1. So not to derail the chapter thread, I figured I'd start this thread.

    Basically, this thread is all in the title.

    Does he need more wind jutsu's?

    Or Jutsu's in general?

    We know it wouldn't hurt for him to have genjutsu.

    We know his taijutsu could do with some work, but really doesn't need it.

    And we know he has powerful jutsu's.

    But I don't think he has a single (battle jutsu) that's B-rank or lower...?

    I personally think he needs ore wind style jutsu's. At least one of danzous maybe.

    A wind bullet would be fine, perhaps a dome of wind, or a hurricane or something, but definately something he can rely on other than rasengan.

    He needs to be able to fight at long range and mid range if he's going up against people like Sasuke and Madara.

    Sure, kyuubi cna provide that, but that's not the point.

    (if anyone says second elment, I'm going to climb a bell tower and start picking people off lol)
  2. Simply put...what kind of person doesn't improve their skills? Some people have no talent for genjutsu, but the other skills unless your Rock Lee who simply lacks the ability to mold chakra can be improved. You can always improve your taijutsu and you can always improve your ninjutsu and frankly from a story point of view it gets boring watching naruto throw out the same shit over and over.
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  3. does he need it? No, he is already a powerhouse and god knows what he can do now with kyuubi chakra and all, but haven said that would it be nice for the audience if we got something new and different? HELL YEA, but patient i am sure will see new things soon enough
  4. It is very odd that a Ninja would be completely lacking in offensive Ninjutsu. If I were Kishi, I'd have shown off a brand new post time skip Naruto.

    The kid learned Rasengan in one week, why didnt Jiraiya teach him all he knows? He taught more to Nagato in three years he was with him.

    That's my opinion on that, but does he NEED more wind jutsu? No. NOt unless its A Class shit, but what Nin is around that could teach him A class wind jutsu?
  5. ^ no it makes sense because kishi did it on purpose, he said he wanted naruto to be straight forward and simple minded, i like it cause he uses what he has in creative ways
  6. @DM: Exactly my point! But when I say it's boring people jump down my throat...(I'm looking at you noz, ha, just kidding :p)

    @Noz: He didn't teach him anything because he was spending so much time on Kyuubi.

    @vote and noz: He does need them, without them being A-class.

    To say he doesn't need them is stupid.

    (not insulting you)

    A little situation.

    Sasuke has lightening element and fire element.

    Sasuke could throw a lightening element jutsu at naruto (not chidori or kirin), and it only be c-class, within that short space of time, naruto isn't going to be able to throw out TWO clones, create a rasengan and then mold it into rasenshuriken, then throw it at a jutsu that has most likely already hit home.

    And if he does, it's only a waste of chakra that he's going to need further into the battle...

    Naruto does need more wind jutsu's due to the fact he can't rely on rasenshuriken all the time when it consumes so much chakra.

    Naruto is simply a cop out if he doesn't learn some new win jutsu's, in my opinion.

    And though there's no one around that could teach him, he could learn himself, perhaps by reading a scroll once in a while or hell, go ask temari...

    Or ask if kakashi has some wind up his sleeve (though we didn't see any during the kakuza fight so doubt it.)

    Jiraiya didn't have any wind jutsu's yet he was able to teach them to nagato...

    @vote: Uhm, just because he's a powerhouse and has kyuubi now, doesn't mean he's going to instantly use it, nor be able to, and it doesn't mean he doesn't need some more jutsu's up his sleeve.

    Kyuubi is a powerful allie yes, but you can't jus tbust him out all the time, it would be like sasuke and his MS.

    Naruto spams rasengan and kage bunshin enough, please not kyuubi too...
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  7. I agree. I've complained about it more than once. Sasuke steadily getting new jutsu is doubly galling.

    My only point was is that Naruto just got the ability to use some devastating jutsu that he has only occasionally had access to before. Things are looking up. Let's wait and see. If Kishi still has him using rasengan only tactics from now on that will be fckd up indeed.
  8. Agreed, he needs to be more versatile and add some jutsu's to his arsenal jutsu. We seen that he needs time make clones, put them in sage mode, summon them, and then make his clone disappear. Not only that he has to stand still just to go into sage mode. In the ninja world u are not always gonna be able to prepare your battles, part of being a ninja is stealth so what happens if he gets caught off guard??? I mean is gonna say "Time out, let me prepare?"

    Keep in mind he can only throw it in sage mode. He can't use it in regular mode since it put him in the hospital and Tsunade even forbid him from using it.
  9. Hell yeah he needs new jutsu. Rasengan to me is no longer impressive. Let's look at the evolution
    Rasengan + wind chakra
    Rasengan large
    Rasengan Xtra large
    Rasengan Xtra x2
    Sage mode + portable Rasengan + wind chakra = Rasenshuriken
    Xtra large Rasengan barrage
    What's next...?
    Portable Rasenshuriken x2
    Portable Rasenshuriken Barrage.
    Oh and BTW he still uses shadow clones throughout all attacks.

    Can we get a Rasenshadow clone? Or a just leave the rasenshit alone and give in a sword or weapon.
  10. Man. Wth happened to the "spoiler" selection in the "other styles" drop down menu? It's not there anymore.

    Damn Riley. You spitting rhymes like Kirabi.

    I feel you, man. If Naruto doesn't start using some new tactics with the addition of his jinchuuriki powers I'm going to track Kishi down and take a $#!% rasengan all over his drawing board.

