1. Ep 15 was pretty good. One good quality that should be noted about JoJo II is that he is quick on his toes. He's a quick thinker when face with danger. I think he got carried away though lol, he kind of got ownd. He should of just stopped while he was ahead when the pillar man said he would give him a month. Now he put himself in more hardship. It's good to know there are other ripple users around the world too.
  2. Found this on another forum. So brilliant I just had to post it.

    The 2nd OP is so good it silences crying babies!

    And we all know babies can sense things older people can't, right?
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  3. LMFAO!!!!! That was awesome lol @ him replaying and stopping it to show the effect hahaha. speaking of which I absolutely love the 2nd OP but nothing will ever touch the 1st OP imo. I like the 70's like music they have for the ED.
  4. Both openings are awesome IMO, but for different reasons. I really wouldn't know how to choose between them.
    The ending is boss too. The bassline in ROUNDABOUT is godlike. And I like how they put a different part of the song and a remix in the 2 latest eps.

    They may not have a massive budget, but this studio totally makes up for it by having a very easy to tell massive love for Jojo and trying to make a memorable anime out of it despite the limited resources...And they're quite successfull at it!
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  5. Damn that boy is gonna grow up being a big otaku. Agree with you guys on the openings. I really love both. I agree with San tho. Opening 1 was a little bit better but that def doesnt mean Opening 2 doesn't rock also.

    Raoul so true man. You guys know how much of an animation geek I am but with this anime I don't even care. Just keep them epic episodes coming
  6. That's Jotaro's daughter. And her arc was the last arc set in the old JoJo universe.

    The current JoJo manga (and the last JoJo manga) is set in an alternate universe and is set after the the Tohoku Earthquake because Araki's hometown was hit by it. Starting with the last arc...Steel Ball Run. He dropped the "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" tag and the volume count reset. And by alternate universe I mean that one of the characters is named "Johnny Joestar" and it takes place in the 1800s in America.

    So far no sci-fi. Current JoJo (JoJolion) is present day.
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  7. Gotta start em young. That baby is gonna grow up to be handsome, aesthetic and FABULOUS as Joseph.
  8. So the first blu-ray/dvd volume is out, and apparently there are quite a few changes.
    Improved art, uncensored etc etc.

    Still downloading it myself.

    First 3 eps (includes an english subs track on the .mkv):

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  9. Double post...'cause I'm boss like that.

    Anyway, two things:

    - First, I watched the last 3 eps, and they were awesome, as usual.

    And I have to say. Cars slays humans to save puppies...do they really want me to think of that guy as a villain? XP
    I also keep hearing how godlike his hair is...I expect many lulz when we see it.

    - Second, and most importantly:
    Tomorrow's valentine's day, and on that theme I give you...THIS!


    I almost choked on the water I was drinking when I saw it! XD
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  10. Apparently "but it was me from Dio!" is now a new meme. Carry on.
  11. LMFAO!!!! ahahaha, damn that Dio, first he takes my first kiss and now my valentine gift lol.

    And man, Joseph can be such an ass sometimes...Poor cat! XD
  13. Fuck yeah Strohiem. Reading the manga was awesome but the voices make it even more hilarious. The beat that plays when the Pillar Men appear is dope. I wonder what it's called on the OST? I want it.
  14. I think it would be cool if Joseph pulled off Jonathan's Sunlight Yellow Overdrive with the chant included
  15. I watched ep 19 and 20 today and nooooo I wasn't expecting Ceaser to kick the bucket. I thought he would at least kill one of those guys on his own seeing as he was suppose to be on the same level as JoJo, but lacks on the spot creativity. That wins battles in this anime along with strength, the shit JoJo thinks of in a split second decision is hilarious. I'm hoping JoJo's offspring will be with Lisa Lisa lol.
  16. ^ I want to say something on that last part but that would spoil it.
  17. lol it's already too obvious for me (I'm assuming my assumption is right)

    Also how in the hell do you kill off a character that sub-consciously goes into a defensive wing-chung stance at the moment of danger, that was awesome lol. I forgot to mention that, I like those little things lol.
  18. The opening totally spoiled Caesar's death, but it was still a touching moment.
    Although, I personally thought Joseph's reaction was too much, with all the crying and screaming.
    Lisa Lisa's was more elegant. Putting the cigarette backwards speaks as much about her emotional state as Joseph's yelling.

    As for the rest of the episode, I thought it was fuckin' fuckin' fuckin' awesome.
    It had me going to a degree I hadn't experienced since Gurren Lagann, or ep 3 of Jojo.
    The fight was super sweet, and I think we just got our first well animated episode.
    And of course, DAT posing. My favourite was definitely the night club lights from the bubbles, and Caesar being like "I'm about to set the dancefloor on fire".
    Music was awesome as usual too.

    Damn, only 6 episodes left.
  19. Nobody seems to know the fate of this series. Seems kinda pointless to end it right before it gets into the heart of the series...hmmm...
  20. So the manga goes a lot further then the anime does? They must continue this awesome series, it's unacceptable to stop it.

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