1. So the democrats got there way.

    All I'm going to say on the matter is this: If Robert Mueller doesn't find this fabled smoking gun that will finally tank that living analogue to a baboons ass, they need to drop this shit flat and move on with their lives.

    Will they do that? Probably not.

    And lol, the above story if true...... DOES NOT SURPRISE ME IN THE SLIGHTEST.
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  2. I watched probably about 2hrs of the hearing with former CIA director Brennan and I must say it doesn't do any favors for the Dems.
  3. Yeah, he just said what *we already knew. Trump campaign members and Russians talked at a time that was especially sensitive, so it was being investigated. Thanks for the update, I guess.

    *Edit: he=we
  4. Colbert's been weaker since going to late night, but he absolutely killed it on Trump's budget nonsense.

    For reference - Trump's budget pays for itself by imagining $2 trillion in revenues.

  5. Ignore the title, it's just a good Q&A.
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  6. If the pundits manage to eschew the inclination to juxtapose this speech with the previous administrations memorial day address, my cynicism will happily take a punch to the gut.

    But something tells me both the right and the left are about to politicize the shit out of what should be a solemn day.
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  7. Kathy griffin axed by CNN.

    I take it all back, there is a God.
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  8. What she did was straight up disgusting. Just play the "other foot" game. If the shoe were on the other foot and it was Obama's head and someone on TV (Z-list celebrity) did it what would you think?

    Then people try to make fun of Barron Trump for being upset over it. HE'S 11 GOD DAMN YEARS OLD! Leave the kid alone. Again, put the shoe on the other foot and it were Obama's kids. Malia and Sasha were more or less left alone until Malia got older and started twerking.
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  9. This writer is a toolbag of the highest proportions. I feel like I got dumber reading this. Vox's story had incredibly inappropriate timing, but at least Vox's story revolved around quotes and physical evidence.

    Agreed 100% - it's not appropriate at all, and kids should be left out. If it's any condolence, even something as liberal as slate is calling KG out on it (then of course, taking a shot at far-rights who did similar things to Obama because it's Slate). Glenn Beck and Rush went after Obama's daughters early in his first term, but as I recall Glenn at least apologized saying going after the kids was inappropriate.

    To hit my third topic in one post (this is what I get for going out of the country for a week, sheesh), the Washington Post has a very good write-up on the dismantling of internet privacy. It's really crazy what Jeff Bezos has been able to do for them in terms of turning the paper around.

    My favorite quote was this:
    Uh, no, it's exactly true. Here's a more technical write-up. That's also only talking about encryption - it doesn't mention things like cookies or tracking beacons which can ignore encryption unless the user is incredibly savvy.

    I feel like I should just make a large write-up on it instead of randomly bringing it up in this thread every month. Is that a better idea?
  10. I slightly cringe when Republican's call out the obvious disgustingly act and then say if this was Obama, I rather them just say it was just disgusting BUT if this was Obama this would literally start a race war that's how bad it was smh.

    She probably has ISIS out there sayin "damn if only".
  11. I mean... they did the same thing to Obama.


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  12. Everyone is a piece of shit in the world, thanks for the reminder.

  13. The big difference is that those were random regular assholes as opposed to a celebrity who works for a major news network that took 26 hours to fire her ass. Remember Madonna wanting to blow up the white house? Not a god damn peep from anyone other than Trump supporters.
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  14. https://arstechnica.com/science/201...ggest-polluter-from-global-climate-agreement/

    So Trump is pulling out USA from Paris accords.

    It will take four years though as USA already ratified it and during that time USA position and ability to influence other countries will be severely diminished and hence is just another stupid move by the government which doesn't know WTF they are doing.

    And the main reason they did that was to create more jobs. By bringing back coal.
    Which of course is another proof on their lack of understanding on how economy works and of damages coal do to countries.

    Every single month Trump is undermining the country.
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  15. A brief Google search shows lots of news agencies lighting Madonna up for her comment. 4 of them even mentioned Newt's reply saying she should be arrested for it (including CNN and WaPo). Ted Nugent, on the other hand, still gets gigs on Fox (and support from Trump).

    CNN's a massive organization, and it at no point stuck up for what Kathy did. I don't think 24 hours is an unreasonable amount of time for the organization to figure out official next steps / press / etc. They even mentioned when they first made a comment that they were "evaluating" firing her. CNN had a real chance to screw up everything in a bad way if they took a wrong step.

    I'll go a step farther and say that immediate/gut-reaction terminations in general are a bad idea. I don't think any conservative needs to be reminded where you end up when you allow those type of reactions to govern decision making, last I looked anything related to "safe spaces" makes a lot of people twitch. Even if, as this case was, the decision looks like it should be obvious and easy to make. Why stop at one partial slippery slope, even guilty people deserve a trial.
  16. To be fair to Trump, he promised this on the campaign trail. What he's doing is extremely dumb, but he's doing what he was elected to do. With further cuts to education looming, it's only going to get worse from here down the road.
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  17. I knew this was coming. Didn't really care about much of what Trump was doing. But as someone from one of the countries that will no longer be around in around 100 years due to climate change this was one of the things i hoped he would change his mind or someone would force him to change his mind. Well whatever. I would be dead by then so i'll just torture him in hell with global warming as a motif.
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  18. For the sake of objective consistency, Ted Nugent has said and suggested many reprehensible things about the previous president (And Two time loser Hillary Clinton) and not only was he ardently defended by rightwing hardliners and moderates alike, he's getting some lovey dovey face time in the Whitehouse with the hairpiece in chief. There is a level of selective outrage being perpetrated on both sides here, and CNN taking just over a day to fire her is still well above pace compared to fox News response times.

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