    Show me some $#!% like this

    Still got the rasen in it, but I can live with it if it's going to be like that.
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  11. I guess I'm in the party that doesn't think he needs new moves. His Rasengan, while repetitive, has always been sufficient. It's just that good. Could he use a long range jutsu? Sure. But he's just not that smart to go and pick up a few more jutsus, so he did what he could with the RasenShuriken.

    I disagree completely with the assessment that he learned the Rasengan in a week. He was able to perform the Rasengan in a week - but he has never actually learned how to do the Rasengan. He *still* can't do it without clones, even after how many Rasengans now? I think that's actually more telling than anything.

    Could it hurt, to have some little Wind jutsu that he might be able to fire off? No. I just don't see what good it would really do him when he can always just shut someone down in one rasengan (or if the rasengan isn't good enough, then what is one little wind jutsu going to do?). If Sasuke and Kakashi had no chakra limitations I imagine they'd be using their stronger techniques all day too.
  12. Anyone else think we'll soon see a combination of rasengan and kyubbi cero? Or maybe using the kyubbi in place of a clone or two while using the rasengan.
  13. I agree that Naruto needs more techniques specially long range ones. Naruto is at disadvantage versus Madara and Sassuke when it comes to range. Plus with the return of Kakuzu and Deidara Naruto has even more trouble.
    If Kishi will give Naruto the ability to use KB while using the Kyuubi cloak\ x Tailed transformation then the need for a long range jutsu is lowered. In that mode Naruto has super speed as KillaBee and Raikage plus the cloak protects against the jutsus. If he hasn' t that the ability to use KB he is even more vulnerable to Susanoo' s crossbow attack and Madara' s version of Kamui (see Madara vs Torune and Fuu). A couple of decoys could helped Naruto in Kyuubi mode to bridge the distance and deliver his blows.
    FRS is capable of going through Susanoo, see Danzou vs Sassuke, when Danzou' s Wind jutsus almost rip Susanoo off Sassuke. The area effect on Susanoo by FRS is interesting since FRS expands on contact but the cut is quite small. Plus Naruto will have the "intent to kill" Sassuke if he throws FRS at Susanoo with Sassuke in the middle. To break through and not kill Sassuke he will need another jutsu.
    Kishi promised use that Naruto will use a jutsu since the post skip, confirmed it again when Jirayia made his will and again when Naruto met the Sage Toad. So Naruto will get a new jutsu.
    @Macabre: FRS the ultimate version of RS which is a concentrated mass of spinning chakra with the ultimate attack elemental manipulation. The Kyuubi cero is a mass of chakra similar to FRS. Killabee and 8 Tails had an attack similar to the combination of both if I interpret the drawing corectly in the last stage of Hawk vs KillaBee.
  14. I can't really recall him doing an unaided Rasengan, but after such repetition, it should just be a matter of fact.

    But thats just my opinion.

    I guess the more I think about it, the more I realize that Kakashi's role of a teacher still may not be done. Especially after the last two run-ins with Madara, Kakashi should see it as a personal responsibility to teach Naruto even more.

    Just as a possibility though, I fully agree that Naruto has everything he needs, right now. Anything else, he can just pull out his ass and chalk it up to 'good genes'
  15. naruto only does unaided normal rasengans in sage mode (once in pre timeskip with 9ts help). Otherwise he still needs help. As for naruto actually learning jutsus, mark my words now. It will never happen. Naruto is a two trick pony, and while both those ponies are busted (kage bunshin and rasengan) thats all he is going to get ("that jutsu" still counts i guess so he has 3). What people should expect to see is naruto using the 9ts power to increase the strength of everything. Look at it as his 2nd tier sage mode. Maybe he'll learn his 2nd element in which case he'll add another shadow clone to the mix and he'll have a 2 elemented sage/9t mixed Rasengan
  16. ^Why have another element, if he hasn't even got a jutsu of wind from his original?

    He has 1...If he learns another element before getting at least 3 wind jutsu's, I'll be royaly pissed!
  17. He already did in mastering the hardest wind jutsu someone can possibly do, anything else is a piece of cake.
  18. i dont know why ppl say naruto needs help in doing the rasengan, lol i mean if naruto is helping naruto, regardless of how he does it he can still do the jutsu by himself, yea yea i know i am being picky, anyways i am pretty sure he can do it one handed all ready its a bit of habit to use clones and usually they play a role in the attack
  19. ^Please provide evidence as to why rather than just saying you're pretty sure please...

    Have no idea what this has to do with my thread but...

    I think that's almost a given, see the VOTE fight, due to kyuubi, Naruto didn't need his clones to aid him.
  20. ^ there has been times when we didnt see a clone creating it, i mean they could have its kinda unclear, like when he double rasengan animal path, u see the smoke come out but i always got the impression it was just the attack or the frog blowing smoke like he is done in the past, or when he countered sasuke, he used one clone to stop kakashi and although the other clone that was standing by sakura could have done it, it all happened so fast that we didnt see it, its all very mute at this point because if he wasnt able to before he sure as hell is gonna be able now, if anything he logic dictates he should be able to, i think its a matter of habit for kishi and naruto, creating the ransange takes chakra control, i would agrue that one that has master natural energy would have that kind of control besides didnt he just hit kyuubi with a giant rasengan a couple chapter ago with no clones ill see if i can find the page


    i cant say for sure with this one because although u dont see a clone, a couple pages before that u see his hand sign so maybe he did, i guess sometimes kishi shows it sometimes he doesnt, he did create 3 clones, him and 2 clones hide behind the tentacles and a clone attacked with the giant rasengan, its unclear weather they assisted the clone in the creation of the rasengan although you can certainly infer that

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