1. To Aru Majutsu no Index

    Episode one [Eclipse-m 3 3 w 400p XviD]
    Episode two [Eclipse 400p XviD]
    Episode three [Eclipse 400p XviD]
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  2. [Eclipse] Episode 14: mkv | avi

    Accelerator got his ass whooped, badly.
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    Even though this is deviating further and further away from Index, it's not bad. I'll admit the previous arc with the shrine maiden (whatever her name was) was pretty useless but I really liked the Misaka arc.


    OMG they finally brought Kanzaki back in episode 15! YES! I can't wait to see more of this arc regardless of the quality of the story.
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    Male Index is nightmare inducing.
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    Wait... does that kawaii thing have a sub machine gun?

    Why haven't I watched this yet?

    This is in my extensive queue.
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    Which Kawaii thing? There are several in this show.

    The loli Nun:
    The loli high school teacher teacher:
    Biribiri aka Railgun & The yuri classmate who loves her:
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    The last two :p Those sites never really detail the personalities of these characters and only explain the plot.
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    I think the great thing about this show is it has at least something that can appeal to almost anyone. The cool, hot, big sword wielding, torn jeans wearing, long haired, Kan-u type girl. The "loli nun and teacher," the yuri underclassman and (semi) tsundere upperclassman, the badass, black coat wearing, smoking, magician that uses fire magic, the shrine maiden, the clones of the tsundere upperclass man that wield machine guns.
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    Yeah, 3/4ths naked, tight t-shirt wearing chick is awesome. I just saw some screens of episode 15, i think it was, on tenka seiha. Made me want to catch up faster.
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    I forgot to mention the actual machine gun wielding Misaka Imouto.
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    So I'm deciding between these two pictures for my wallpaper right now. Kanzaki just just awesome because she's voiced by a great person (Itou Shizuka: Hinagiku - Hayate, Ichijou - Sky Girls, Rei - Marimite, Wilhelmina - Shana). The only reason I wouldn't use the first is because it's really busy and I don't care for busy backgrounds. But I'm weighing that against Index and Misaka being there.
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    i liked the song, until she started singing.It gets better around :44 though

    The animation was great especially in the later parts.
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    Eh, the new OP is meh to me. I personally love the first one. Go go blu-ray versions from Thora!

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    Wow, Misaka is so adorable in 18 it's off the charts!
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    Misaka Moe overload =3.

    The next one seems to have an even younger Misaka by the likes of it.
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    I'm definitely torn between making a blushing Misaka set or a Shion from Shion no Ou set... Such hard decisions!
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    OMG and Academy City uses monorails as transport!!

    Monorail mutherfuckers. Yeah!
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    I'm not sure how far you are, but even though the series seems to jump around, I just found out that it follows the stories of the light novels. Apparently it goes up through the 6th volume.
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    Reviving this thread because I finished this series just now.

    I thought it was pretty good. Totally love Accelerator and Stiyl. Not too fond of the girls, but my favorite loli-ish girl is Misaka Misaka. Everytime I see Touma, I think of Ikki from Air Gear. :|

    I'm guessing they're making a second season of this show since things were left hanging.
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    This show looks interesting, might have to check it out later.

    @bats there is a side story coming out in the fall.

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