1. Yes, men are more likely to be the targets of violent crime or innocent bystanders in the commission of violent crimes disproportionately to women. But the statistical relevance of that is greatly diminished when accounting for the fact that it is other males committing these acts on top of the documented scientific studies that show the male gender is inherently disposed to dramatic displays and violent tendencies.

    I honestly don't think you want to get into the psychology of all this(regardless of my willingness to explore it) but suffice it to say men are violent for a variety of societal, psychological, and environmental reasons and unsurprisingly the recipients of this mélange of inner confliction tends to be other males.

    Actually, that's not what I'm saying at all.

    I'm saying that it's preposterously unfair, but nevertheless an unfairness self engineered by our gender in the form of certain cognitive precepts assigned to women by a historically patriarchal society. We defined their purpose and the capacity to which they could fulfill that purpose for so long that the resulting social/cultural zeitgeist quickly manifested this narrative that they were delicate, physically inferior but above all biologically essential members whose preservation was sacrosanct.

    The feminists, regardless of what you think of them, in the beginning contributed to the attempt to upturn those preconceptions. They ultimately failed in that respect( they succeeded in other areas) because those ideas could never be truly upturned in toto and the resulting failure induced an unfortunate side effect that mutated an initially laudable movement into a loosely organized grotesquerie of androphobic sentimentalism.

    Which is why I have always preferred the company of traditional feminists to that of the modern stratum.

    Unless the woman has a history of dubious choices in companionship, I tend to defer to the side of the mother in situations where a man is in dereliction of his fatherly duties by abandoning the family. I don't hold someone accountable for the character of the person/persons they choose to spend their life with because many people, men and women alike, oftentimes overlook flaws and red flags in the naïve straw grasping hope that the other person can be rehabilitated.

    Both sexes posses the innate capability to manipulate the other in ways that are in diametric opposition to their own self interests;(The real life "Succubus's" who exert their feminine wiles to ensnare the oversexed and unsuspecting male victim into her bed before slitting his throat, the Battered wife refusing to leave her abusive husband due to his silver tongued machinations and reassurances it will "Never happen again" etc....)

    Fault lies with the transgressor, not the transgressed.

    No arguments here.

    I agree It's not a right, but you know very well that's not the reason the socially conservative right are fighting tooth and nail to reduce access to it.
    The intrusion of dogmatic bigotry under the guise of reducing "Government overreach" while simultaneously proposing the same kind of broad legislation designed to criminalize personal choice is what sours my tongue the most about this issue.

    While I agree the government can overstep its bounds, it has in the past been a progressive check to an otherwise intractable country. Sometimes the government works faster, I mean fuck Alabama dragged its ass in the overturning of it's prohibition on interracial marriage for years. But good on ya bama, you did it!!! Black males, white females(and vice versa) can now marry eachother Circa..........2000.
  2. Finally something that will bring us all together..well most of us.

    Don's new bar in DC opened this weekend and I am so going.
    Alright Pussy Lovers! Republicans or Democrats Welcome!

    nsfw obviously
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  3. Triumph making an appearance at the inauguration

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  4. I'm down for that!

    I had a longer post until edge decided to refresh itself and delete everything. You got the short version because I essentially rage-quit writing the longer one.
  5. Trolling at the Presidential level

  6. Lol, in the Insular bizarro world Trump inhabits that is a perfectly sane tweet.

    But seriously guyz, after you read this you're gonna shit a brick.

    So I heard this from a friend of a friend of a reliable source, who knows a guy who knows a girl, who once slept with a former member of the band Phish who shops at the same walmart of the gardener who was once married to the diplomatic attaché of Kazakhstan, that Captain Planet conspired with Cthulhu to steal the ring of power and cast millions of fraudulent ballots for Hillary Clinton.

    This shits legit....
  7. I like the tweets about sending the feds to Chicago if Emmanuel doesn't shape up.
  8. Is there a running total of sorts as to what Obama did in his first few days of office? Seems like trump is doing quite a bit in just first few days of office and only getting some coverage ( going by yahoo news headlines on this ), Main news focus seems to be on Spicer. This leads me to believe two possibilities. 1. Media is latching onto Spicer as they are able to go after him easier than trump. So they try to humiliate Trump through 'alternative means'. or 2. Spicer is there as a diversion. Something for the media to go after so they not as much hassle is given to Trump ( who would then Tweet about it ) and more work can be done.
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  9. [IMG]
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  10. Again the part of yahoo news headlines.. I typically 'access the news' at work during downtime between calls. Company server blocks most news websites ( either side ) for me to try to access. At home, I am trying to do other things besides hunt down same news story from 80 different sites just to see what 'wasn't' reported due to agenda pushing.
  11. That fake news tweet from Trump is flat out dangerous. CNN may not be the best news source ever, but it's far from the sources who consistently report unsubstantiated or flat out wrong things as news. As much as I don't care for all the crap on Fox, I wouldn't even call Fox news fake news.
  12. He's telling his hoard which news channels to watch and which ones to blackball. This means Fox News will make sure to keep Trump happy. It's the same control he has over the Republican party. No Republican would dare criticize or question any motivation. They know Trump will spew his ire from Twitter and the entire Trump Army will come down on them.

    I'm sure many Republicans in the legislature cannot stand the guy and feel that he's overstretching his his powers of the executive orders and presidential memoranda to weaken the legislature. But who's going to question him? An executive order must, through the White House Office of Management and Budget, report its cost while a presidential memorandum must only report its cost if the cost is estimated to be above $100 million. But if the funding isn't there, then that's where Paul Ryan comes in to rubber stamp some money. So while Trump has the loyalty of his mindless ex-Tea Party army, he can essentially do whatever he wants.

    Federal courts? Well, that's where the whole issue of the Senate refusing to hold hearings on Obama's SCOTUS nominee comes into play. IMO that should've been illegal to force a long term SCOTUS vacancy for political gain. But alas, it's Trump's nom now. With the makeup of the Senate the way that it is and with Trump's well-established bullying power, he'll likely name someone that's far from partial.
  13. Okay so Kim Jong Un ( aka Mr. No-Makey-Fun-Of-My-Toopay ) has now threatened to nuke LA. This is how many Democrat cities he has threatened to bomb now? It's sending a mixed message of 'Is he threatening the US?' or 'Is he trying to help the Republican party? '
  14. Did that dude Manning really call Obama weak? lmfao, who does that after getting released from prison.
  15. Wasn't the sentence only commuted? Meaning reduction? The terms for extradition were for clemency and immediate pardon. Obama apparently tried to change the rules and was given a big fat 'NOPE.'
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  16. I'm so very confused right now. Is this about Assange? We weren't ever going to extradite him anyway, or we would have done it the 6 months he was wandering around the UK. Assange's hiding in the embassy is only so he can beat his rape charge, he's just trying to give it legitimacy.
  17. He's a saber rattling paper tiger who in all reality either doesn't understand or care about the sociopolitical implications of his consistent threats.
    That dumpy dimwit probably has a map of the united states on his bedroom door that he throws a dart at every morning.
    I'm just waiting for the day he misses and declares war on the North Atlantic.....
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  18. Not the north atlantic. He should bomb the Bermuda Triangle.
  19. just thank god N Korea doesn't have internet

    could you imagine if he and Trump got into a twitter war?
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