1. Now if you haven't heard Freeza's VA jokingly said that Freeza's power level was 100 Quintillion now. Granted it's a joke (Ryusei Nakao, when responded to that question, commented that Freeza was a “nice guy” (ナイスガイ; naisu gai), and then responded that he might have a battle power of “hundred quintillion” (垓; gai). In short, his response is just a pun on "gai", so the battle power shouldn't be taken "too" literally.), but I wouldn't be surprised if it somewhat accurate given the rising power levels and Freeza somehow becoming on par with the gods. Wonder if we could use it as a benchmark of sorts for what the power levels are supposed to be?

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  5. Good opening chapter.

    I told my bro he should watch BoG and RoF before watching DBS but he can probably just watch DBS the way how the timelines are made up? Like we'll probably get those movies in an a couple of the eps?
  6. Since this is taking place 'months' after buu saga, it is definitely before BoG. BoG takes place 4 years after Buu saga which means Beerus is about to take a 4 year nap.
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  7. I hope this is not just another rehash of the super saiyan God movie. Waisting chapters on that is not gonna make any one happy
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  8. damnit Haoh brother of whichever brother I don't know.. stop being a hater! It's dragonball again in our lifetime. Learn it, live it, love it and enjoy it or I'm gonna let my cat use your balls as a happy fun time ornament.
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  9. It looks like this is retelling the story of BOG, which seems kind of pointless to me. BOG and ROF were the movies that were supposed to be canon unlike the previous movies and their success is what led to this new series. Ignoring the movies to retell the story makes those two movies seem pointless. At the previous movies told original stories, but if Super retells BOG and ROF while making the movies non-canon, whose going to bother with those movies ever again? It was one thing when Minus did it with Bardock, but BOG and ROF are pretty much brand new, so why rewrite them so soon? I'd rather they just stick with the stuff between and after the movies and not rewrite the movies into the series.

    Of course there's a possibility that it will fit with the movies. The scenes with Goku are before BOG and seem to be even before the 2008 special (in the special Goku complained to Chichi about still having to work despite Satan giving them money, which he first does here). Beerus was specifically said to have slept for 39 years when he woke up in BOG. The only way for this to fit with the movies is for the Beerus scenes to be set in a different time period. Nothing actually says that the Beerus scenes are happening at the same time as the Goku scenes. Like they could reveal that those Beerus scenes were actually set in the past decades ago before he went to sleep or they could be set in the future during BOG, after he wakes up but before he visits the Oracle Fish. Like Beerus could have went to destroy this planet after his breakfast then went to see the Fish to confirm his dream. I'm leaning toward the latter since Old Kai is here and sensing the destruction of this planet. Though I suppose they could just retcon the "Beerus was sleeping for 39 years" but leave the rest of BOG intact.

    Also, did anyone else notice that as part of his training, Goku was essentially fantasizing about literally punching the heads off of his previous enemies? Goku's more brutal than people give him credit for. I'd love more scenes about what goes on inside his head.
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  10. I'm the first guy that will tell you he loves dragon ball. I still watch kai so don't get me wrong. But why would we want to see an enemy and story that was already shown in the movie. And that rabbit wasn't even that interesting to begin with
  11. Yes exactly, that is what I was getting at it is cannon. So eventually you would have to incorporate it in the series some how. I don't really have a problem with that as long as I get a good amount of DB after ROF.

    It is impossible for those Beerus scenes to be set before cause we already see Kiao-Shin and the elder in those scenes.

    Goku did blast cells upper torso off once so no surprise there for me. He has no problem killing you if you are evil and powerful.
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  12. What the kind of shit that I just read.

    Oh wait, I didn't read it... I just glanced at it and click next, because it has been done...

    It's suppose to be Manga -> Anime.

    Are they trying to do

    Anime -> Manga? Why in the world would we even want to read that? It makes no sense. Manga -> Anime, so we can see it animated... it's not just a drawing..

    The other way around? It's called WASTING TIME... WITH FILLER SHIT...who in their right mind would buy it if it ever gets published?

    You guys are in denial. YES! It's Dragon Ball... but this is shit...crap, are you guys some sort of sadist or something? Dragon Ball was good back then. What we have here is something that it's a shell of it's previous self.

    It's like if Michael Jordan came back to play in the NBA right now. The dude is like 50 years old...it'll be an embarrassment. If you guys still say it's good... you need to check yo self.
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  13. I wouldn't say it was a shell of it's previous shelf. There are some things I think could have been done better but overall I thought BOG and ROF were pretty good. I'd say they were better than the previous non-canon movies. They weren't as good as the canon story arcs, but due to the time constraints of a movie format, that's not a surprise. Toriyama mentioned in interviews that there was a lot of scenes he wanted to include, but had to cut out of the movies because of this. I am hoping that a lot of that stuff gets included in Super.

    Plus Beerus, Whis, and Jaco are some of my favorite characters.

    I will agree that it's silly to have the Super manga show the same material as the anime. It would make more sense to me to have the anime cover the main story, while the manga can show sidestories that aren't shown in the anime.

    In any event, I did enjoy the chapter. I loved the Goku and Goten moments. Plus I just realized how appropriate the father-son bonding moments were given that the chapter came out shortly before Father's Day.
  14. That scene made no sense... Goku could have just did it with his bare hands...

    It would be quicker, no? I mean why do you need a machine to cut the grass?
  15. Cut the grass? It's a tractor, not a lawnmower. Goku works as a farmer. However, look at his face. He doesn't want to do it and is only doing it because Chichi is making him. It's like a child who wants to go play sports but is being forced to do his chores. The child isn't going to think about how do the chores quicker or more efficiently. The child is going to complain, work as lazily as he can get away with, and if possible ditch the chores altogether. Which is exactly what Goku said about it. He flat out said he wants to ditch it to train and that he's only doing because Chichi is making him.
  16. I said why use the tractor at all he could just use his bare hands and go super fast...
  17. Goku slapping chichi's back and sending her through the wall because of it come to mind. Also, young gohan attempting to blow candles on birthday cake only to send the whole thing flying off into the wild blue yonder. Keep in mind, I'm limited to anime dub on this.
  18. He did do farm work with his hands before

    During his first training with master Roshi he and Krillan were farming with bare hands. in dub Krillan even complained that his finger nails were gone from the digging.
  19. That was before Dragonball went to "I destroy the world by farting" levels.

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