1. So Constantine is returning as a CW Seed animated show.
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  2. Pass...10 min eps.
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  3. Not what I was hoping for, but I guess it's better than nothing.
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  4. Pics from Teen Titans the Judas Contract. Christina Ricci is voicing Terra and Miguel Ferrer (Vandal Savage in Young Justice) is voicing Deathstroke in likely one of his last roles since he just passed away yesterday.

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  5. If I am not mistaken this is the first time Nightwing has the red costume. I wonder why?
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  6. Can't wait for this and RIP Jose. Loved his father Miguel as well. Dune ftw!
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  7. How did I not notice this.
  8. I'm just nitpicking here. Nighwing wore the red costume since new52 all the way to rebirth where he switched back to blue. Ever since JL: War we have been in the new52-esque continuity with these movies. I just think its weird they didn't switch the costume in the early movies.
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  9. So tues nights: flash then Legends then AoS none of which are overlapping. Niiiccee
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  10. So that's why they put AoS later, that's a strategic lineup.
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  11. You know you're in for a good time when Justice League Dark busts out the dub step music. :derp
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  13. When does this gem come out?
  14. Despite what the trailers say, I think that Starfire just happened to see Robin and thought that she NEEDS that D.
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  15. 04/18/17

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  16. Lol yep. This looks so good can't wait.

  17. At least the intro is nice even if the show isn't as good.
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  18. A little late with this, but it was a nice bit of easter eggs in Lex's vault.

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  19. new trailer
  20. Even if the movie sucks, that theme is still HOT FIRE!
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