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    So, opening the Book of E.N.D. causes Natsu to enter Dragon Force? What the fuck? That makes no sense, especially since we've already seen what Natsu using E.N.D. power is like when he fought Gray. They should be two separate powers and eventually we should've had Natsu combining them, like Naruto combining his Kyuubi and Sage modes. It would be lame if Natsu just gets Dragon Force.

    Also, after everything Mard Geer and Tartaros went through to try to open the book, Lucy is able to open it just like that? Really?
    I'm glad that Anna's plan didn't work. It would've been really lame if Acnologia was taken out in such an anti-climatic way. However, I'm really disappointed in Acnologia. That plan was so stupid in that it relied on Acnologia just charging straight at them and not noticing them going around the ravines. Yet that's exactly what happened. If it wasn't for Zeref, Acnologia actually would've fallen for their plan. Then Acnologia actually fell prey to motion sickness? I know it's well-established that Dragon Slayers suffer from it, but a gag like that shouldn't end up being a serious battle strategy. I heard people joking about using motion sickness against Acnologia ever since this chase started, but I didn't think it would actually happen to a character as hyped up as Acnologia. Obviously, I should have known better.

    Acnologia better not get taken out by the ravines. I'd much rather have it be either Natsu avenging Igneel or even better all the Dragon Slayers working together. It should be much more symbolic. Not just have Acnologia getting sucked into a black hole.
  2. I appreciate you're still taking this plot seriously.
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  3. Yeah, I probably shouldn't. This manga is more enjoyable if I shut my brain off.
  4. I think that opening the book and dragon force are two different not connected.
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  5. It will all come down to the One Magic, Love. Lucy was able to open the book of END because she loves Natsu.
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