1. Okay, this is what I wanted to see from the beginning. I didn't really care for WW but now I'm more interested.
  2. [IMG]
    Trailer is coming this saturday.
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  3. How come I don't see the main guy of the JL team (Superman)?
  4. Because he's dead. He will likely appear like 1/2 or 3/4 into the film. Probably when they really need his strength. Yes, they have Wonder Woman and Aquaman (who has super strength of a certain level in order to survive the depths of the ocean) but we all that Kryptonian strength is what you need when facing up against New Gods. If The Furries are introduced then WW will have her hands full dealing with them.
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  5. I know we are all about continuity but a movie like JL should have the boy scout leader in its inception.
  6. We got two movies. He is not gonna make his appearance till Darkseid shows up. And that isn't likely to happen in this movie. I'm sure the rest of the league can handle Steppenwolf and the parademons.
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  7. It's been known for a while that Cavill and Eisenberg will be in the movie.
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  8. All i'm trying to say is that it doesn't really matter whether Superman appears in this movie or not since we are getting a second movie.
    Also that sig is just killing me. I loved that anime.
  9. He's not really needed for the fights but he is kind of needed for the movie.

    lol I don't even know what anime it's from. Just chose the first one I saw since it's been a while since I had a anime sig.
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  10. Oh you should definitely watch it. Its called Shimoneta. Its set in a world where everything dirty like porn has been banned.
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  11. Cyborg still looks weird. Harsh to say this but I think he is better off wearing that face plate a lot more. In contrast I can't get enough of Flash. He looks properly fast.
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  12. Flash really does look awesome. Im sure most people could've guessed but he shits all over the cw flash
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  13. lol that does sound like something I'd of watched.

    As for the trailer, it didn't really do much for me. And the music choice for it didn't help either.
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  14. Flash and Cyborg look sick! Those are all Darksides minions correct?
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  15. Yup. They are all parademons of apokolips.
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  16. A $200 million budget should do that. They had one clear goal with the trailer and that was to make Aquaman look as cool as possible.

    Perhaps the Amazons team up with Atlantians to battle Darkseid's army? Right now you only see Amazons fighting.

    So anyone want to bet that Wonder Woman or another Amazon makes a Greek god reference to the JL? Especially seeing as Aquaman is the king of the sea and has a trident. There's definitely a Poseidon reference in there.
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  17. I think that's set in the past. According to what I've read the Amazons and the Atlanteans defended earth from Apokolips. The spoils of the war were 3 mother boxes which were given to the three races for safekeeping.
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  18. Makes sense. That would explain the scene in the Comic-con trailer where the humans are burying the mother box.
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  19. ...same thought now as a year or so ago

    they are either going to have to make the movie 3 hrs long to get it all in...or they go with "well, anyone paying to see this should know this stuff already" and it will become a cluster as they try to copy the success of the Avengers films without the 5+ year backlog of movies to build the universe, flesh out characters, and show how the different worlds/universes interact

    the scale/world/tone of batman is completely different than the scale/world/tone of superman...completely different from flash, WW, cyborg

    ...then earth is completely different from atlantis from thermiscera from apakolips
    and with superman resurrection in there somewhere...ugh

    too much...too fast -- I'm guessing the movie crashes and burns with the general public for being lost...and with fans for not being coherent

    big opening weekend...then another 60% decline
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  20. I want to like it. I really do. At least they're going lighter in tone but yeah, I can't be super excited because of DC's poor track record. At the very least, Barry's flash effects should look amazing considering Zack Synder loves his slow-mo and now he has a completely legit reason to use it. To show the Flash in all his glory.
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