1. I'm certainly not denying that she is a beautiful woman. She is.
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  2. So is Black Lightning in the Flarrowverse?
  3. Nope
  4. That is retarded. Doesn't mean they have to do a five part crossover. But for fucks sake keep your series' in the same universe.
  5. Fore one thing all the Arrowverse shows are filmed in Vancouver and Black Lightning is filmed in Atlanta.
  6. Without sounding too bashful on this series but this really looks like shit. I know it's hard to find a decent budget for a super hero show and on top of that who's not that well know (maybe even worse because it's mostly about black people, we all know how much Hollywood and showbiz loved black people) but damn this looks bad. Here's hoping that altho the effects are bad that at least the acting is decent and the story is good.
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  7. I pretty sure all of these clips are going to be from the pilot episode if not the first few episodes. Expect everything to look like shit.
  8. Zach snyder stepped down from justice league due, to a very unfortunate tragedy. His 20 year old daughter, autumn, commited suicide back in march. Josh whedons gonna finish it up.
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  9. It's in post production though, so aside from assisting with post-prod and a few re-shoots/extra scenes they decide to add, that's it. Really sucks to hear about his daughter though.
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  10. Yeah she was so young, such a shame.
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  11. [IMG]

    Batman and Harley Quinn will be available for digital download on August 15th, and then on Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray Deluxe Giftset, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD from August 29.
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  12. Did anyone post the trailer for this? If not here it is.
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  13. Double post. I got into the first show of WW at the nearby cinema. This was a great movie. The first half of it was pretty fun but it knew when to get serious. Meaning that comedy was used in the appropriate times (I'm looking at you marvel movies). A long movie but it didn't feel like it. The first half of the movie deals with her upbringing in Themyscira and the appearance of Steve. The second half deals with Diana and Steve returning to the war in man's world. The second half also contained fun elements but it was considerably more serious compared to the first half. Btw when I say serious I don't mean the grim overtones that were present in BvS. The same applies to Diana. She isn't a moody gray character at all. At first she is a naive princess who believes that all men were born to be good and if she can get rid of war they will all become good people. And at the end of the movie she learns that darkness will exist in men and all men are still capable of evil even when there is no war but you need to learn to overcome these things. The message was that love will conquer war in the end (a very foreign concept to the DCEU till this movie).

    There were three major battle scenes in the movie and all of them were great. The final battle was a bit reminiscent of the one in BvS but done a lot better with a lot less explosions. The beginning of the second battle was just awe inspiring. If you have seen the trailers its when she walks out from the trenches into no man's land. And later the battle moves into a nearby village and they just let her kick some german booty for a good amount of time. This movie was also colorful. Thank god for that. And the score, goddamn it, if DC knows one thing its to do a good score. I could listen to her updated theme (the one from BvS) all day long. The movie does slow down at times to give us more character depth and also to develop the relationship between Diana and Steve. But they managed to keep it well paced as not to effect the entire movie.

    Of course this movie isn't without faults. There were some scenes that I found to be cheesy. Less than a handful mind you but still noticeable. One particular scene that involved the general and dr. poison comes to mind. And the final battle was CG heavy. But thats to be expected from a WW movie. And the villains could have been better. The final villain was nice and all but I would have loved more time with him.

    Overall I enjoyed the movie. I didn't have any problems with the story they were trying to tell. Its a nicely done origin story.
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  14. Just got back from this one as well. Went in hopeful, but with lower expectations. Movie was better than I expected, then not.

    It reminded me a lot of Man of Steel. The background / first half wasn't as well done as MoS, but by the middle of the movie I was convinced my expectations were way too low. Then they lost the end of the movie and let a teenager write the ending or something, I kept thinking to myself "I've seen this before. A lot." Too many anime flashbacks. There's a lot to find fault with if you start thinking about it, so I recommend you don't. The ending resolution especially makes 0 sense to me currently, but I'm still trying not to think about it so it's possible I'm overlooking something.

