1. It looks like it was referred to committee. I believe that's usually a death knell, but it's Indiana - so who knows.
  2. house bill 1134
    digest by a site from one of the google results.

    This is the one you are talking about?

    "Protection of life. Repeals the statutes authorizing and regulating abortion. Finds that human physical life begins when a human ovum is fertilized by a human sperm. Asserts a compelling state interest in protecting human physical life from the moment that human physical life begins. Redefines "human being" for purposes of the criminal code to conform to the finding that human physical life begins when a human ovum is fertilized by a human sperm. Makes other conforming changes."
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  3. Yeah, that's the one, just wondering why this stuff is still able to pass... I've been reading up and watching more and more on American politics in the past two years, but it sometimes just baffles me. I was hoping if anyone knows more about this bill.
  4. [IMG]

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  5. Actually some people are calling his speech a rip of one of Bane's speeches from The Dark Knight Rises.
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  6. Where is Marlie? He should stop by in this thread I wonder what he thinks about all this. He has military background too.

    I could use one of those right now (the hand job but not by you Cane)

  7. So...how about that Women's March? Their website is mess. What a misguided, poorly put together and just overall ridiculous mess.

    I mean the website is exactly what you would get if you took every stereotype about women being emotional, illogical, reality-denying messes and just vomited it onto a website. Seriously, look at their Unity Principles.

    Also, the whole racial controversy that occurred where white women were being sort of pushed out of the movement was just amazing. Oh, man, they just cannot help cannibalizing themselves.
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  8. Could you be more specific?
  9. https://www.womensmarch.com/principles/

    Of course women deserve to live their life free of violence. In what universe do they live in where people don't believe that? In the West anyway but let's not talk about other places outside the West because that's racist. Police as a whole aren't targeting communities of color, that's just a fantasy. The criminal justice system isn't inherently racist, doesn't mean it's perfect but it isn't designed to specifically target minorities...which is meant to be Hispanic and Black people. Because the minute you throw Asian people in there the entire argument gets all fucked up.

    Oh, and gender inequities within the criminal justice system. They must of course be referring to the fact that women get lighter sentences than men do for the similar crimes in similar situations. Or how men are destroyed in family courts.

    We want free shit. It's our decisions but we want others to pay for them. Have all the birth control you want...you just need to pay for it yourself.

    We want to force you accept our way of life despite your own personal views. What does the above even mean? What rights are they currently lacking that everyone else has?

    Wage gap:

    The rest of those things are not rights. Again, you don't get those by virtue of just existing. In order to get those things you have to force other people to pay for it. Should your company voluntarily offer that to you (which MOST OF THEM DO) then that's fine. If they don't...don't work for them.

    Undocumented works? Really...really?

    So they apparently missed the 1st, 14th and 19th amendments.

    Okay. Again, who doesn't think this and what rights do they not have already? What is the point of this?

    Just because you believe something doesn't mean it's true. So basically the idea is open all the borders, let the welfare flow. Because that's doing wonders for Germany and Sweden. I have no sympathy for illegals, except for ones who were brought over as children, grew up and had no choice in the move. As someone who lives in another country, just renewed my work visa and is working towards permanent residence I give zero fucks.

    It would be nice to just move to anywhere you want but unfortunately things don't work that way. Honestly, if there were no welfare then you actually could open things up a bit more because you'd have to make it on your own. If you couldn't, you'd just go back home. Which is what people did when the big migration towards America began in the 1900s. Plenty of people packed up and when back home because they couldn't make it work.

    Use the government to force people to do what we want in regards to the environment. Continue to confiscate the people's money to put towards EPA subsidies and botched endeavors like Solyndra.

    It's eerily similar to a communist manifesto.
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  10. lol @ this women's march inviting another Feminist group that is Pro-Life and then uninviting them once other people found out, so much for inclusion. They still went on the march anyway.

    Bill Clinton is the window to our soul and our future how we will be when we are older if we marry a radical feminist.


    I now know without a doubt that people that support Hilary and wanted her to win will just purposely blind them selves to the truth no matter what. For example I showed my mother and sister that link DM posted with Bill Clinton checking out Ivanka. My mother and sis: "Oh, someone made that up and edited the video". Me: wtf you can't edit something like that. Then in my Tucker Carlson voice, I thought you were going to say that, that's why I went and found the exact same part in the live vid on NBC's coverage of the Inauguration lol.
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  11. I mean, it seems everyone is denying reality. Did you read how the new WH Press Secretary slams the media for accurately reporting the numbers of the inauguration?

    The shit show started the moment Trump was sworn in, it's gonna be heck of a four years.
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  12. That press conference by Trumps press secretary sounded like a tweet vocalized lol.

