1. That's a way more interesting match up
  2. Goddamn. Kefla just cleaned out the battlefield. Gohan better beat that bitch up.
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  4. Dude, VPN. How do you think I read it?
  5. works when I use explorer
  6. I only caught up yesterday - skipped a bunch of chapters.

    Pretty cool to see Saiyan's from a different universe.
  7. I'm not sure how to feel about Gohan in this chapter. What I do like is how in the manga there is more of a return to the martial arts aspect of the original Dragonball.
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  8. Fucking really? Roshi-Sama able to surprise Jiren lol. I'm just going through this chapter now.
  9. Man, Dragon Ball Super is so epic.
  10. I enjoyed this chapter, almost finished. I assume 1 more chapter based on the anime will wrap this up?
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  12. This was the most beautiful commentary on what is wrong with Dragon Ball Super, I'm even glad he brought up the Roshi vs Jiren. I was like wtf, like that is actual canon. He also told me what I know for sometime now that Toriyama is the one of the GOAT God of Mangas.
  13. While there are some issues, I still think the Super manga is better than the anime 90% of the time.
  14. The Roshi v Jiren thing didn't bother me. It wasn't like Roshi could do anything offensively. He is like 300 years old and has been a martial artist his whole life. Him reaching a state like that isn't too crazy.
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  15. ^ If I stop and really think about what you said, I can warm up to that idea.

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