1. I already answered that:

    I've had to take care children before and logical arguments like "the sooner you get your chores done, the sooner you can play" doesn't work. If they don't want to do their chores, they'll complain, drag their feet, procrastinate, do the work as lazily as possible dragging a task that could have been done in minutes into hours, and the instant they think they can get away with it, they'll try to ditch the work. Goku is pretty much a big kid. It seems in-character to me for him to act like a child to get out of work.

    Goku did do farm work using bare hands under Roshi, but that was part of his training to strength his body. Goku has long since past the point where he could get any benefit in his training for that. Goku isn't interested in money or in farm work; he just wants to train. Since it is no longer effective training for him, Goku wouldn't be interested in doing that. It makes sense that he'd do it lazily out of boredom and then try to ditch it to train by having Goten do it instead. Goku is only doing this because Chichi is making him.
  2. Sorry that doesn't make sense to me.

    I refuse to believe that Goku is this stupid. Using the tractor that goes so slow... that would take - lets say 1 hour to do the chores. If he uses his bare hands and actually puts an effort, it could be done in minutes... maybe even seconds.
  3. ^so chichi can find more for him to do? It's called time management.
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  4. ^
  5. Chi-Chi is his wife and wants him to get REAL job and come home after an honest day of work not go Super Sayian-jin and do it quickly and run off and go train. End of discussion, she is a women which making no sense makes complete sense.
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  6. There's no way a women would think this way.

    A woman gives a man a chore to do. She's actually going to care the time it takes for the man to complete the tasks? That makes no sense... and I don't believe this to be true.

    Uh.. using the tractor can take up to 2 hours to complete the tasks. Goku using his highly advanced martial arts can complete it in 5 minutes... yeah okay... I don't think anyone would complain about that... the job will get done... why would someone say use the other way instead....

  7. :fry
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  8. Touche...
  9. WTF? This is Goku we're talking about. Stupidity is one of his defining traits.


    Well, in the Yo Son Goku 2008 special, Goku complains to Chichi about why he still has to work now that Mr. Satan is giving them money. Chichi says it's so Goku can "learn the value of hard work as humans do". She doesn't want Goku to do it the easy way. It's not a chore that needs to be done as Goku doesn't need to work once Satan starts giving him money. It's a lesson to teach Goku about hard work.
  10. I will say no more. Leroy post has ended this squabble.
  11. I wasn't expecting Champa and female Whis to make an appearance during the BOG arc of Super. I figured they wouldn't show up until the Universe 6 arc. I wonder if their presence will change things from how it was in the movie or if we'll just get glimpses of them while events on Earth play out mostly the same aside from a few details?

    It makes sense that the fight for Goku vs Beerus was extended by having Goku start in his lower forms instead of starting as a SSJ3 like in the movie. However, I'm disappointed that the SSJ3 Goku vs Beerus portion had nearly exactly the same moves as the movie (Beerus finger-flicking Goku's forehead, Goku punching the planet, the chop Beerus used to take out Goku). I was hoping that if they're going to retell the movies, that at least they could change up the fight choreography. However, the anime scenes had several differences with the previous manga chapter, so I'm still hopeful the anime will change the fight scenes into something new. If they're going to bother with a retelling, I'd rather they don't just copy and paste the movie scenes. Beerus should still dominate Goku, but they should draw new fight scenes to keep things exciting.

    Also, one change I didn't like was how Beerus apparently ordered Frieza to destroy the Saiyans. In the movies, Beerus wanted to do it but Frieza just beat him to it as Beerus was to lazy to travel to planet Vegeta. Here it seems that Frieza was ordered to it. I feel like it cheapens Frieza and the whole story of why he destroyed the Saiyans. It really hurts Freeza's character, the backstory of the Saiyans and the Namek arc in my opinion. Beerus is a really good character and he stands on his own, there is no need to try to hamfistedly make him important to previously existing events in the story. I love Beerus, but having him have a hand in what was essentially one of Freeza's defining acts of tyranny/destruction is pretty dumb.
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  12. So this manga is the same as the new anime of this summer?
  13. Yes it is the same

    It is good that they are not deviating from the movie seeing as it is cannon it makes sense. The only thing that bugs me is I still don't know what is gonna happen to the part 10 years from now when Uub appears. By then Goku should have long mastered God Mode...... Well I am glad that we seen the other God cause we didn't get that in the movie. This is good progression, I am curious why they didn't want to be detected. What could be so important for staying hidden?
  14. Not exactly the same. The manga seems to have less filler. Which is understable, cause that's usually the case with anime. I could've done without amusement park filler.
    Did Champa and female Whis make an appearance in the first or second movie?
  15. They did not make an appearance in the first movie, I don't know about the second cause I'm still waiting for it to get subbed.
  16. they didnt make an appearance in either of the movies
  17. Why limited?

    Also, to those who have seen the 2nd movie pls do not discuss it in here.. any part of it until we get a sub or I will have eson show up to your house as the gimp.
  18. *i'm brave enough to face the gimp*
    Freeza is as gold as an academy award statue.
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  19. lmao^ Actually I have a confession. I watched the leaked part of vegeta and goku fighting 'freezer' at the end and what whiz does.
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