1. I like this, It gives us explanation on how Freeza can power up to fight on par with Goku, who is now a god. Loved the mention of the God of Destruction too, adds to the lore cannon.
  2. Just 4 months eh? It's DB so I'll leave it for now. Cool to see this manga back. Can't wait for the fights.
  3. I am actually more accepting of the transformation and timeline through that explanation. I mean he is a damn prodigy and a superior life form. To be that powerful WITHOUT training EVER, it would make sense he could rival Goku again with a bit of work.
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  4. Sigh, even though I have a spark of happiness... that's all it is - a spark... all they are doing is milking that damn golden cow...
  5. I don't think Goku kept the god powers.

    I also realized that there is kind of a precedent for this transformation. While it was a movie, Cooler had an additional transformation that Freeza did not. Indicating that he reached a higher level than his brother.
  6. He didnt keep his powers, but if you listen to the dialogue between him and Beerus during their fight, even after Goku lost the God form, he kept up with, and was still beating ass because his unique body and fighting style adapted to the power he had attained, even though just briefly. So, although not able to achieve god form, his powers and abilities increased significantly just by being in the form once
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  7. From Akira Toriyama himself:

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  8. well freiza was the strongest in the universe with the exception of beerus and whis until goku came along. And if that was him without any training and just using his prodigious skill, it makes it easier to accept him as a villain in the new movie even after all the powerups we have seen goku go through.
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  9. Although it does seem kind of cheap at first that Frieza can match the Saiyans with a few months of training when they've had years of training plus multiple power-ups, it does make sense when you think about how Frieza was this strong without ever doing any training. The only thing that kind of seems kind of pushing it is that Goku absorbed and retained the power from SSJ God and it seems kind of lame that training can match the power of a god. So I'm going to guess that Frieza's new golden transformation mentioned in trailers for the movie will end up giving him some sort of god power, similar to what SSJ God did for Goku.
  10. so if in four months he can reach goku's level then in ten years he could beat Beerus?

    and will he stop training just in right time for Goku to be his equal?
  11. Behold for Frieza's new ultimate will be... Urine Man.
  12. I was watching the first movie again uncut and really enjoyed it but for the first time I watched dbz kai subbed.. actually any dragonball subbed for first time and I noticed the music during this ep vs buu was same in the first movie. I never really liked the subbed music but it got so much better and the VA's for the sub are awesome.

    I'll have to watch the entire series now subbed. So many voices are so much better.. it's like seeing star wars for the first time.

    I've known about the older lady VA who does Goku but that was it. Also, I didn't know Kai was up through the Buu series now. If nothing else for the fact that Gohan called Buu a retard lol.


  13. The Kai music is different too I believe. The original music is so good. Maybe not all of the kai music is different but some of it definitely is.
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  14. Even the ED is pretty damn good. Also, I meant the saiyan god movie that came out when I said first movie. I heard some of the subbed music when I watched the kai dub versions but apparently ^ it isn't the same? It's not funimation tunes I know that for sure even for the dubbed kai. I thought funi used the original sub music?
  15. Compare...




    The original is definitely better. And with the original you can clearly hear the Oozaru roar along with Gohan's scream.

    Actually, I'm pretty sure all the music is different in Kai.
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  16. Arigatou gozaimasu

    So the japanese did 2 versions for Kai? Cause again I read that Funimation used the original music and we all know what their in house tunes sound like and they didn't do that for Kai. Seems strange the jp would do that.

    Well geez.. I'm not going to dl and watch both. Kai it has to be then cause I am going to buy the bluray sets anyway. Wait.. do they offer both music versions on the bluray?
  17. Funimation used the original music for the Japanese version of the the original series. I have no idea what the options are for Kai.
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  18. Movie Synopsis:


  19. So now that Frieza has been revived, I wonder what the next movie is going to be about. Cell gets revived?

    If Frieza was able to get this strong with a few months of training, then I guess Cell should get insanely strong if he trained. Afterall, Cell has Frieza's DNA, Saiyan DNA, and Namekian DNA among others.

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