1. ^ But what about Suicide Squad? It's part of the DCEU too.
  2. I thought I reviewed it before...but apparently not

    that was probably tied with BvS (2/10)....maaaaaybe a 2.2/10 because Margot is prettier than Amy (and half her age)

    that movie was such a steaming pile...I mean honestly, most of the characters were so bland that they could have died or been replaced and nothing would happen in the storyline

    the movie was about Will Smith (and/or Margot Robbie) saving it -- but it just didnt happen

    ...Katana showed up...they said her sword steals souls....and that was it...what did she do in the movie to add value?
    ...what was the guys name whose head blew up?
    ...I think Killer Croc had 4 lines the entire movie
    ...Diablo was supposed to be the tragic hero that you root for...but really his tragedy is that he killed his family?...AT LEAST he did something memorable (saved the squad and fought the giant)
    ...Jared Leto's joker was absolute garbage...but same thing...they touted him as the best incarnation of the Joker...he was on screen 10 minutes and even then...his scenes were not memorable
    ...Rick Flag could be replaced with just about any other soldier and nothing would have changed in the movie
    ...Enchantress was the main bad guy...and there was nothing memorable about her except that she looked good while she gyrated while half naked
    ...Boomerang was supposed to be the quirky side kick role....but that was already taken up by Harley

    movie was trash...obviously DC is still struggling to find their formula
    WW was a big step in the right direction....they just havent gotten there yet

    JLA could be a step in the right direction...but they have to do everyone's (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, etc) backstory first BEFORE they start the actual Doomsday stuff....so I think that movie will be pretty boring and the pacing will be all off

    again...hope Im wrong (but I never am :harhar:
  3. @Killa:

    I feel like they could just do (or could have done, rather) what Marvel did with Spidey - have some characters show up in a movie, give them the backstory in a later movie. Even Wonder Woman in BvS had some build up. Most everyone can figure out Flash and Aquaman if they showed up randomly on screen, Cyborg is going to be the one who needs to be fleshed out.

    Especially when there are super-destructo-death-beams that are going to destroy the planet (Man of Steel), we're supposed to believe that the rest of the would-be JLA just sat on their thumbs? Being fair though, Marvel doesn't really do that either (Captain America movies seem to be the exception).

    I just think it would be really fun if Wonder Woman trading blows with the obvious-bad guy(s) over a populated bay or something when out of nowhere Aquaman just bursts out of the ocean riding a giant shark (or an army of Atlantians, or an army of Atlantians riding giant sharks, or an army of Atlantians riding giant sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads, I'm not picky) and proceeds to assist. Or who knows, maybe Aquaman doesn't know who the bad guy is so he just fights everyone. Either way my inner 10-year old would be stoked, especially if they didn't do something dumb like reveal it in the trailers. Maybe that's just me [and Kubo, ho ho ho]?
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  4. @Xandor

    If they chose to do a Batman AND Superman background in their movies....THE most well known backstories in the mainstream, NON-comic fandom history...they are going to do backstories for all of them
  5. @Killa - My bad on the explanation. I meant the stand-alone movies can do the background instead of JLA, which gives them more time in JLA for actual plot or explosions.
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  6. ^ But the only ones who've had standalone movies so far were Supes, WW and well Bats cause BvS was pretty much a Bats movie with Supes in there to tag along. And JL comes out this year followed by the rest of the standalone movies starting next year.
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  7. @Eddie - right, I'm saying to just leave any background out of JLA for now. Spiderman showed up in the Captain America movie without any backstory, I'm saying they could get away with the same thing for Flash and Aquaman. I don't think Cyborg is as well known, but maybe that's just me.
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  8. I understood you.. What I'm saying is that they didn't need a superman or batman back story.. AT All.. They have been done adnaseum.. But they were still there

    I think they are going to do abbreviated back stories in JLA and then do in depth backstories for their individual films

    I would much prefer they leave it out.. And just focus on the movie

    But they likely won't
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  9. OH. I get you. I thought it was my writing comprehension that needed work, apparently it's my reading.
  10. I just saw Wonder Woman (downloaded it because it doesn't come out until August 25th in Japan and the high quality Korean version was out) and I kinda feel the same way that killa does. It's the best DC film to date under the current universe. But it wasn't like OMFG BEST EVER!

