1. FROST probably has never met a saiyan in his life. I really don't think that means they don't know about ssj. Unless the saiyan in that universe use other ways to power up, which is very unlikely seeing frost is a freeza copycat.
    A normal saiyan wouldn't even come close to the power that's needed to enter a tournament like this. But on the other hand that first opponent was useless in this tournament.
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  2. According to Cabba universe six saiyans evolved passed the point of having tails. The more evolved saiyans may have very different powers or are strong enough to not need transformations
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  3. So the anime has surpassed the mangastory this week http://www.gogoanime.com/dragon-ball-super-episode-33. Aside from the ever so crappy animation and art. There were some pretty important bits.
    Goku actually lost against Freeza doppelganger. Don't freaking ask me why cause it was bullshit. The saiyan from the other universe doesn't really doesn't know about transformations, so he might be weak as fuck. Oh yeah, Piccolo is fighting Frost now.
    So to sum it all up, what the fack are the creators even thinking? Even the Buu saga had stronger opponents then this.
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  4. LOL Goku's opponent looks like Winnie the Pooh using Gear 4.

  5. Considering that fused Kami/Piccolo would have crushed Freeza how the hell is it that Frost would be that much stronger than Piccolo?
  6. well. he is much stronger than freeza otherwise he would not be participating in the tournament. any of the kaoishin are capable of killing freeza at max power with single blow.
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  7. Frost seems to much stronger than Freeza pre-training, but weaker than post-training Freeza.
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  9. A normal SSJ lifting capacity is less than a 1000 tonnes? that kinda sucks.
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  10. Well, I remember Goku needing to go Super Saiyan to lift 40 tons in the Buu saga, so it seems consistent. Still seems lame though.
  11. Hah. Remember all those superman vs Goku threads? 1 thousand tons is feather weight for superman hulk and other super strong guys
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  12. Seems weird though. He can destory a world without sweating, but can't lift up 1000 ton. Only in DB I guess.
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  13. meh, he has so much power its retarded.
  14. What's really stupid is that Goku was punching with enough force that the shockwaves were threatening to destroy the universe. And Vegeta is supposed to be pretty much equal to Goku in strength. So he punch with enough force to destroy a universe, but can't lift a thousand tons? I know there's a difference between lifting strength and striking strength, but that's just ridiculous.
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taisun

    "The crane holds the three heaviest lifts of all time: 20,133 metric tons, 17,100 tons and 14,000 tons"

    however you measure the weight it beats a super saiyan by a ton.
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  16. Not that Dragonball is scientific but punching force has very little to do with your ability to lift/press weight. Plus, you don't that ki manipulation as anything to do with punching force?

    How do characters in DB destroy planets? By blowing them up with energy, very little to do with physical strength.

    Not saying it isn't silly because they should be able to lift more. But when you think about, when in Dragonball have characters actually lifted things very, very heavy?
  17. When did Dragon Ball became a benchmark for scientifically correct storytelling?

  18. They can destory mountains by sneezing. They use that power to power up their bodies as well. Of course a punch doesn't have the same power a full powered kamehameha has, but it's still tremendously strong. How the hell do you explain a simple punch creating a crater, but being able to lift shit.
    It just doens't make sense and (not that I'm trying to make sense out of DB). I just found it funny.
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  19. It makes perfect sense to me, how long have you guys been watching DB again? They concentrate their ki and increase the force of their attacks exponentially.

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