1. This will be the general DCEU thread. And can be used for the animated stuff too.

    DC's upcoming stuff.


    05/22 Preacher
    07 Batman The Killing Joke
    08/05 Suicide Squad


    06/02 Wonder Woman
    11/17 Justice League Pt 1


    03/16 The Flash
    07/27 Aquaman
    10/05 Untitled


    04/05 Shazam
    06/14 Justice League Pt 2
    11/01 Untitled


    04/03 Cyborg
    06/19 Green Lantern Corps

    In development

    Vixen Season 2
    Justice League Action
    Y The Last Man
    Static Shock
    #4 Hero
    DC's Hero Project
  2. A justice league movie is inevitable now. There's just no way it won't "finally" be made. I say finally because they have discussed or tried in the past. Now is the time to capitalize before the public gets cartoon live action burned out to a crisp. But I would only expect the first flick to involve the original members. WW, Batman, Superman and then take your pick from Aquaman, GL, Flash and MManhunter... a combo of those or maybe all. Who knows.
  3. People are always talking about superhero movie burn out but I haven't seen close to it happening. With the numbers Avengers have been pulling in it won't die any time soon. It would be much harder for a Justice League to happen. There's so much red tape Warner Bros needs to get through to get any sort of adaptation of DC characters. Look how it took them to get a fifth Superman movie and Wonder Woman...anything.
  4. if they cant do it right then dont even bother with it
    plus i need to see Barry Allen as flash on the screen before i can see justice league, so make that happen
  5. Aside from the Nolan films, DC just can't seem to make a good live action movie. So I'd say that the likelihood of a JL movie are slim.

    Especially with the hoops they've been trying to jump through to get a Flash and WW movie made. Yet still find both of them in development hell sort to speak.
  6. ^ things can change though. Before early 2000 Marvel weren't exactly making impressive films (with the exception of blade).

    Also the 1989 Batman was a good film, and so was the sequel. The follow up films and that terrible Catwoman movie has overshadowed them.
  7. Marvel wasn't exactly making films before early 2000 either.
  8. ....Yeah in fairness that's a good point.
  9. Now, don't get me wrong though. I would like to see them make a JL movie, but considering their track record as of late, I'm not even sure I would want to. And I will give them credit for Watchmen, but not for Jonah Hex.

    Oh, and yes, the 2 Batman movies were real good. Loved them a lot more than that super kid friendly fake nipple wearing crap they turned Bats into during the 90s.
  10. I'll believe this is getting made if they somehow manage to get a movie made for someone other than bats or supes. That said, sucks that Nolan won't be involved.
  11. DC is so far behind Marvel and they can't seem to get anything really going with their films except for Batman and that was all Nolan and his brother.

    Plus the Wachowskis (since they are no longer two brothers) post-Matrix haven't really done much of anything worth people's time.
  12. In a sense, doesn't that make it a miracle that they were able to make a Green Lantern movie?
  13. I like the idea but they need to have a villian to match the Justice League. Brainiac would be good if they don't use him in the next Superman movie. Darksied is way too early. I mean I love the idea and all but something tells me they're going to rush this movie to try to copy the success of Avengers. I like DC more than Marvel but I don't want them to screw things up just to copy the sucess of Avenegers. To even be as half as successful as Avengers they're going to have to play their card rights.
  14. We need to write up a script, and present it to DC. That's a start. Then we'll see how much money we can get. So that we can get actors... and video people... all the other stuff, we'll worry about later.

    People in Hollywood, can't write or make shit with the money they have. Because they don't care about their product. All they care about is the money they make. We the people care about the product. Let's do this!
  15. ^ Cool idea. I'd like to see the comic writers write the scripts for comic based movies myself though. At least you know they won't royally screw things up.

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