1. Playstation Meeting trailer: See the Future. Feb. 20th [Will Be Livestreamed]


    Finally next gen starts, Sony's got alot of work to do after this mediocre Gen.

  2. If this console is more than $450-$500 then Sony is fucked. Sony needs to look at what made the PSOne and PS2 (highest selling console in history) so popular and look at where they failed with the PS3 and come up with a new launch plan.
  3. People aren't that worried about spending 400 bucks on a console when it has a build in HDD and can play blu-ray. I think it's going to be around 500-600 at first.
  4. If Sony doesn't do the same thing...then they will have a clear advantage over Microsoft (assuming Microsoft is really this stupid)


    Also I'm assuming Sony will really push Playstation Plus with this system. Which is fine seeing as PS+ doesn't suck anymore and is actually a much better bang for your buck when compared to Xbox Live.
  5. You know what's bullshit about PS+. Some of the games you buy of PS+ only work if you have PS+. Once your subscription is over you can't even play the game anymore :S

    I don't really think that xbox online thing will go through. Not everyone has internet (yes even in 2013). They could lose potential buyers that way.
  6. Stop being a cheapskate Hao. It's 2013 dude. If you can't afford a internet subscription, Xbox live or even PS+ then your the problem not Sony. People can't just expect shit for free these days. I payed the full price for my launch PS3 which was like almost $700 so this won't be an issue picking up. More that likely the library is gonna be garbage when it drops.
  7. So no trailers of this console in action?
  8. Nigga it's just unvealing. It's not like its about to come out next month.
  9. That's asinine, unless Sony also adopts this then the backlash is gonna kill Microsoft.
  10. Dude I have internet lol and I ain't poor. I just ain't falling for sony's trap. Fuck PS+. I'll get my PS3 games for cheap from my usual place like I have been since day one. I don't have a problem if the PS4's 500-600 bucks. It should be worth the money though. I want at least a good HDD and Blu-ray player, but that's guaranteed these days.
    I'm nowhere near convinced that I should buy the PS4 instead of the new xbox. I'm pretty disappointed in the PS3's lack of good games (that I find good, before you start listing games). Besides PSN is complete and utter shit. PS3 connection is shit as well. If they don't do anything about that, forget buying the PS4. I'm an online gamer mostly. So that weighs in big time when I'm considering to buy this or not.
  11. If your were lukewarm on the PS3 then sure your not gonna be too hot on the system this go round. I loved the PS3 way more than my 360 that's collected dust for about 2-3 years so I'm gonna get this. The PS3 has had it's bumps but it lived up to expectations especially outselling the 360. The game library isn't bad at all and if your mad about the connection. Well you're European I don't know what to tell you dude. I don't have a problem playing online.
  12. Dude I live in one of the smallest countries in the world. I usually get connected to Dutch people and the connection still sucks. It's not just the connection it's also the fact that PSN sucks as a whole. Xbox live is a million times better, but then again them retards actually make you pay for something that's supposed to be free.
  13. It's highly unlikely that the online thing will go through. Same for the rumor that both Sony and Microsoft are working to make it so that games are locked to the accounts they are first played on. Or at least not at first.
  14. PS3 caught up to Xbox in overall worldwide sales...but I don't believe it exceeded it. (Worldwide). The UK and the USA is all over that Microsoft dick. Europe and Japan are Playstation dominate. PS3 was Sony's "third generation curse" and Microsoft could potentially have this happen to them with this new one.


    Sega's curse: Saturn or Dreamcast depending on who you talk to

    Nintendo's curse: Gamecube

    Sony's curse: Playstation 3

    PS3 was handled like shit for the first 2 years then Sony finally got their shit together.


    How does Nintendo fit into all of this? Nintendo will always be okay financially but now the problem becomes this, will the WiiU eventually become like the Wii? That system that you have in addition to your PS4 or new Xbox.
  15. I'm pretty confident that it will not. Nintendo has learned from their previous mistakes. They're having 3rd party developers maken a variety of games now. Not just the kiddy shit Nintendo used to do the past few generations. Plus Nintendo is already getting exclusives, like Bayonetta 2 and some RPG's. I'm sure Nintendo has more in store for us. That said, is that going to make me buy one, oh HELL NO. The last Nintendo system I loved was the SNES. The rest were all mediocre to bad.

    @Eddie, yeah I didn't see it happening in the first place. I don't give a shit about rumors anyway. I'll wait till both systems are revealed and make a proper decision.
  16. WiiU sales have been slipping and it's scaring 3rd parties but they will pick up once their Nintendo classics drop. You know, the first party games that are guaranteed to sell.

    Honestly, the 3DS is what's looking to be the huge money maker for Nintendo come this next generation. That bitch is a cash cow.
  17. But wasn't the Gamecube Nintendo's 4th or 5th system?

    And Haoh, you didn't like the N64?
  18. The point is that they all suffer a cursed system. It tends to happen during the third one.
  19. Yeah, all their handhelds have been money trees. I'm pretty sure the WiiU can take that hit. Like you said, first party games are gonna be a huge hit. Once Smash brothers, Zelda, Metroid and Paper Mario are announced. Also capcom supports Nintendo with their Monster Hunter title as well. Which is a system seller. If anything can make them sell a WiiU it's MH and DQ. And both support Nintendo.
    What Nintendo should be worried about is when the next gen consoles come out. Are they still gonna be able to sell their console. Cause I'm pretty sure the PS4&Xbox are going to have that screencontroller as well. So nothings setting them apart from the rest anymore. Which is also why I think it was a really dumb move to release their console so soon. Maybe Nintendo was afraid they wouldn't sell as much if all 3 systems came out at once. Who knows what their motive is.
    I did like the N64 and the 4 good games that came with it lol. Super Mario, Zelda, Golden Eye and Perfect Dark. I haven't bought a Nintendo system after the SNES. My nephew always buys Nintendo systems and I end up playing the games there.

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