1. I'm kind of in the same boat as well, don't really remember the original plot but I am loving the cgi. I thought the trailer was really good and I am more interested in the movie.
  2. This. I know most of us nerds want comic and anime continuity / faithfulness but with these anime movies this ^ Ok Dragonball was just an awful pos.. I mean they didn't even try to be somewhat faithful but this looks pretty damn good and close enough for me. However, I am not a fan of how they are telling Motoko's story and Batou seems all Keanu Reeves emo. At least give me a MOTOKOOO!!

    Been going back and watching the seasons and all the movies on dvd/bluray. In the end anime movies will mostly fail because it's a niche crowd and the general populace does not give a flying.. marvel and dc are different.

    Unless someone makes an anime movie that comes across as something super original like Matrix or Avatar. This is different for sure as far as scifi movies go.. not the run of the mill story/setting. It's like Black Rain scifi'd up. We'll see but I expect the ratings to bomb.
  3. It's not so much that the plot changed it's that they are using a very generic "your life was stolen" plot that is very common. Generic Hollywood. Unless of course that is just a red herring and it really isn't focused on that but Hollywood isn't that clever anymore.
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  4. Yeah I'm in the same boat, they're really beating the whole "Existential dilemma" shtick to death, but I'll leave my final verdict post viewing.
  5. Yep and that is exactly what I was trying to refer to... it just felt so... American. The irony making it primarily for an audience that cares the least about it. Why can't Japan make Hollywood type flicks for their OWN FUCKING MATERIAL instead of shipping it off to the tards in Cali. Can we just put everything under the Marvel umbrella and Feige.
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  6. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainmen...-ghost-in-shell-whitewashing-controversy.html
  7. I watched this yesterday. Overall it was an OK movie. It might have even been a really good movie if it was an original and there didnt exist manga and anime before it. First lets get the positives out of the way. This looked visually stunning. They did a great job translating the visuals from the anime to live action. And there were several scenes that were lifted right from the source material. This movie also sounded great. The score felt perfect with what we were seeing.
    Now we come to the negatives. The characters. Aside from Batou, Aramaki and the Major we dont really spend much time with section 9. The movie was more focused on giving an origin story for the major than to delve into any other character. So when Saito, sniper from section 9, made an appearance in the final scene I found myself asking where the fuck did he just come from because I could swear that was the first time I saw him. Or maybe he was there that one time when the team gathered to meet?
    And now we get to the plot of the movie. As some have mentioned above it is a very generic plot. Something that can easily be digested by any and all audience. They spent very little time going over the philosophical aspect of this brilliant world which was something that the anime movies and series did really good. Everything that made the original anime film great was there. But they dumbed it down and made a lite version of that. A very lite version at that.
    And thats why i said it was an ok movie and would have been a good movie if there wasnt such a compelling source material.
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