1. A movie based on a true story about science with black actors and women. Unfortunately there seems to always be that racial divide element in there (that's the reality in most cases). I will watch this as well. I hope someone does a story about Matthew Hensen was arguably the first man at the north pole. I found out about him recently.
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  2. i saw this movie tuesday and i liked it. i thought that each of the 3 lead actresses did a good job. janelle monae was surprisingly good in her role.
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  3. I finally got around to watching this movie today and loved it. Doing math the long way and in such complexity is no simple task. All 3 lead actors were superb, I loved Janelle and Taraji, Kevin Costner was awesome too. It's good that they named the Computational Research Facility after Katherine Johnson. Oh and Janelle Monae is so fucking hot.
  4. That's the one that went to university right. She is soo damn fine. I totally forgot to google her he he he ..

    Wait what. She sings?! How come I've never heard of her before. I really thought she was only an actor since she's pretty damn good at it
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  5. Ya she a known R&B singer and that is what she was known for until now. Now she's is showing versatility, shes a pretty damn good actor too. She has a unique kind of ol skool style approach to her singing.

    This is the type of style of singing that she was known for first.

    Hot in this video


    She's pretty underrated I've known about her musically for awhile but never really took in much of her music. I think I'm going take in more of her songs for a bit.
  6. From what I can tell from those songs is that she should stick to acting..
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  7. lol shes not bad but I would have to agree with her first movie and breakthrough acting she should focus on acting....or both if she can.

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