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    7 heavily injured dragon slayers vs 1 reasonably fresh dragon. Its obvious the nearly dead dragon slayers are going to win. I just hope to god that we get to see acnologia kick some dragon slayer ass.
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  2. Finally, I hope he can do this fight some justice. I'm sure there's gonna be some bullshit plot device that let's them win, I just hope before then, we can get some sweet dragon slayer team up action.
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  3. That was a good chapter. Acnologia seems like the Madara of Fairy Tail.
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  4. I can think of several justifications they could use to weaken Acnologia so his defeat could be believable. It's mentioned that his soul has split from his body, so they could say that his power was split too. It's stated that he needs the Dragon Slayers to stabilize and control his new power-up and they could say that the Dragon Slayers being free and fighting against him weakens him further.

    However, since this is Fairy Tail, there will probably be no logical justification. Just like with Natsu defeating Zeref, the Dragon Slayers will probably just overpower Acnologia with the Power of Friendship. Then they'll combine their elements to summon Captain Planet for the finishing blow.
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  5. We`ll..friendship is the power of the spirit lol..plus lucy and something about love

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