1. I'm a big fan of Ben Shapiro
  2. Me too. I listen to his podcast everyday. My daily podcast are:

    The Ben Shapiro Show
    The Jason Stapleton Program
    The Tom Woods Show

    I would listen to Louder with Crowder now that he has gone daily but his podcast are longer.

    EDIT: So I just got this on fb because I posted an article...SO IT BEGINS...

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  3. I haven't heard of those other guys but I've been listening to Crowder for about six months. I'll have to check out those other ones.
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  4. I've listened to Shapiro before, he's very articulate, informed and erudite which of course are three qualities I admire. Where he lost me here is when he conveniently forgets his own experiences with the far racist right in conducting a scathing reprimand of the race baiting of the far left. Furthermore, and I cannot stress this enough, trump has absolutely no right to complain that acrimonious a-holes are throwing a hissy fit and condemning his presidency as illegitimate.

    And really DM, of all the dumb tweets flying out of every orifice from the endless multitudes of morons out there, you're indignant over an ambiguous tweet from NDT? Do you honestly think a man who has borne first hand witness to some of the greatest advances in science and our understanding of the universe and interminably waxes philosophical about how exciting it is to be on the front lines of those breakthroughs intended that tweet unequivocally to mean we haven't achieved anything of comparable importance?

    This is why tweets are retarded. Limited to 140 characters or less, devoid of adequate methods of punctuation emphasis and taken completely out of context they can mean anything to anybody depending upon the poltical/religious/ideological proclivities of the reader.

    I read that tweet and laughed, mainly because I interpreted it thusly;
    "In 1927 Lindbergh flew from NY to Paris. 45 yrs later, in 1972 we last walked on the Moon. 45 yrs later, in 2017 we… we… we"…....Inaugurated Donald Trump.....
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  5. [IMG]
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  6. [IMG]
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  7. DeVos? I get that she's donated a couple hundred million dollars to the republican party which would explain how she's in the position that she is, but she is laughably unqualified to be the Sec. of Ed., in all aspects of the job.
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  8. The timing of everything just gives mixed messages I find after the dems were saying don't take anything for fact from Assange and just believe your agency. Also with that whole Russia is connected and responsible to all the leaks. With the release of the prisoner everyone has to review his past. The past the includes him giving 'real and factual' information to wikileaks which Assange prides himself with and strongly defends. So maybe now Assange might be right about not getting his info from Russian state entity.

    Can't really disagree with you here with the Trump tweets (smh) and there are enough bias and bs from both sides.
  9. It could also be a reference to Eugene Cernan, the "last man to walk on the moon." He died 4 days ago - a day before NDT's tweet. Cernan lamented that the US Space program has been stagnant in terms of people in space since the 70s, and looks like it's going nowhere anytime soon. It looks like NDT might be referencing that.
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  10. Good point, hadn't thought of that.

    This is(again) precisely why Trump should either deactivate his twitter account, or twitter should do this country a huge service and ban him from it(which of course they wouldn't dream of doing now). It's not simply because his tweets are oftentimes unsavory and divisive, truthfully it's flat out insufficient and un-presidential. Even in circumstances where his tweets are semi substantive and benign in nature there will always be those on the left ready with prone fingertips of extreme vexation, to parse through every vowel with a fine tooth comb to find something to protest.

    The well has already been poisoned, time to fill it with sand and move on.
    If he's looking to earn more respect from his rivals, its as good a starting point as any.
  11. Know your appointee - Scott Pruitt (most information originally derived from Wikipedia)

    Scott Pruitt was appointed by Donald Trump to head the EPA on December 7th.

    Pruitt has previously sued the EPA three times as attorney general, all for federal overreach. All 3 failed.
    • He attempted to block the EPA's attempt to define "waters of the United States." The term has been legally nebulous for the EPA since the inception of the Clean Water Act 1972. Pruitt joined 12 other states on the notion that the EPA was attempting to seize more power.
    • Pruitt joined 26 other states to sue the EPA when the "Clean Power Plan" was approved. The CPP requires states to meet Carbon Dioxide emission requirements.
    • Pruitt has sued on behalf of utilities who have coal-fired plants.
    Other policies:
    • Sued to prevent the ACA in 2013.
    • Oklahoma + 4 other states attempted to ban off-label drug use in an attempt to limit medical abortions. Supreme Court shot it down.
    • Filed a brief in support of Hobby Lobby in its Supreme Court case (owners of privately held companies do not need to provide medical coverage of birth control, if it "goes against their beliefs." Pruitt is friends with the founders. Note - this case is the first time the Supreme Court has recognized that a private company can have a religious belief.
    • Was unhappy when an Oklahoma law defining marriage as between a man and a woman was overturned in 2014. Supreme court refused to hear an appeal.
    • California passed a law prohibiting the sale of eggs raised in caged environments more restrictive than allowed by California law. Pruitt sued on behalf of egg farmers, case was thrown out due to lack of standing.
    • Oklahoma Supreme Court blocked the enforcement of two abortion laws until their constitutionality was litigated. Pruitt effectively told them to piss off, and said he was going to enforce them anyways. I don't have any news beyond that.
    • April 2015, news reporters indicate Pruitt believed the distribution of religious materials to public schools was constitutional.
    Controversies/Controversial Statements
    • After being elected in 2014, Pruitt sued the United States on behalf of an energy group funded by a major benefactor, Harold Hamm.
    • Sent letters to federal agencies during public comment on his letterhead that had been written by energy lobbyists.
    • Has stated during his EPA hearing that he does not approve of California setting its own emissions standards.
    • Indicated in May 2016 that he believes the Global Warming is a policy debate and that scientists don't agree about the extent of warming and mankind's influence.
    • Stated in his EPA hearing that he does not believe humans are the primary cause of climate change.
    Unfortunately as he was not a lobbyist or elected member of congress, he's not listed on the Open Secrets website.

    • Advocates "states rights" so long as that state is Oklahoma and not California.
    • Does not like homosexuality or abortion.
    • Seems to advocate against anything that might hurt fossil fuels at all, does not believe mankind is behind climate change.
  12. We're in Trump World now.

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Watch George W at the end!
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  14. Hilary: **im going to slap this fool when we get home**

    Bill: **Oh shit I think she booked me... just play it off maybe she didn't notice**


    She is probably saying "Bill I'm soo pissed right now your going to get the best blow job in your life so that I can relieve my stress, you're gonna call me Monica"
  15. So today happened.

    The bourbon is calling me...........
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  16. How I feel about Trump channeled by Kanye:


    Now time to focus up. I will praise him when he has good policy and criticize him when he has bad policy. I don't really care about Trump the man in the sense that I want him to "do well".
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  17. So Donald J Trump is the Supreme Leader and has all the power in the land. I watched his speech when I got home. I thought it was pretty good and very much a speech Donald would and should say.

    The bourbon is not calling you Cane or Xandor and I'm not going to give you any cause your fake news :troll
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  18. Fake news? Pfff. I'm getting these ready:

  19. Can somebody explain why a bill like the Indiana GA, House Bill 1134 gets through? Or hasn't it yet?
  20. Oh wow I was at work when I seen the vid that DM posted. Bill really said 'IVANKA' and bit his lips with lust HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Bill is still dat DUDE!!!!!! G.O.A.T

    Bill couldn't contain the urge to plow a sexy chick for one day (I don't blame him it's Ivanka)

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