.S back in the day.
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  11. lol why the BOLD for Swamp Thing? ^ I need to watch this tonight
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