1. "No Lanterns, No Kryptonians."

    After seeing this and then after watching Wonder Woman I'm thinking they they are really going to establish that Kryptonians are just simply a level above what Wonder Woman is capable of." The old idea that if Diana is a 9 then Superman is a 10 and the gap between the two is significant. Granted this makes sense as all of the shit that Diana had to defend herself against during WWI Supes would have simply just walk through it tanking it all.

    When were you born? You aren't aware of those outfits?
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  2. Oh we all know who that was at the end of the trailer, unless it was someone other than Superman. I mean the league usually had 7 members. I just can't get enough of the Flash effects. That just looks fucking cool. If they are doing Flashpoint I can't wait to see the effects for Reverse-Flash.
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  3. Yeah everything to me about Flash is dope too. I want to scream like a little girl about the Lantern Corps movie announcement and one or both of them showing up at the end of the JL trailer. I say that cause in GLCorps supposedly it will have Hal and John. No Guy Gardner love? lol.

    Can I just post this here pls lol.. not in the mood to make a new thread. Hey it has Harley Quinn and Deathstroke in it so that's DC related. Also the Akira bike awesome.

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  4. Not gonna lie...thought the trailer above was going to be for SAO

    so after seeing JLA trailer 2 or 3 (not sure)...I am convinced that it will be another disappointment :(
    ...just way way waaaay too much stuff happening in the trailer (and eventually movie)...we see DIana crime fighting, Flash doing science experiments, Bruce/Alfred conversations, Bruce tracking down all the would be heroes, Atlantis, I'm guessing Apokolips, Themyscira, and an all out war going on

    ...so again
    either the movie is 3.5 hours long...or they jump around and never really develop the backstory fully...

    I dont know why studio companies dont get that reveals should be left out of trailers....they should have never revealed WW or Doomsday in BvS...
    They shouldnt have revealed Spiderman in CA:CW
    so the reveal imay not be Superman and it could be a red herring -- but Henry Cavill IS in the movie (though it could be a flashback -- who knows)
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  5. ^
    We have the back story on 2 out of 5. We know Aquaman is getting his own movie soon so maybe we can assume that won't take anytime. I think Flash is getting one? If that is the case then we just have to worry about Cyborg. If Cyborg's back story involves the boom tube transformation then even better.

    Also, it sounded like they wanted to tell us we are getting Superman at the end with who Alfred was talking to, to the person hidden off screen.

    I thought the new trailer was amazing, I am hype for it..BUT... being disappointed will not surprise me.
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  6. Is JL a two part movie?
  7. Don't think so. ^

    Lol Wonder Whiskers

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  8. Am I a homo if I tapped WW with that beard?
  9. ...mustache

    and not as long as you use a gloryhole?? :eek:
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  10. In the trailer Bruce is looking at a hologram of a red cape with some very feminine looking legs under them...except they seem to have tattoos. Probably not Supergirl but...
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  11. Who else would it be then? I say at the end it is Superman before Alfred but that is Super Girl. Legs way too small. 1:41 mark.

    Also a report today seems to say Snyder is pretty much done as the big man for the dceu. A very much smaller role and Whedon/Johns will run things now...not just JL. On top of news out yesterday that extensive reshoots are 20+ million.
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  12. Yeaaah, I know.
  13. Nani? I'll have to re-watch the trailer again now.


    I seen tattoos on the leg? Silly question but that dude with the axe is Darkside correct?


    nvm Steppenwolf
  14. Darkseid, D A R K S E I D. lol... yeah it is Steppenwolf. His Game of Thrones voice is spot on.
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  15. Nigga, why would Darkseid need an axe? Take your ass home!
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  16. lmao ^ That's a sig quote.

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  17. That's what I was saying to myself, leave me alone DM :(
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  18. I imagine only Steppenwolf being in this movie. And of course a whole bunch of parademon fodders. If Steppenwolf alone is able to give the JL this much trouble they don't stand a chance when the Furies, Kalibak and all the other apokolips gods show up. Not to mention Darkseid. He is gonna cream them all. If its not just Steppenwolf then DC has done a great job keeping it a secret.
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  19. In that clip, Batman should have asked Darkseid if his mother's name was Martha...could have been a new ally
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  20. So not just Cyborg, but Wonder Woman is also rumored to be in the Flash Point movie. Seems like it might take a lot of influence from flash point. I'd love a war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman.
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