1. That is good news to know, cause I miss JoJo already.
  2. I prefer parts 1 and 2 over the other parts. Mostley because I prefer the ripple over the stands.
  3. Did you guys see episode 10 yet? I'm watching it now and wondering if any of you know who the petrified guy with all the masks in the wall was in the cave in Mexico? Is it the Dio we know from the newest iteration? Also that monk that betrayed Speedwagon, is that the same old monk that was in season 1?

    Hahaha the German guy in the preview: German medicine is the best medicine in the world !! so over the top like this whole show
  4. I tried to watch it last night on animeflavor, but it was all raw, no hard sub stream. Did you download or stream it? I need a link, preferably stream link.
  5. I know what you mean. I tried animeflavor and gogoanime because on both sites it said subbed but it was raw so I decided to just download the GG sub. Just download it man
  6. The first ep for Part 2 was AMAZING! I can see why already ppl said part 2 is better. I lol'd @ JoJo 2 having a Tommy Gun concelled, that's some gangsta shit, and he's cool with brothas, I like dis dude lol. He is definitely not like his gandpa JoJo I
  7. Yes that was Straits.
    No Dio in this arc I believe, though he gets mentioned and stuff.
  8. It's not Dio. His name is Santana. I won't tell you what he is but I will tell you he's not a vampire.
  9. I'm not spanish nor christian, but "madre de dios!" at this anime.

    Joseph is epic, the soundtrack just keeps getting better and better, the new opening is super sweet, the sense of style is off the charts, the voice actor is just great...and a lot of other things.
    And I just love that we switch between eras and countries too.

    The only thing this is lacking is more animation, if you know what I mean.
  10. Raoul totally agree man, the new opening is awesome just like the first one. If only this show had better animation indeed. It would be a masterpiece.

    edit: wtf :s is pillar really whats being said in japanese or is the translator screwing with us again
  11. Pillar is what they say.
    I presume because they are sealed away in long standing pillars.
  12. This is the only live sono chi no sadame I'll ever accept:

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  13. He's not even facing the mic half the time, this guy is epic lol.
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  14. I love this show, Pillar Man is pretty creepy. JoJo's entrance to save Speedwagon was epic.
  15. Part III is by far the most popular JoJo story of them all. As it introduces the greatest JoJo of them all.
  16. FABOULOUS!: The Animation. Not gonna bother with the anime for now and just start the manga. Will watch episode inbetween or something.
  17. So I caught up. The most amusing part about Joseph is the fact that he's such an asshole yet in Part III all he does is scold his own grandson, Jotaro for being an asshole.
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  18. So the show is true to life then haha
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