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  2. I didn't watch the fucking anime. I basically only read manga nowadays.

    Shit's fucking epic, some panels were really well drawn. Vegeta is my boooiii!
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  4. Way cooler.
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  5. What I like about the manga version is how Vegeta is not just trying to overpower Black like in the anime, but is also out-thinking him. Switching between God and Blue was pretty clever.

    I also like that manga Goku is once again proving he has a brain when he tried to stop them from fusing. It's a nice change from anime Goku's over-the-top stupidity.

    I wonder how the manga will handle the fight with fused Zamasu? We've seen previews of the manga's Universe Survival arc which shows two Zenous, so like the anime this will end with future Zenou being summoned to take out Zamasu and then Goku will take him to the main timeline. But I'm curious what other stuff will change. Will there still be Vegetto? Will there still be a potara retcon for a time limit if we do get Vegetto? Will future Zenou still wipe out everything? Will we get Future Trunks and Mai traveling to a new timeline? Hopefully we won't get that stupid Spirit Bomb Sword, though it would be nice for Future Trunks to still have some role in helping beat Zamasu.
  6. I felt that Vegetto would be, glad they confirmed that. I hate that they robbed us of the Final Kamehameha.
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  7. Definitely digging the manga.
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  9. That's a fight I would like to see but it wouldn't last long unfortunately. As sooon as he powers up that will run the time up faster.
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  10. I'm glad we got semi-confirmation that Blue Vegetto is stronger than Beerus. For a while, it seemed like Beerus might be even stronger given Toriyama's comments on having no plans for Goku and Vegeta to surpass Beerus. I say semi-confirmation because Kaioshin isn't a reliable source on how strong Beerus truly is. It would be better if we could see Beerus' and Whis' reactions to Blue Vegetto. At times like this, I kind of miss the scouters and power levels so we could settle arguments about how different characters compare.

    I like how Vegeta made the decision to fuse after learning what happened to future Bulma. That was a nice touch.

    The Vegetto fight was much better than in the anime with Vegetto being much more savage and I like how he dominated fused Zamasu.

    Though the shortened fusion at the end like the anime worries me. I was hoping that Vegetto would be the one to destroy Zamasu's body and then defuse. We better not get shit like that Spirit Bomb Sword, which made no sense. I'm hoping they'll skip straight to Goku summoning Future Zenou to finish this.
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  12. It's just so amazing.
  13. So where is chapter 1. I just skimmed through this, I'll read it again.


    I enjoyed that, this is fan made right?
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  14. Lol this surprisingly entertaining
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  16. That second chapter was so beautiful, haha.
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  18. Well, that went in a direction I didn't expect.
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  19. Excellent a clear distinction from ss blue, you can maintain 100% output
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