1. So dc said YJ Outsiders will skew more adult to keep up with the characters since it's on a streaming channel instead of basic tv.

    Dick Grayson is back in the comics..and that's all.
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  2. [IMG]
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  3. A cliffhanger? On their first giant team-up movie? That seems like... a really odd choice.
  4. That Batman and Harley Quinn movie sucked. Some of it made me want to go to Bruce Timm and ask him... [IMG]
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  5. I didnt think it sucked...I just didnt like how they ruined my nastalgias
    ...my innocent, innocent childhood ruined with fart jokes, titty shaking, and booty quaking

    also, I've watched too much porn...when Harley said she had to "do something" for Shrubbie...I didnt think it was a song & dance
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  6. You dirty fucker lol
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  7. to be fair though...they did have that whole rape scene

    ...and before you say it wasnt rape....
    imagine the reaction if Batman knocked out Talia/Catwoman/Batgirl
    ...dragged her back to the batcave
    ....tied her to the bed.
    ...then told her she wanted it
    mah nostalgias man mah nostalgias
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  8. Anna Diop cast as Starfire for the Titans show.

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  9. We have a Dick I mean Nightwing now too for TItans.

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  10. Martin Scorsese is working on a Joker origin movie that's not part of the DCEU. Apparently they want DiCaprio to play the Joker.
  11. He is just the producer. That is a nothing burger.
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  13. *Yawn*

    I don't know why I care so little for this film, I have no interest in seeing it. Sometimes a film will come out that I want to see but don't get the chance in the cinema because I wasn't that motivated to see it. I expected to feel that was for JL but I don't, I think I might actively avoid it.

    The CG looks shit. It's distracting that most of the film seems to have been shot on green screen. The end of Batman v Superman where they fought Doomsday looked prety poor, there were too many animated sparks, fire and smoke and it looked like a computer game. This film has high budget B-movie written all over it and that should be a good thing but it looks like it'll be a disaster.

    I also know I'm hardly Nostradamas, I assume most people are expecting this to suck.
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  14. This trailer looked so much better with Whedon on board you can see the difference already. Expect shit..hope for the best.

    This will offset the Thor comedy hour nicely.
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  15. Dude is gonna get brolic.
  16. I watched Justice League last night. I went in with no expectations, only to see cool Flash moments. And I found the movie to be surprisingly good for such a troubled production with director changes and reshoots. The movie had its issues but I believe the scales are tipped towards good. My rating would be 7/10.
    • A more lighthearted tone, it was genuinely funny at some points
    • Story is easy and simple for the general audience to follow
    • The league chemistry is awesome and probably the factor that tipped the scales for this movie.
    • Superman.
    • Steppenwolf was a very weak villain. Once the big gun arrives he is taken out like a chump.
    • The pace felt rushed and it probably was with the WB mandated 2hr runtime. An extra 30 mins would have done real good to flesh out the characters of Barry (flash) and Victor (cyborg)
    PS: There is one mid credits scene and one after credits scene.
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