    If you've seen the trailers, you've seen the best scenes - but the movie putting them together is worth watching. Gal Gadot does just fine, and she's convincing enough that I'm willing to pin the parts I didn't like on the writing/direction. Chris Pines did ok as well, but some of his facial expressions felt weird/wrong to me. Could also be a direction thing, some of them were really good. The randomly assembled motley crew was... not as awful as the Reavers in GotG 2.

    I felt like Man of Steel got Kryptonian fighting right, so I was sad to see WW regress from that during the scenes with Diana going all out. Overall it's worth a watch and potentially the sticker price of a movie ticket, but I wouldn't pay to see it again or tell someone they need to see it. To be fair, that's a really high bar for me.
  15. I watched WW last night too with the girl. I think it either met or exceeded my expectations (which were low) so that was a good thing. Things I liked in the film was the background story on Amazon island and how Diana developed her powers. All fight scenes were done well especially when WW went to the front lines and was basically a one army platoon and of course, the fighting with Aries was done well. Nothing 'wowed' me, everything was done just right, which isn't a bad thing cause they didn't get anything wrong. What was PAINFULLY OBVIOUS was that there was NO BLOOD. I get that you want to get the widest range of audience attending but you could at least show blood stains after the fact, doesn't have to be blood splatter. This movie is definitely not better than Ant Man but on the same level and if you liked Captain America you will like this too, it had the same feel.

    On the way home the girl was saying hopefully they make more women superhero movies because of this. In my head I slightly rolled my eyes but held back and said if it's good it's good and people will go and the movie. Everyone knows who WW is. Then I mentioned they don't have enough black superhero movies, the last one I can remember was Blade with Snipes. Then we talked about Luke Cage (which I liked but she didn't). Then I mentioned to her there is another called Black Bolt which looks kind of the same as Luke Cage, boxing characters in a frame of neighborhood superheros. Then I thought, man it would be good if someone brought back Spawn and Blade... meh. I was filling her in a bit on the DC stuff like how crazy it is to have the First Justice League movie without Superman in it lol.
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  16. Have not seen WW yet but I have read it's pretty much awesome and the music. Also @San I would fully expect to see Supes in JL at some point.

  17. Man Gotham tonight was so so good. Seriously one of the most underrated tv shows and not just cb tv shows out there. The ending tonight and we see a glimpse of what will one day be Bats. He and the actress for Catwoman had some serious growth spurts. Plus Solomon Grundy in the Fall. The actors for Ridder and Joker have been amazing. They really deserve praise for doing a show w/o Batman but bringing along the badguys in a slow but realistic and comic book faithful manner.

    Lots of deaths tonight and Bruce is already a badass especially after being trained by the Shaman. To me this show was above The Flash. So much less CW'ish bs being pushed on you. Not even close. The women aren't annoying! lol. Really worth a watch this ep since it was the last until Fall which is going to be so good. It's also moving to Thursday which is fine as Thurs Football is such a huge hit/miss.
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  18. While the show could end on this as a finale ( as a preclude to what we know Batman today ), fox seems to be doing a fourth season. If the show is popular enough and lasts long enough. We may actually get a actual batman show with this style.
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  19. saw wonder woman this weekend
    dont really understand the over-the-top love or the over-the-top hate for the movie -- it was literally "meh" to me...which was still better than superman and/or BvS

    I enjoyed the first half (from Thermyscira to reveal at the front lines)...second half kinda slowed down and dragged (from her first reveal to the final boss battle)

    two things irritated me...

    they were stabbing these people with spears and cutting them in half with swords...and not a DROP of blood

    and OK you tell her its dangerous/impossible the first time
    ...but after she jumps 20 feet in the air, flips a tank with her bare hands, deflects bullets, faces down a machine gun with a shield, or straight up wrecking balls a church/concrete walls...you believe anything she says....the whole, doubt her, call her crazy, or ignore her motif just so the underlying message could "Grrlz Rule, Grrl power" ...UGH :rolleyes:

    today, I would give the move a 6.5/10 (Superman 6/10 and BvS 2/10)...my wife didnt like the movie at all

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