1. a reason to show it off...sure
    but zack also loves his slow-mo nude scenes

    I do not want to see his nipples...period...gal gadot -- meh, sure, why not?

    the magic of the MCU is that ironman laid the foundation with a movie of a grounded world that was super high TECHNOLOGY...hulk followed with a realistic world with MONSTERS....thor introduced PARALLEL WORLDS that had a HIGHER POWER scaling...captain America went back to a much simpler time before the high tech and power and monsters but instead intro'd evil SCIENCE and TACTICAL PLANNING...GOTG introduced OTHER WORLDS/SPECIES and SPACE TRAVEL

    iron man...hulk...iron man...thor...captain america...AVENGERS...iron man...thor...captain 'merica...GOTG...AVENGERS 2

    ..each movie built on the last by referencing events in the other movies and tied it all together into the same world...and actions of that other world caused consequences in this world etc...its actually why I didn't like Dr strange because the magic was useless really, it doesn't change anything and the acid trip stuff really brought no value....but they could easily prove me wrong in the future somehow (he didn't even beat the bad guy...he just made him lose interest)

    DC is different in that we have had 2 [bad] movies...the first was about a planet wide fight that almost destroyed the planet...the second was a fight between a rich mortal and a god [that became best friends] to fight another god/clone/hybrid thing that was winning until another god showed up to help...

    now we have a movie about another god joining [speed]...and another god [technology]...and another god [swim coach]

    it just doesn't work because they either have to cram a ton of info in and gloss over it....or they ignore it altogether and leave it for the viewer to decide
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  2. [IMG]
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  3. Black man in a black costume with a name that has 'Black' in it. I call racism!!!
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  4. Now Joss Whedon to write and direct a Batgirl movie.
  5. [IMG]

    Now Catwoman like that animated short? Care Meter go High.
    Ready?! Pelvic Thrust! One Two, One Two, One Two..



    Black Lightning's costume looks dope though.
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  6. Don't know much about Black Lightning but he looks cool. *rolls eyes* @ cliche comments about him being black and having 'black' in his name.
  7. Admit it. You know it is gonna happen...
  8. Slade/Terra relationship in The Judas Contract was way too pedo. Also...does Beast Boy not age? Unless he was like 12 when he was hanging with the others 5 years ago.
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  9. Nice movie. I agree that it was a bit creepy with Deathstroke and Tara. On the other hand I enjoyed the interactions between Slade and Damian. A lot of cameos including Wonder Girl, Jericho, Traci 13, Bumblebee, Kid Flash and Speedy.
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  10. It looked more one sided on Terra's part though. Wonder where the other former Titans are in this. As well as Cyborg since he's been hanging out with the Titans.
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  11. I'm about half way through the Teen Titan movie and I must say it's another successful movie. I had to pause it cause now I know about that creepy moment between Deathstroke and Tara.....dude wtf stay away from the jailbaits that will get you locked up, not that he cares about being locked up lol.


    Did Slade cockblock Beastboy at the beach? Aaaghh you hatin ass old man lol. Cool seeing Wonder Girl, I don't see or know much about her. Also there was more at the very end of the credits.
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  13. https://www.comicbookmovie.com/teen...ebut-on-a-new-digital-service-from-dc-a150611

    A DC digital service huh.. hmm. So no Netflix I guess. I cannot see me paying for another service unless they show the old teen titans and JL and movies then depending on cost I would be very interested.
    Also, I guess we are not going to see Darkseid. While they did not say that exactly the synopsis does not pick up where S2 left off. Maybe it will be injected during the season or at the end.

    Is not this a huge gamble for DC? I mean to me you are severely limiting your viewing audience and just screaming torrent / ddl / free streaming sites. Better market the living hell out of those toys.
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  14. Its at times like these I wish we live in a more controlled society. Why can't everyone just get along and put all of their tv shows and movies on ONE freaking site? Why do they have to flaunt their dicks by making something new just to get their shows on? This is what too much freedom gets you. Too many fucking services with that i need to subscribe to in order to watch a single show. And I just don't see it as worth it to subscribe to a whole service just to watch one show.
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  15. See: Star Trek: Discovery on cbs all access..:rolleyes:

    It's a bit of arrogance and bottom line..make money that pushes this digital sub only market now but alas you cannot all be Netflix. I do not mind paying here and there but yeah this solo channel sub service for their specific "limited" content is meh. You need more of a niche and the DC channel could be just that if they offer everything DC animated and I mean everything otherwise hello bluray, torrents, etc etc.
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  16. Also Mera from Aquaman
    :in love:
  17. Wasn't he the agent in Prison Break? Hhhmm it looks decent, I'll give it a chance. I prefer Static Shock, I know who that guy is and they seem to have the same powers but whatever.
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  18. I must now see the Aquaman movie for... reasons
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  19. Amber Heard is a loonbag apparently.
  20. I think you just made her even hotter
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