    It was surreal to see the media take a smackdown like this was a WWE skit. This is gonna be a very entertaining 4 years going off of whats happened so far.
  13. Violence: Psychologically, people are more likely to say black people "look guilty" than white people (scientific studies and all). There is racism in the system, and of course it's not the system - it's the people in it.

    Reproduction: They don't want free shit, though I'm sure they'd take it, they want insurance to be able to cover birth control. Preventing births is not the only use of birth control by far. Stop with the "abstinence only" education.

    LGBT: I would like to avoid going full Tumblr, but on the surface of the issue people will say that they do not have the right to marry the consenting adult of their choice. Personally, the government needs to get the hell out of marriage entirely.

    Wage Gap: From Wikipedia -
    It's not the 70% as advertised, but it actually does exist.

    Undocumented workers: Please give them minimum wage. Then there will be no reason to hire them and we can stop hearing the "they took our jobs."

    Civil Rights: It's the comments Trump has made. Banning Muslims from entering the states, for example. Not to mention the religious right push.

    Disabilities: You'd be surprised at how deaf people are treated.

    Immigrant Rights: Aside from the religious discrimination, I mostly agree with you.

    Environment: I could write a damn treatise on this at this point, but long story short - sloppy fracking practices have devastated towns, the Gulf of Mexico is still a hot mess, and we're roasting the planet at an incredible rate. The amount of money lost on Solyndra compared to the money that's thrown away to other corporations is peanuts. Ignoring what we're doing to the climate just to make a few more dollars is a shitty idea.
  14. Ok, lets see if I can deconstruct the salient points and not read too much into the masculine umbrage.

    First things first. By claiming there are racial disparities in the way the criminal justice system is administered in this country is not an across the board indictment of the system as the whole. This is the problem inherent in any discussion concerning the shortcomings of police practices, the mere intimation of mismanagement on the part of certain pockets of police agencies engenders such a scornful incredulous reaction that the conversation inevitably degenerates into a pointless back in forth in which both sides are so entrenched they can't even agree on a semantic level, which is the deathblow to all debate.

    No, I don't believe there is systemic racism in this country on the level we've historically seen nor do I believe Police officers are naturally predisposed to target minorities.

    But documented cases across this country highlights the broader symptom of the problem that equal protection under the law is far from standardized. Using them as the basis for the argument that all police are prejudiced pigs is fallacious and unhelpful I agree, but its problem of messaging not the substance at issue.



    And as far as in the inequity of sentencing along gender lines, sure...men are more likely to be handed harsher sentences for similar crimes. Men are also overwhelmingly more likely to commit violent and petty crime, the statistics aren't even close.

    Enforcement ebbing towards the side of women is not altogether surprising, and the ratio is skewed due to the disparate gender gap.
    All I can tell ya is "That's life, be a man."

    No, its more like "The government has no right to enact legislation limiting our personal liberty and the primacy of our own bodies" which is exactly what this kind of legislation attempts to do.

    I know, its an inconvenient truth many conservatives wrestle with on minute to minute basis that abortion is a fundamental extension of the principles that make up the bedrock of the smaller government model they espouse to death.
    And you're well aware of this as much as I am, that the active campaign to subvert or eliminate entirely the reproductive options of women throughout this country is not being carried out from a standpoint of secular constitutional legality, but from a religious moral objection peddled by pious hypocrites with antediluvian sensibilities.

    They as of yet, haven't been successful in abolishing it so they resort to all manner of political maneuvering and chicanery to exact their biblical retribution to the "Amorous infidels" who in their minds are fighting explicitly for the right to hit it and quit it without any of the reproductive ramifications.

    Force, you mean by passing a law defining marriage as the union between a man and a women?
    Forgive my impertinence, I'm sometimes fuzzy on the distinction between "Vociferous enforcement" of an idea devoid of a constitutional mandate, and the actual the penning of legislation demanding the adherence to a particular belief.

    As opposed to using the government to issue tax breaks to big oil?
  15. Trump is going to use the President's unofficial power of his appeal over the electorate to derive much of his power. He's going to blackball media outlets he doesn't like and in turn his supporters will blackball them as well until he has a national sounding board that he likes. Congress is going to despise him because he's going to overstep his bounds with them and manage their affairs. Traditionally the President gets one electoral mandate. For Obama it was the ACA. Then he's expected to shut his mouth regarding domestic affairs and stick to foreign policy.

    This is going to be interesting. Will all of this come back to bite Trump or will he be successful in managing his personality cult? I am surprised that he didn't run out of steam since his August 2015 peak in popularity and it powered him through the primaries. That surprised almost every political analyst because it's very much out of the norm. It's also surprising what he was able to get away with saying. In the buckle of the bible belt he was dismissing traditional southern Republican rhetoric, including abortion. I thought that he was done for.

