1. Nice. Even with the extremely convenient plot device of Trunks being a kaioshin disciple.
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  2. I'm okay with that cause Trunks would of had to go through Majin Buu in his timeline and without Goku, Vegeta and Gohan things would of had to pan out differently.
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  3. Definitely wasn't expecting healer Trunks. But it's a nice twist and makes more sense than anime Trunks' unexplained pseudo-god mode. Hopefully tthere won't be the Spirit Bomb Sword either and Zamasu will be defeated in a way that makes sense.

    The completed Blue was interesting. The mention of damage to Goku's body makes it seem like this is the equivalent to the anime's Blue Kaioken. I find it interesting that the explanation behind how this works is how Blue always worked in the anime with the no ki leaking thing. Yet the anime Blue, despite being "perfect" seemed so cheap and unimpressive unimpressive especially recently; yet the manga is treating perfected Blue as the ultimate transformation it was supposed to be. Although, since the manga ended up going with the no-ki-leaking for Blue as well, I wonder if we'll see Blue Kaioken in the manga eventually.
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  5. I thought you had to officially be a god of destruction to use that ability, but it seems it's just a technique that can be learned. Still, it was awesome to see Goku use it.

    It was also great to see Trunks get a good moment and it made sense unlike that stupid Spirit Bomb Sword shit.

    And I also liked Vegeta's new attack.

    Really, this just confirms that the anime should go on break every now and then to let the manga get ahead and then just base the anime off the manga. They both work off Toriyama's script and are allowed to put their own individual spins on it, but I think it would be better for the anime to follow the manga. There have only been a few times where I thought the anime did something better or put a really good spin on thing. Ninety-five percent of the time, the manga is vastly superior.
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  6. This way different than the anime, if Goku has that destruction move up his sleeve, he's on a completely different level than all the mortals in DB.
  7. Well. I would assume there is a limit on how it can be used. Only sortof on official God business... Such as this one.
    Fighting that assassin dude or in tournament would not allow Goku to use the technique
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  8. It is kinda getting annoying because we now have two sources of canon to follow.
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  9. I wonder if Zen is till gonna come finish this up.
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  10. So, my guess is that this ends with Zen-Oh just erasing the universe like in the series. This is shaping up to be similar to what happened in the anime.

    Also, did Goku learn that technique the same way he did the kamehameha? By seeing it?
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  11. Even if Goku has the Hakai he can't use it freely. Beerus can bust that shit out whenever he wants without breaking a sweat.
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  12. With how retarded they made Goku early on we forgot he's a damn genius when it comes to fighting and hand to hand.
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  13. Previews of the Universe Survival arc for the manga were released and we see the two Zenous. So it will probably end the same as the anime. The details may differ but overall events for anime and manga are somewhat the same.
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  14. Yeah I mean what is the point. So they can fix what they f up in the anime? Lol

    Is it common for the manga to come after the anime...seems odd.
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  15. It seems like the manga is actively trying to be different from the anime. I mean in the anime this week we had Goku stuck in a god of destruction's destruction energy and unable to get out. What does the manga do? Have Goku perform a god of destruction technique. I know its not really the case since these stuff get planned ahead of time. But i've noticed few of these scenarios.
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  16. Or maybe they are just that smart and realize if they do the anime and manga in this fashion it forces more focus by fans of the series to both mediums. I mean I like both but it really makes me want to stay on top of the manga because I am literally in jeopardy of missing something very unique and awesome and the 破壊, Hakai is a good example of that.

    Also, it annoys me because how great would it have been to see Goku do that animated and that is huge too. I mean the hell.. how and when did he learn that? That is such a game changer. Instant death, instant win.
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  17. What would be nice is if they could make a series of OVAs based on the manga.
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  18. Love that idea but then.. I bet the differences are too minimal to justify a budget for ova's in which case you would basically be doing the anime and/or movies over again. Speaking of which.. remind me..in the anime episodes when Freeza arrived on earth did Gotenks show up in the sub. I cannot remember but he sure as hell was there in the toonami dub last Saturday.
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  20. Yeah

    But that's normal. Manga is always slower than anime even when it is released weekly. This has less pages per month than weeklies.

    Although the pace is fairly decent for manga standards
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