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  2. So August is the guy laying on the ground who Zeref said don't interfere? That is pretty shocking Mavis and Zeref got together but I watched that back story of Mavis and Makarov's grandfather the relationship with Zeref was different cause he taught her how to use magic but I didn't think he was teaching her other things...
  3. San...you haven't been paying attention. August is the old man who's fighting Gildartz. That's why he was so obsessed with the parent/child relationship because Zeref apparently didn't know that August was his son.
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  4. That explains why he's OP.
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  5. I thought that the twist was nicely done. The reveal that the white Dragneel is just another Etherious and not actually Zeref's son was interesting. I'd heard some people guess that August was a child of Zeref as well, but I don't think anyone guessed that the white Dragneel was actually a red herring. A lot of people were disappointed with how he was beaten by Sting after the apparent foreshadowing with August's words to Jellal. But now, it seems August was really talking about himself. I'll bet that will come into play soon and August will end up being defeated by Mavis in the end.

    Also, I actually felt sorry for the white Dragneel after the way Zeref treated him. Honestly, I think even if he was his son, Zeref still would've been a dick. I didn't think I'd feel sorry for him since we all saw the betrayal coming when he interrupted the fight and I didn't care for him before.

    And August's ability is actually the Sharingan. I didn't see that coming.
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