    He has successfully become a hero to the AM radio pundit-listening mindless crowd and they will refuse to listen to facts. The Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and Hannity listeners found their president and he can do no wrong. He doesn't just reverberate their views. He is their views. Every other view is the enemy and the enemy cannot be trusted. He represents the extreme of divisiveness.
  16. Guuuuuuuuuuys...can I do this over skype, I'm really getting tired of writing long, long dissertations. I knew I shouldn't have posted that...I should listen to myself more often.
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  17. Writing stuff like this up is a great mental exercise, dude. I like reading all of your guys' stuff.
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  18. But...But......I like dissertations..*hangs head and whimpers*...
  19. But this was a woman's march. Minority women aren't usually the ones who are targeted. But it's a "woman's issue" same thing with the violence. Yet men are the ones who are the largest victims of all forms of violent crimes and thanks to prison rape men are at the top of rape too. That's pretty insane when you think about it. That's how much rape in prison is going on. They aren't advocating for men even though this disproportionately affects men more than women.

    They provide no specific examples nor do they provide any plans of action or potential solutions to advocate for. They just..."say stuff".

    You are 100% correct. No argument here. This also applies to crime stats and the race of the perpetrators. The crime statistics also line up with the crime victimization survey. Black people commit way more violent crimes and therefore there are more of us in jail. People often also argue the "non-violent" offenses in terms of blacks in jail and yes there are those who are in jail for too long for something that was non-violent and purely non-violent nothing else. But that's what prosecutions often plea bargain for. So basically you have a situation where let's say someone punched a guy in the face and robbed him. He gets caught. He also has cocaine on him. The prosecution will often drop the whole punching in the face if they just cop up to the cocaine possession, thus he's in jail for a "non-violent" crime. If he didn't take the bargain he'd get prosecuted for both and really be fucked.

    This is can be a very dangerous way of thinking. Now while you yourself I'm sure don't think this, it's the same line of thinking that leads to people treating black people like infants and saying they are eternal victims that can't get ahead in life. Basically, that men are capable of handling harsh sentences and that men have moral and personal responsibility but women don't. I'm all for pointing out when men and women aren't equal just due to being different but equality under the law and equality of opportunity also means that women have to be held to the same moral and personal responsibility standards as men. Currently, they aren't. I mean just like how single moms are treated versus dads who leave. Sure many of them are "deadbeat" dads but try telling the single mom who chose the deadbeat that she is also at fault for her decision and she needs to own up to leaving her kid(s) fatherless because she either chose a bad man or drove a good man away. They will crucify you.

    I purposefully skipped over abortion in what I wrote because it can derail into a discussion that I don't really feel like going into. I was specifically talking about birth control that isn't so polarizing. I would be willing to bet that a significant portion of the women at the march, especially the younger ones think the government should pay for their birth control. Condoms are less than $1 per condom. The average rent in America is around $1500, so people can afford birth control and if you can't and don't want to get pregnant...STOP FUCKING! They don't realize that the government doesn't have money, it has to take money from others. Therefore, "my body, my choice" flies right out the god damn window when you are using other people's money to pay for it. If I give you my credit card to buy clothes you can be damn sure I have a say in your budget and what you can and can't buy with my money. Actually, that analogy doesn't even work well because you would have to steal my credit card. So no subsidies and no "free" birth control. Pay for it yourself. Can't afford the pill or IUD? Stick with condoms.

    Birth control is a commodity, you can't make a commodity a right. That was the problem with Obamacare and the "fee". But the supreme court fucked up and said that "oh, it's not high enough to change behavior so it's fine". Oh look, now the architect of Obamacare says that in order for it to work better you'll have to raise the fee.

    Get the government out of marriage entirely. I think I've said that before. They have no business being involved. Marriage is a contract just like any other contract. When someone breaks the contract that's when you get the government involved if necessary. A lot of times you can just use a non-partial private arbiter.

    Hell, marriage licenses only exist because the Democrats wanted to prevent whites from marrying blacks.

    Have you seen what is going on in Canada, with Professor Jordan Peterson and how he is fighting Bill C-16 because of how dangerous it is? It would basically be a crime to misgender someone or not use the proper pronoun (no matter how ridiculous it is) when referring to them. You have a lot more trust and faith in leftist than I do. (Also I just want to make clear that I separate leftist from liberal. Liberals hold liberty as a primary principle, leftist do not.) This is what they want. If you "feel" like a woman you should be able to enter the woman's locker room. You should be forced to acknowledge 8000 genders that don't actually exist. You may identify as a unicorn and that's fine. I'm not calling you one.

    Get rid of all subsidies my man. Subsidies, tax write offs, all that shit.

    Xander...I'll address you later.
  20. Is there any statistics to show for this either yay or nay? There is a joke flying around many comments sections that Trump got women to burn more calories in one day than Michelle obama in 8 years.
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