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    I liked the fight choreography better and I think the explanation of Hit's Time Skip and how Goku countered it was done better in the manga. But overall I liked the anime version better.

    What the hell was up with SSJ Blue? Vegeta is reduced to one-tenth of his strength just from showing it off for a few seconds against Cabba? That's bullshit. I thought Toriyama said they would be moving away from more stamina draining transformations, but this is worse than SSJ3. Plus it makes Goku and Vegeta total hypocrites for criticizing Golden Frieza.

    In the anime, SSJ Blue has perfect kind control, which is why Kaioken could be used with it. But in the manga, SSJ Blue works in basically the opposite way. I'm fine with them trying to give Blue a drawback, but there needs to be some consistency.

    I don't mind them trying to make the story of the manga different. I actually think it's a good thing, but things should at least work the same even if events play out differently.

    The return of SSJ God was okay. While it's nice to get more mileage out of the form, it's kind of confusing. Toriyama explicitly said in an interview that Goku doesn't need SSJ God anymore since he absorbed it's power. That was the whole point of that "Saiyan Beyond God" thing. If SSJ God is going to accessible like a normal transformation, than what's the point of having Saiyan Beyond God and SSJ Blue?

    The biggest problem I had with the manga chapter was Hit. I really liked his portrayal in the anime. Here, he was really nerfed as Goku basically had him beat and it was said Vegeta would have won if he didn't waste power on Cabba. Hit was much more of a threat in the anime. Goku and Hit forfeiting their matches was also done much better in the anime. Also, the manga went with the generic power up for Hit. I liked the more unique approach in the anime where Hit didn't increase his power, but simply improved his technique.
  2. So if I'm getting this right, the anime's Cosmos-King was like a child and the manga's Cosmos-King is a gangsta?
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  3. No they are both pretty much the same
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  4. That's just mangastream's translation. Zeno talks casually, which everyone else interpreted as being childlike, while this was Mangastream's interpretation of casual.

    Personally, I think Zeno from the hood is the best thing ever.
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  5. That's a lot of new information. Really good chapter. So my theory was partially correct. Black specifically seeked out a timeline where goku and Beerus were dead aka the weakest timeline. Then he went on to kill the rest of the supreme Kais of that timeline to eliminate all the stronger gods of destruction.
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  6. So anime provides basis for story while manga fills in the holes and answers questions?
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  7. A bit too much to take in, I feel. But good chapter nonetheless. I never really liked future characters to interact with themselves from the present, in any series or story whatsoever. There's too much implications that are just ignored. But I think DBZ has always been pretty loose with the time-travel.
  9. Next Mario kart game DBZ characters will be in it, this was a spoiler.
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    Its interesting to see how both the manga and the anime approach the plot. I would definitely recommend the manga over the anime for someone who just needs to know the core story. Its pretty cool that Whis straight up called his father the strongest fighter rather in the top 5 as he said in the anime. So the grand priest is the ultimate goal but given that angels do not fight they need to find the next guy who is not an angel.
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  11. I assumed the anime left the exact strength of the grand priest more ambiguous to leave room in case they want to introduce someone more powerful later.

    But as the grand priest, it would make sense that he's the strongest, so I'm not surprised the manga straight up called him the strongest. But it is nice to know. I'm pretty curious what the exact gap in power is between the grand priest and other angels like Whis.

    Also, something I really like about the manga over the anime is the Goku isn't nearly as stupid in the manga as he is in the anime. Goku's stupidity and overall attitude in the Super anime got really annoying. Goku doesn't seem as annoying in the manga version.
  12. Well, he's Whis' father so that makes sense.
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  14. Haha. It really is awesome. I actually woud love to see more of it.

    Loled at the fact that he admitted sayins are hax and he won't be able to catch up
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  15. Apparently I missed the latest chapter, looking good. But Goku having absolutely no fucking clue about sexual interaction is a bit stupid imo. Somehow that really bugged me.
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  17. I don't know about that. There are some things the manga does better and some that the anime did better. I do like how Goku and Vegeta are much smarter here than in the anime. However, I preferred how Black was stronger and a bigger threat in the anime. In the anime, Black was a pretty cool, badass character. Here, he seems like a total pussy. Black is getting the shit beat out of him and he's not acting at all like Black was in the anime. I liked it better in the anime where Vegeta lost round one and only started winning in rematch after training for a little while to do so. Here Black is getting his ass kicked from the start. And even personality-wise, he doesn't seem as cool-headed as in the anime. It feels like he's lacking the things that made the anime Black an interesting villain. It's basically the whole tone of Black feels a lot different in the manga. Also, I liked how the anime built up the mystery of who Black really is before Black finally revealed it. Also, I liked how Goku and Zamasu met in the anime. Normally in Dragon ball, it's talked about how Goku brings out the best in people. It's mentioned in BOG with regards to Beerus and even shown with Hit. I liked how this time, Goku brought out the worst in someone. In the anime, Zamasu hated mortals but it was meeting Goku that caused him to start his plans. It also made more sense that Zamasu would take Goku's body due to the grudge from that meeting. In the manga, even Vegeta questioned why Zamasu zeroed in on Goku. Zamasu in the manga probably did for the Saiyan's ability to grow stronger from injury, but I liked how the anime made it personal.

    But on the other hand, like I said earlier I like how much smarter Goku and Vegeta are. Goku isn't acting like a total idiot and the two are even taking Trunks' advice to finish off Black quickly. Goku's stupidity in the anime got really annoying so it's nice to see a Goku who actually seems to know what he's doing.
  18. http://mangastream.com/r/dragon_ball_super/020/3970/1/

    I really thought the anime battle made more sense. At least there, Black used Rose to beat Blue Vegeta. Even with multiple zenkai boosts, I find it hard to believe Black can overpower Blue Vegeta with regular SSJ2. And then he used Rose on top of that?

    Also, Trunks mentions that Goku and Vegeta are no longer able to get zenkai boosts due to training to their limits, yet Black is still able to get massive boosts despite using Goku's body, which should also have been trained to its limit?

    Also, Goku shouldn't have gotten his ass kicked by Zamasu like that, immortality or not. At least in the anime, Zamasu and Black used tag-team tactics designed to take advantage of Zamasu's immortality.

    On the plus side, I did like the escape back to the past better in the manga. That was some pretty good thinking by Mai and Trunks.

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