1. True... But that's my point.. That movie took the idea and made their own American movie

    Besides one or two plot points (futuretech war with aliens, time travel, a love interest) .. They weren't related

    There were no scenes that directly translated from one to the other

    ...I think the endings were completely different (IIRC the manga didn't have a happy ending at all)
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  2. Do the Japanese-Americans ever ask why don't you cast a Japanese-American as the lead?
  3. Most minorities ask that in the US.
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  4. But when they cast a black Johnny storm
  5. People still complained.
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  6. I think it's funny though how so many of the characters in anime look white like a huge majority. You have certain series that go a little more japanese. I could care less either way but Hollywood is probably looking at that thinking well she looks white so... lol. Jordan by the way ^ was one of the few bright spots of that godforsaken movie.

    If Stan Lee is cool with it who am I to complain. Anyway, it's about the almighty dollar and H'wood wants actors who the American public will want to see and drive the box office dollars. I would personally go see a movie if it looked badass, great music and story no matter what race the actors or lead were and I do that still.

    Now enjoy some white people acting below. lol.

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  7. I don't think that's Puppetmaster. That last shot is confirmed as Hideo Kuze from Individual Eleven. We might be getting a mix of Puppet Master and Individual Eleven story. Does anyone know which story this is based on?
  8. I just dl'd the 2015 remake I think? I'll watch it later. It will be a good refresher going into live action film.
  9. My main problem with them getting Jordan, aside from him getting it just for being pals with Trank, was that they just made Sue a different race without ever bothering to explain why before or during the movie.

    And Stan pretty much says he likes anything Marvel comes out with. And ScarJo should've never gotten those boobies reduced. :troll
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  10. They are not technically remakes. More like a different canon. That's why I redownloaded everything yesterday. First the 95 movie and its sequel Innocence. Then the Stand Alone Complex, both seasons and Solid State Society. And finally The Arise OVAs and the new movie.
    Honestly my first thought seeing her in the bodysuit. Would have been so much better with her bigger boobies.
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  11. I say the same thing about the girl from modern family too. :troll
  12. What an absolute shameful act for any female to instigate upon one self. Martz.. I need martz.. you have big boobies right? Where do you stand on this.
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  13. Careful, she has traps hidden in there.
  14. Watched this trailer again and I'm loving what I see. We've yet to really see any of the other cast. Laughing Man would be too much right off the bat. I am sure they are planning on a trilogy at least. I started digging the depeche mode song after a few listens.

    I think Scar is spot on. If you think about it the Major was mainly serious with a tad bit of humor here and there. All I need now is Tachikoma's and also.. uh.. I have a tachikoma toy from the original dvd. :D

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  15. I just watched the Ghost in a Shell 2015 animated movie and damn was that good. I should of watched it earlier.
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  16. You should watch Arise as it serves as a prequel to the movie.
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  17. I have seen the Ghost in the Shell movie, then the anime series, then read the manga which was completely differentthan both. I felt that the manga was much lighter than the action.
    Personally I hope that they will do a good enough job, but I had always felt that non slice of life manga didnt translate good to live action.
    Although I would watch a live action of Monster or Black Lagoon.
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  18. The more I see the more I hate the plot of this movie.
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  19. Just adapt the god damn plot from the original.
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  20. I can't really remember what the original anime movies plot was about. Just remember it had awesome visuals for its time. I liked the trailer and it's plot. The visual effects were pretty dope and the acting was convincing. I think as long as you don't compare this too much with the anime movie you'll have a good time watching it
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