1. Scan in English:


    Plus video of new transformation:

  2. Inevitable but still kinda ridiculous.
  3. And a video of them in motion:

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  5. okay. after reading chapter 2...

    I am intrigued. that was a good dragon ball chapter.

    and vegeta stressing too much and pushing himself too hard is finally confirmed to be something which holds him back. it was sortof visible after his second year in hyperbolic time chamber. He barely made (if any) progress in that second year.
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  6. Oh, Gohan...you sad, sad, sack of shit.

    Vegeta is totally beating Freeza this time.
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  7. i hope so.... then again i can't picture Goku not getting the spot light. Plus im guessing Frieza is as strong as Beerus now..... i can't picture him getting 1 shotted again like when Future Trunks whooped him lol.
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  8. I find it interesting that Goku's flaws and Vegeta's flaws are essentially the opposite of each other. Wonder if fusion could cancel that out? Wonder how Vegetto or Gogeta would do against Whis if Goku and Vegeta decided to try fusion now?

    It good that we see some of Goku's and Vegeta's training. However, I wish we would have also gotten a glimpse of Frieza's training as well.

    And Gohan really does suck. Looks like he didn't learn a thing from not training after Cell.
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  9. I don't get it... the original author wanted to end with DB with Gohan becoming the strongest and killing Cell.

    I guess his editors or what not made him go with Buu... and the end product is Gohan needing glasses when he doesn't need it?

    WTF? It's like Gohan is suppose to represent the modern day citizens... do they really see us as lazy?
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  10. I really hate what they're doing to Gohan. Even DBGT didn't treat him as bad.

    This is only 2 years after BOG. In BOG, it was confirmed that Gohan was the strongest non-fusion, non-god character. Yet after only 2 years, he's got so weak that he's not sure he can even turn SSJ1? I get that he hasn't been training but that's worse than the 7 years of no training after Cell. Buu-saga Gohan was weaker but go still use SSJ and SSJ2 without a problem.

    If it wasn't for his Saiyan genes, I bet Gohan would ending up as an overweight bookworm fatter than Fat Buu.

    What makes it even worse is that Krillin is explicitly stated to not trained in years yet his strength has pretty much stayed the same. It's like the no training=weaker thing only applies to Gohan.

    It's like a repeat of GT where only Goku and Vegeta get the new power-ups. To get SSJ God, six Saiyans just have to hold hands and share energy. It's an easy power-up. Yet it seems like only Vegeta bothered to get it after Goku did.
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  11. When Gohan had doubt if he could go ssj my mouth dropped and I went :again:. That was a good observation by Bills servant, Vegeta does try and over work himself. Also I had no idea Bills servant (forgot his name) was so strong he was making Goku and Vegeta look like noobs. At the level Goku/Vegeta is at they essentially have everything what they were getting coached on but I guess to reach the God level it needs to be go up even further.
  12. so when is this coming out?
  13. Bill's servant is named Whis and is Bill's trainer / babysitter.
  14. You didn't know? At end of Battle of Gods, Whis was revealed to be Beerus' teacher and to be stronger than Beerus. Whis also offered the job of God of Destruction to Goku to be Beerus' successor. So it looks like he's the one who chooses who gets to be the God of Destruction. Whis is currently the strongest known character in DBZ.

    By the way, Toriyama mentioned in an interview that on a power scale of 1 to 10, God Goku would be a 6, Beerus would be a 10, and Whis would be a 15.

    Also, it's not "Bills", it's Beerus, which comes from "beer" (well, originally it was supposed to be a pun on "virus" but Toriyama changed it). The name Whis comes from "whiskey". Never understood where the translation "Bills" came from.
  15. Wow, no I didn't know that! Thanks for clearing that up. I was extremely disappointed in the last movie maybe that's why I didn't bother.

    Good question, I would love to see that match up with Vegetto or Gogeta against Beerus and or Whis.
  16. Yo they made Roshi go H.A.M in 2015 LOL, that was some good movies by the old man. The surprise appearance from that galatic character caught me by surprise but I know he's part of the DBZ universe so good to see him in the mix. This was a good 3 chapters I definitely have higher hopes for this movie. Rebirth of F seems like it will make up for GoD movie.
  17. [IMG]
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  18. Egads....a villain actually working for their powerup.
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