1. Dumb.
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  2. I'm still gonna see it, though.
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  3. Freeza's new form
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  4. Full trailer with new form in it:

  5. Vegeta going to finally get his revenge on Frieza
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  6. Oh wow look he's gold.

    They definitely put a lot of thought into this.....
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  7. Best part of that trailer was that it linked to this. :awesome

  8. Oh God I hope so or at the very least a joint effort where he contributes a lot in defeating Freeza. Last movie they clowned him so much it was hard to watch him.
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  9. I remember Toriyama mentioning in an interview after BOG came out, that he was considering having Vegeta be a major focus in the next movie. He could have changed his mind since then, but I hope he decided to go with that. It would be great to have Vegeta finally get revenge on Frieza or at least play a major role in his defeat. I am hopeful since it was mentioned in the official blog for the movie that both Goku and Vegeta will be training with Whis.

    I'm not really fond of Frieza's new transformation. Personally, I liked the look of Cooler's additional transformation better. The simplicity of Frieza's new form reminds me of SSJ God, so although it hasn't been mentioned I'm going to predict that it will give Frieza some sort of God power like his species' version of SSJ God.
  10. Nigga that Frieza transformation is disappointing as fuck. I told ya'll this movie was gonna be a miss.
  11. Wtf are you really Marlie? Get your shit together man. Dissing on DBZ what is wrong with you bruh?
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  12. Let's take the nostalgia glasses off for a second. With all the anime that has come out since DBZ, it's time to face reality: DBZ isn't that great or well written. The first movie was ass and this one just looks like a rehash of the same shit. Only reason people love this is the same reason people still love Mario. They grew up with it and it's likely their first exposure to anime/games but in hindsight both aren't very good and every game or movie that comes out it just another uninspired cash grab with no real soul. Tell me the honest truth did you really think that last movie was good? Is DBZ the most well written and greatest anime or manga you've ever read?
  13. I judge Dragonball as a series by its manga, not its anime.
  14. That's why I said manga or anime you've ever read. In the whole history of manga and anime there are hundreds of manga that shit on DB. Berserk is just one off the top of my head
  15. Why are you comparing DB and Berserk? They are entirely different genres and audiences. I don't compare House of Cards and Arrow. You also have to factor in the time in which Dragonball was made. When it was made there wasn't much out there like it. Shonen at the time was still in it's "big, muscular, silent hero" phase. Rarely did they mix comedy gags with action and a child protagonist. There wasn't much like it when it was doing its run, yet many things after it take from it. Are there things better written than Dragonball? Sure, there are. That doesn't take away it as a series.

    Yeah, the first movie is what I call, "Shitty good". It was absolute crap, but it was nice to see the old familiar characters and here their Japanese voices again. But the movie itself is terrible.

    I'm not trying to convince you of anything, really. I know that's a path to nowhere but I feel like you have to look at Dragonball in the proper context by factoring in Toriyama's particular storytelling style, who Dragonball was made for and the time in which it was made.
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  16. DBZ > Marlie
  17. That's why I there have been better written manga since then. It might have been good for it's day but now that we're all adults and our palettes are a little more refined. Also like I said I'm tired of souless cash grabs on a series that should have stayed gone. The only thing these movies are doing is putting a smudge on the legacy. SS God. They could have kept that and this Frieza fanservice is equally bad. Power up on power ups and characters being poorly used for the sake of movie cash in. How are any of you ok with this?
  18. I'm more ok with these films then I am with GT or the fact that Gohan got turned into a pussy in the Buu saga.
  19. As a fan of GT (It was out when I was like 8, so I watched it well into my pre-teens, naive to how silly it was, I like it for nostalgia), and a fan of Battle of the Gods, I am looking forward to this. Fun explanation for Frieza's powerup, I find most DBZ things awesome, because I love the universe it is set in, and the lore surrounding it.
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  20. While there are better written manga out there, I'm not sure you can hold it against it. You have to take into account the target audience and Toriyama's writing style. The target audience is young boys and while as Marlie says we've got older, dragonball's target audience hasn't changed. Most manga people try to compare DB to are written for an older audience of teenagers or young adults.


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