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    Good luck with it lol

    He couldn't really pull off a mass murderer God entity anyway.
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    I heard that too. I'm pretty sure it's just a rumor.

    EDIT: If it turns out to be true, I think I'll throw up. :|
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    Yeah I think it's only a rumour, Zac is going to be in Full Metal Panic, not Death Note.
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    This is going to blow.. They couldn't even do it right in japan, what the hell makes you people think it's gonna happen here?
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    Well I start my training to tare California a new one tomorrow
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    Because even with all the crappy American movies that are made, we're still better than the Japanese at it. Don't get me wrong, there are absolutely amazing Japanese.

    It's just a matter of how serious it's taken. Death Note is NOT going to have a huge ass fan base going to see this so it will have to depend on the general audience and with the right tone this film could be dark as hell.

    And America is about 1000X better than Japan when it comes to special effects. The shinigami won't look like utter shit.
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    Its true that the Special FX will be much better than they were in the Japanese version of the movie - but it'll still fail. For sure. If thy do Ryuk right, they'll flop on choosing out actors for the characters.

    Digital's also right - this movie won't have much of a fan base in America. So they are gonna have tread REALLY carefully with this - especially if they don't want to screw over the actual fans of the Manga/Anime in America/Canada
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    I have no clue how this is all going to go, but I have my serious doubts this will be made right. Considering the past times they have tried to make an anime into a live action film. Here's hoping Death Note is done right.
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    so this is gonna either be REALLY REALLY awesome....or its gonna make me REALLY REALLY REEEEAAALLLYYY wanna shoot myself in the face.
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    All i ask is they please for the love of god stay true to the manga.
    I want to see ryuk and it instantly register with me that it's ryuk.
    He must look (at the very least) 75% like the manga counterpart.

    They have alot more creative freedom with lights character, since he's for lack of a better word"Average" looking, he has no real defining features or charactersitics to speak of.

    If they screw with L's persona, mannerisms(the way he holds objects) appearance and physical stature, i refuse to see it.

    The japanese L was spot on, it was scary how perfect he looked.
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    I they need to bring him in as L anybody else would be subpar
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    What I'm about to say is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous but it's just to illustrate a point...

    You think of Daniel Day Lewis or Johnny Depp were to play L they'd be subpar?

    The word "anybody" is really a wide reaching term.
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    they're not teenagers though, they are too old for the roles (not that im taking u litterally, im just saying)

    age would matter greatly if they're gonna stay true to the manga...

    can anyone name hollywood teenagers that can really do dark themed movies...
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    My point was that it's not like you can't get good actors to play these characters, regardless of age. And both of these characters would likely be played by someone who's in the 20-30 range, as they typically don't hire teenagers due to child labor laws.
  15. Necropost time! Hey at least I searched lol. So I guess that mess ^ did not work out and well Netflix version below does not look very promising. Before anyone gets up in arms this is meant to be an americanized version based in Seattle.

    Especially seeing the Japanese already produced their own live action so none of this whitewashing crap. Bright spot is Willem Dafoe as Ryuk and the rest looks horrible but who knows.


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  16. Is his name Yagami Light?
  17. I honestly can't tell if this will be good or not. The cinematography looks solid though.
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  18. That's what stood out to me.
  19. His name is Light Turner.
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  20. Welp, you're fucked.

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