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    I barely know anything about Jojo.
    I know the manga has been around for a VERY long time, and has quite the following, but I personally never got around to reading it. So the frst episode of this was my first contact with the series.

    All I can say is, that was an extremely impressive first episode for a shonen series.
    I was sceptical for the first couple minutes because of some odd colouring in the first scene, but then the real thing started and I couldn't help but think: "damn, this is good stuff".
    Now from what I hear, "old school awesomeness" is the main selling point of the series. Hokuto no Ken style. And I'm totally willing to believe that.

    Anyway, the first ep introduces some really great characters, and a genuinely good storyline, the kind you totally won't be seeing in current gen shonen stuff, and feels more like an occidental/european story, than a japanese one. And considering the setting, it only makes sense.

    tl;dr: the first episode was intriguing, and totally wants me to see where it goes from here.
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  2. Yeah I also liked the first episode although the production values weren't that high. I really wanna see how JoJo gets his powers
  3. I might be sold just cause you mentioned Hokuto no Ken.
  4. Bro (@Haoh2) was this actually any good? I fastforwarded through the raw and the animation was so bad. It looked like 3rd rate nickelodeon shit. Anyway, if both you and Raoul say it's good, might as well check it out.
  5. I know right, that's why I said the production value is pretty shit but I enjoyed it anyway. Who doesn't like a show where the bully is beat down and starts crying
  6. Lol, you brothers have exchanges like this on the internet? Haha, there's something really funny about this! XD

    But yeah, the animation is kinda meh-ish. I definitely would'nt go as far as to call it 3rd rate though, that's an exaggeration. I think the problem you have with it is the colouring, which is indeed quite odd. And they do use still shots on punches and stuff.

    But frankly, the character art and models were solid, so it didn't bother me.
    Hopefully when they get to the fighting the animation will improve.

    I just checked the manga for a bit, and the art is indeed quite funky.

    But anyway, content-wise, it was quite interesting and did make me curious about what's coming next.
  7. Hahaha well he reads my posts on TAL everytime he goes online. So why not do it this way. Otherwise I have to whatsup him via my phone. Too lazy.
    The main reason why I'm that disappointed about the animation is because the old OVA's were really amazing. I watched them a couple of weeks back and damn they did not disappoint. Definitely check them out if you have the time.
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  8. Its been quite some time since i read any of the jojo incarnations, really good stuff though.
  9. I am not gonna lie, 2 eps in and I'm already super hooked. I haven't been hooked by an anime this much for a very long time. Heck, I barely watched any anime for years now.
    Totally get all the hype around this series now.

    And the bassline in the ending is amazing. I hear the song itself is a famous 70's american song or something? (lol at my ignorance)
  10. The first era of JoJo has absolutely nothing to do with Stands just so people know.
  12. And here I was waiting for thaa worldooo.
  13. Stands don't appear until the 4th generation of Joestars (Which is the 3rd series because Jonathan's son is never mentioned and it goes straight to his grandson for the 2nd series) which stars Jotaro Kujo the Great-great grandson of Jonathan.

    This part and part 2 are all about THE RIPPLE TECHNIQUE BABY!

    Raoul you mentioned the western feel to the series and that's one of the best parts. I love how international he makes his cast. Even the Japanese characters aren't always fully Japanese (Jotaro's mother is white) and he has characters from all over.

    And Haoh it's ZA WAARUDO!
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  14. The pacing in the first episode of this was insane, felt like a season recap.
    Dio went too far with the dog, damn..
  15. So no supernatural powers in this version? Cause JoJo Bizarre Adventure OVA was pretty freaking sweet. I still haven't checked this out though. I need to watch it subbed. If the story is good I can live with the bad-mediocre animation.
  16. Ripple technique is a supernatural martial art.
  17. Loving this. It's nice they are adding all those manga SFX.
  18. Ep 3: My God this anime is too freakin' awesome.
    And so damn stylistic and FABULOUS.


    The opening is epic too. Apparently, the guy behind it is also behind DB's "Chala Head Chala" and OP's "We Are". Nice resume.

    EDIT: Watching it with GG's subs adds a certain hilarity to it too.
    I mean, I know they're british but, there's no way people would take the time to talk like that when they're under such extreme circumstances.
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  19. gg's sub was funny for episode one, but they're a pain since they take it too far.

    I digress since... HOLY CRAP EPISODE 3, I HAVE THROWN AWAY MY HUMANITY JOJOOOOOOOO AND THAT WRRRRYYYYYYY. I didn't think they'd do all of the fire fight, but damn, that was amazing.
  20. Don't forget the "GOOD-BYE JOJO"!

    I'm sure the voice actor for Dio is having so much fun with his character.
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