1. 10 men with cowboy hats would be less gay than this ending to a fight...
    but hey...what did I expect anyway?
    the last attack could at least be a bit more flashy idk...
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  2. That's so boring. couldn't he at least turn into a fire dragon or something. Ingeels revenge or some other cliche

    And basically he one shotted the AL.

    Writers sometimes write themselves into corner and can't plausibly leave it without some major bullshit happening.

    This is not that. This is writer just giving up on any form of creativity or caring.

    I wonder if the manga is written by some 18 year old intern who is way over his head. Supposed to carry coffees and now has to write an ending of cluster fuck manga and plot developments.
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  3. Well maybe the final chapter will be better lol.........
    Well despite FT not being the best written manga i did find it pretty enjoyable up until this arc......
  4. The chapter link was first posted in the 543 thread, so I'll just copy my response from there to here:

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