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  2. I feel like an acnologia backstory might be coming up with a slight chance of redemption.
  3. Please God, no.
  4. "The seven flame dragon"......... Could be worse. :/
    Also Erzas rain of swords was awesome.
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  5. Well, all the Dragon Slayers giving their power to Natsu was pretty predictable. The problem is that Acnologia should still be able to eat it, so it should do nothing. However, I wouldn't be surprised if it does work. I just wonder if they'll bother with an explanation or if it will just like Zeref where there wasn't even an attempt at explaining it. Even a bullshit explanation would be better than nothing.

    This really makes me wish the END plot wasn't wasted the way it was. Since it was stated that curses was different than magic, we could've had Natsu converting everyone's magic power to curse power and that Acnologia couldn't eat it. Instead, the Book of END was gone before the battle even started, so that was one plausible explanation that's no longer available. What a waste.
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  6. Could also be much better lol...

    Well.. no shit.
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  7. There's only 2 chapters left an acnologia backstory is highly unlikely. Maybe we'll get a data book when all's said and done, but in these final chapters, I doubt we'll get one. If we do get anything Ittl be the bare minimum.
  8. "dragons took everything from me and bla bla bla"...thats textbook sad backstory
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  10. I can live with this. No redemption for Acnologia. And he got beat when he wasn't at full power.
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  11. I guess this could've been worse. Though I think it was stupid that Acnologia just tried to break out Fairy Sphere instead of eating it. I was hoping they'd come up with some excuse why Acnologia couldn't eat it. Even a bullshit excuse would've been better than nothing, like Ryuken's arrow in Bleach or something. Instead Acnologia seems to have simply conveniently forgotten what his main ability is and didn't use it. Why even introduce that ability if it isn't even going to come up in the final battle?

    On the plus side, Acnologia wasn't redeemed and having everyone on the continent donate power Spirit Bomb style is a somewhat decent way to stop Acnologia. Though it would've been better if Acnologia was just a pure power type so I'm not wondering why he couldn't just absorb it and get even stronger.
  12. I'm okay with this.

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