1. SOOO EDGY!!!!
  2. Ahh wtf you need DC universe to watch? Thats fucking lame. What exactly is DC universe anyway?
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  3. A streaming service. They are gonna be putting all their movies and tv shows and animations into it. Plus all the new stuff. Plus about 4000 comics.
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  4. Aquaman

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  5. It's basically DC's streaming service that will have all of their movies, a bunch of their old live action shows, animated shows, animated movies, comics, and original content, as well as merchandise. It costs $75 for 12 months right now and they give you 3 months for free.
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  6. copy/paste from shoutbox

    As for Aquaman the trailer looks legit. I like how they have Black Manta as the villain. His helmet looks a bit too big no?
  7. Nope. Just right.
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  8. The OG Teen Titans is apparently coming back. That's awesome like Samurai Jack, it deserves a proper ending.
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  9. Anybody else watch this yet? Seems a bit more fleshed out than the last time they did the story.
  10. Where can I dl it, that clip looked great.
  11. I'm waiting for part 2 to come out next year before I watch it.
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  12. I just got it on torrent. Been out for at least a week now.
  13. DM me the link please
  14. I must say, Krypton does do a great job on their villain designs.

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  17. Summary of my take on Titans series so far. Doesn't look it it will be within arrowverse ( for now ). Robin is pretty much "If Batman went off the deepend, but not villain." Raven is pretty much teenage girl just teenage girl 'just' coming into powers and inner demons ( magic version of mutants from X-men ). Starfire has taken the form of a high-class hooker that has connections to russian mafia and doesn't remember much of anything. Last minute introduction of beast boy is a shapeshifting white kid with green hair ( only part that is green ) that tries to steal video games from stores.
  18. I enjoyed the Constantine special on the CW, but then I'm always up for more Constantine. I'm looking forward to Legends pretty much because of him.
  19. Yeah. I watched Constantine City of Demons as well. A good movie.
    Also there is this.
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  20. I am intrigued.
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