1. Shadow of the colossus remake announced last night. Also got to see more on God of War and Spiderman. That game Detroit Become Human seems really good too.
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  2. I love E3 and have even been before but man this year was almost like it didn't happen. Sony to me was just horrible. It was like I was watching last year again. Microsoft was probably the highlight and new console but even then I was bored. The others weren't much better either. Also..lol.. the level of cringe rose to a new level this year. You guys aren't funny! XD I am going to buy a new xbox x in the Fall and play Player Unknown with a buddy of mine and Destiny 2 on ps4.

    I am so god of war and assassin creed..burned out so that was nothing for me. The spiderman game I'll buy once it goes cheap.
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  3. I agree mostly. E3 is like Christmas to me, i really look forward to all the new game unveilngs(is that a word?). I found the sony conference to be disappointing. I'm a huge fromsoftware fan, so the fact that they didn't show anything new was enough to make me upset. But Sony didn't really show off anything new that grabbed my attention. Shadow of the Colossus remake is welcomed of course. Maybe between nintendo and the rest of the big unveils, this E3 can really surprise me.
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  4. Anybody hear about this? I loved this one Gundam (can't remember the name) game on the PS2, it was 2D which personally, I prefer in a fighting game. This look's cool tho, either 60 or 90 something different gundams, spread across 17 different series. Apparently they all have unique move sets. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rJLX0pQnMU0
    How do I post the actual video and not just a link?
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  5. you take everything after the = sign and copy it up to the & sign. Do not copy the & sign.. just up to it.

    Then type [yt]  and at the end type [/yt]
    like this:  [yt]rJLX0pQnMU0[/yt]
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  6. Some of the PGW trailers.
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