    There was a guy on youtube who I follow who mentioned something in his review that I agree with. The beginning was cool except that the Amazons save for Diana and her mother all acted like men. Diana was ACTUALLY what an Amazon would be, quite feminine but still a warrior. That's just a bit of a pet peeve. Her mother actually have had sex with a man and given birth to a child from that relationship probably helped make her a bit more feminine.

    Gadot is not really known for her strong acting. Not her fault per say, I mean the most she's been in currently have been Fast and Furious films. But I really enjoyed Gal Gadot's ability to portray Diana's innocence. I was pretty much watching this thinking, "Yeah, it's pretty hard not to like her." Although I'm not sure how much of that is me looking at her acting critically or me just falling for the fact that she's some kind of Israeli goddess. I mean every god damn time I look at her it's just...oh...my...gawd.

    Yeah, pretty much.

    Also, I'm not gonna jump on the bandwagon of giving Patty Jenkins the whole, "OH CONGRATS PATTY, HIGHEST GROSSING FILM BY A FEMALE DIRECTOR!" that's not a real accomplishment with this film. It's a god damn Wonder Woman film. Of course it was going to gross hundreds of millions of dollars. It was guaranteed to do that regardless of who the director was. Sorry, Patty. We wouldn't blink an eye if it were male director and the film did this well. You get more props for doing Monster.

    Regarding the sequel...I know it's 100 years between World War I and when she pops up in BvS but I'd rather not have her do another period setting. Just move her to the current time. We don't need to know about how she accumulated her wealth or how she ended up adjusting to life in man's world. She has friends now and they would clearly help her adjust. If a flashback is needed then fine, I mean I guess the big thing would be what she did during World War II considering the holocaust happened and nuclear bombs were dropped.

    EDIT: Also I agree with Xandor's statement that the end felt like some high school kid wrote it. Have seen that ending multiple times before.
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  11. I'm just going to go ahead and say what we're all thinking.. the DC movie Universe is going to be one big meh on top of what we've already had with an exception here and there like WW and the new GL movie..maybe Flash. I just read they are completely rewriting the Batman movie script. Seriously... sigh. I have no idea what to expect from Aquaman. Coin flip. I will say this about the Batman movie.. they want to go the Detective route which I love from the toons and comics. More grounded in Gotham's seedy underground. I wish they would have elaborated more on that in the Star Wars underworld on Coruscant. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Coruscant_underworld

    I guess we did get that though in the Nolan movies. Maybe a flashback movie to show Joker killing Robin.. some Red Hood. Idk. Also, I have no idea what they are going to do with that disaster of a Joker we had in SSquad. I mean that's our Joker folks for the DC Universe from here on out. Let that sink in.
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  12. Don't write it off just yet. Snyder is stepping down (at least temporarily) and in his place they hired... Joss Whedon, the guy pretty much responsible for Marvel's success. I don't think he can affect the next couple of movies, but ones farther down the pipe are fair game.
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  13. That is extremely hopeful ^ Plus isn't Whedon doing Batgirl? tbh I am sick and tired of Snyder. I am sorry for the reason of his leave of absence.. his kid passed away right? So I understand but movie wise under the unfortunate circumstances I think it's a good break even though Snyder will still be involved on some level I'm sure.
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  15. [IMG]

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  16. wtf is that? lmao ^

    Reminds me of:
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  17. Yeah, that was the costumes back in like the 80s.
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  19. I'm getting more and more excited for this movie with everything released. As per DC tradition, I think I will stop watching trailers from here, because the next one is certain to spoil many key points that should be kept hidden. They better not fuck up the Superman reveal in a trailer.
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  20. Looks pretty cool hope it turns out okay. Also the new flash movie is titled Flash Point. Also apparently it was said at some point that it would be a time travel, team up between Flash and Cyborg. Sounds like they might do the flashpoint story It'd be awesome if we got to see Wonder Woman and Aqua Man's war.
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