1. Why the hell aren't you reading the manga? I just started Part 5. You know you fucked up right?
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  2. On Youtube there is a brand new OVA episode of The first chapter of Part 3. Not the one from the 90's but a brand new one. I don't know if it's some kinda preorder bonus or something but it's worth checking out. More than likely whoever does the voices on that will do the new series. Plus I heard the Blu Rays are selling like crazy so Part 3 is a shoo in
  3. lol I'm sure I'll get around to it, right now Berserk has most of my manga reading time. I'm on volume 29 right now.
  4. You are currently watching the adventures of the 2nd JoJo. The manga is currently on JoJo #8. It's one of Japan's longest running series and is Shueisha's 2nd longest running series. It's been running longer and has more chapters than Hajime no Ippo
  5. This manga is older than I am.
  6. Episode 21: "It gives me a feeling so complicated!" XD

    A chariot race/fight? Fuck yeah!
    Can this anime get any more awesome!?

    There were a couple of new really nice tracks in the ep too.

    And the build-up in the end was masterfull. My blood was pumping like crazy during the last minute or so.
  7. This was a decent episode, and wow Lisa Lisa and JoJo are more connected then I thought. Technically shes JoJo's adopted grand aunt.
  8. So I went to the JoJo bar tonight. They had the opening and end themes playing in the background on loop...lol



    People got really excited when they found out that my first name sounds a lot like "Brando" especially in Japanese. Of course my name has one extra letter.
  9. Your name is Brandon?
  10. Indeed it is. I drank one of their strongest drinks...it was a shot and of course it was called "The World."
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  11. you should have said "Mudah Mudah Mudah" after you finished!
  12. Does it numb your senses to the point you feel like time stopped? XD
  13. Nah...but it did have a time-delayed hit of strength. I was like "That wasn't THAT bad............Oh wait, there it is."
  14. What other drinks do they have?
  15. More like "hinjaku hinjaku hinjaku!"
  16. The menu is divided up into JoJo parts. So there are drinks for each part and each one is named after attacks or stands. They also have a various ranks for strength and what not from E to S.
  17. Do they have a Sunlight Yellow Overdrive?
  18. Didn't check...probably.
  19. The last episode was really good, and also thanks for sharing those pics DM.
  20. The latest episode would've been really awesome if the art wasn't so ass most of the time.
    I guess it'll be fixed in the blu-ray release but, as it is right now, it's only frustrating IMO.

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