1. Why did he stop? I don't get it.
  2. I don't think he stopped intentionally. It was just an emotional reaction seeing his mother, Mavis, suffer. But I'm getting tired seeing all these uber powerful villains succumbing to some emotional tie or weakness and lose. I hope to god that Acnologia continue on not giving a fuck. Let his motives be pure and simple. I know that in some cases more depth on a villain makes him/her a better character but fuck that shit. I want at least one who is evil because he is evil. And definitely with no chance of redemption.
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  3. Have to say i felt abit sad for August, but still feel like he could have gone out in a other way then just "I'm gonna blow everything up" and still get that "Been able to hug you, mother" moment.

    Oh well.
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  4. Looks like I was right about Mavis being the cause of August's defeat, but this wasn't how I pictured it. I feel like the moment between August and Mavis could have been better executed. This felt anticlimactic.

    It didn't help that we just went through this shit with Eileen, which also felt badly executed. And I have no doubt that we'll have to go through this with Zeref, given his connections with Natsu and Mavis. Looks like Acnologia is our last hope for the villains.

    I noticed that the title for the next chapter is "Dragon Demon". I thought that the issue with the seeds was already dealt with, but hopefully this may not be the case. But how the how the issue with the dragon and demon seeds played out last time, I'm trying to keep expectations low.
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  5. So.. I haven't read this for years (when the two new dragonslayers appeared in some tournament after the time skip against the black dragon blowing up the island) is it worth catching up?
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  6. Pretty much the same for me except I did it with the anime. Personally, I was reading every now and then but it is interesting.
  7. I read it just because. It's not good.
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