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  2. Just saw these. Don't know what to make of it.
  3. Well I for one am encouraged. The music / tone even for these short clips gives me a
    GitS vibe from the anime. It feels like Matrix ish and no cheese.. this may actually be hollywood's first non fuck up in the anme to live action category.

    Oh check this out:

  4. That fan made trailer does make it look much better. The short clips are not enough to go on at all by themselves. I wasn't as butthurt as some that an asian wasn't cast as the lead but I was/am not happy that they cast Scarlett Johansson. The one saving grace is that she plays wooden just about as well as Keanu Reeves so it might be ok.

    I'm grateful that my expectations for this film are very low and hopeful that when I see it I may actually like it.
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  5. I deleted my reply about whitewashing because I did not feel I am fully educated on the subject to voice an appropriate opinion. I like ..who I do not go to often for advice lol.. Max Landis view that it is more cultural and thus the movie would never get green lit without a Scarlett type actor. I do believe a lot of whitewashing crying is not necessary and just people inciting others to bitch about race.

    I like your comment Mongor about being wooden lol. Didn't Reeves do that not just in the Matrix but the John Wick film? I guess one gripe is her boobs are too small or rather flat and skinny like eddie's mom.

    I do get that 98% of Japan are ethnic Japanese and so a white woman in this society in this film would be iffy at best. It is a City based on Hong Kong but still Japan at the heart..in GitS that is. I'll post Max and his dumb hair below so you can give a listen. I am still looking forward to this movie and just hope to god it is not like some 47 Ronin / Keanu Reeves trash and that Rupert Sanders has learned from the fail that is Snow white. Interestingly enough.. he was not on board for the snowwhite follow up thankfully.

  6. Like I said before, I think there are ways to still do it and still be able to have film that people will watch but I know why Hollywood does it and it isn't because they hate at all the Asians.
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  7. What were you trying to say there at the end? Lost me there. If the movie is awesome the majority of people bitching will stop. It's like winning as a QB in the NFL. It shuts people up however it does not solve the fact like Landis was saying above that there are next to no A list Asian actors in major leading roles that will get a movie green lit right now.

    I don't know what the actor situation is like in Japan except for the pop star thing but I'd bet there are some who could make it big in Hollywood as leading role actors if their english is worth a shit. Otherwise it is situational at best and usually secondary character roles like Yen's in Rogue One.

    ..I swear people are so hateful these days. "Noone is going to see it cause noone asked for it to be made" Oh fuck off. Go be miserable by yourself. I am referring to the countless posts I see saying this on various sites lol. The world is not perfect. Be glad you get to enjoy life and see a live action gits movie made before you die miserable pricks lol. Can't be any worse than Dragonball.
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  11. So... many... red... flags...

    Really not feeling the ScarJo casting on this one. Hoping another trailer can change my mind.
  12. It will definitely look cool. Not sure what they are doing with the plot. If they're going to focus on the Puppet Master or try to mix elements of the animated films, the manga and the anime. But yes, red flags.
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  13. I really like that body suit... for reasons. But other than that, I'm really not feeling the casting on this one.
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  14. Well, I'll give them point's for style. Stylistically it's very GIT's in almost everyway it could be for a big screen adaptation, although ill need to see the full movie to give the most informed opinion.

    As far as the casting, we knew going in it was somewhat dubious but I really don't see much here that screams outright flop however I'd be lying if I said I had faith they are going to do right by the story.

    But I'm definitely seeing this. I don't believe this will be a disaster akin to the stillborn abortion that was dragonball evolution.
    So in that respect, this is an improvement.

    As for the main antagonist, I'd prefer the laughing man over the puppetmaster simply because Hollywood has beaten to dust the "Ai obtains sentience and plots to take over the world" trope, and honestly I'm becoming bored with it.
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  15. Well, Puppetmaster just wanted to be able to essentially "experience life". It was a different kind of A.I. bad guy but Hollywood would probably change that to a more "take over the world" style of antagonist.
  16. That bodysuit is what caught my eye. The whole thing looks like its going to visually stunning but storywise I still don't know. I'll have to see the actual thing before I make a judgment.
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  17. I like that they kept the song.
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  18. I was never a fan of the original movie or anime...so take that into account

    but I doubt the movie will be good because it is America taking a series from a different culture...then putting an American spin on it
    (I'm thinking DBZ Evolution...ChunLi movie...etc)

    Though it COULD be a good film...I doubt the director would stay true to the spirit of GitS

    ...Hollywood is just as bad at taking a book series and not staying true to the roots...so I suspect this to be a colossal money sink for the studio -- and possibly relegate ScarJo's "starpower" to only Blackwidow roles in the future
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  19. Although Edge of Tomorrow was pretty awesome.
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