1. If Hilary won do you guys think she would or wouldn't of fired Comey?

  2. @San:

    She would have fired him without a doubt, probably on day 1. He should have been fired a while ago. The issue here is that Trump said he supported Comey fully on several occasions, and only seemed to stop supporting him once Comey testified that the Russian probe is ongoing.

    In addition, if it really was the emails that did it, he should have been fired much sooner than now. Trump supported him until the recent congressional hearings - surely he's not going to go out and fire somebody he supports just because a couple of people say he should be fired?

    What everyone is critical of is that he fired Comey for mishandling the investigation / reporting of Clinton's emails months after he said he was fine with and supported Comey. Even now, it's 7 months past when Comey made his errors - he's had 4 months since he's been in office. Even Obama didn't fire the guy. On top of that he fired Comey while Comey was actively investigating him/his team.

    He might be totally innocent, but everything looks really shady.

    The Fox article is a good read on Rosenstein, but it's not addressing the issue at hand. Trump is our president, and if he can't make decisions for himself he needs to vacate the office immediately. If he went to Sessions and Rosenstein and asked "should I fire him," and they both said yes, then he got bad advice (well, from Rosenstein at least - Sessions I'm pretty sure would be happy if the investigation died). If he asked "did he mishandle Clinton's email investigation," he got the right information (yes) and came to the wrong conclusion (fire him now).

    Kellyanne "alternative facts" Conway is back at it again, and when confronted with the above she just ignored the question.

    She did manage to make Anderson Cooper give us a nice eye roll gif though.
  3. Oh she would have fired him, if only to placate the republicans and quell any suspicions that they were silent partners.
    If she had kept him around after he recommended no charges be filed against her, it would have made the whole trump/Russia collusion conspiracy look like the single bullet theory VS Truther lunacy by comparison.

    And what the fuck Kellyanne, pulling non sequiturs out of her ass as freely as a junkie pops klonopin.
    I swear that woman could give a masterclass on spin and evasion that would make Dick Cheney envious.

    Edit=Sheesh, Tucker Carlson is seriously making it hard for me to keep my TV tuned into fox news.
    I think he's legitimately competing with Sean Hannity for the most sycophantic Trump worshipper on that network.(he's still a few miles behind Jesse Watters, simply because Watters has the cerebral capacity of a gnat who would jump into pit of flaming vipers at the slightest wiggle of Trumps disproportioned thumb....I give tucker more intelligent credit than that.)

    He essentially states that because the firing was ultimately justified, the motivation and timing are secondary or irrelevant. Here's a quote for ya "I care about what trump does, not why he does it", so in essence, if it passes my Prima facie smell test, I don't care about the underlying cause.

    That kind of reductive kowtowing is such intellectual bunk I'm amazed someone as intelligent as tucker actually uttered it. He seems to actively engage in a campaign of blind omission whenever trump does something he agree's with it, and then justifies his abdication of critical thought because the ends justify the means.

    Only the hardline morons on the left who are curiously undergoing their own form of self inflicted amnesia(the democrats called for his firing months ago) are arguing that this suggests more nefarious implications. Actual deep thinkers on both ends of the political spectrum are examining the professed "Reasons" for this abrupt out of left field decision and are merely commenting on the glaring circumstantial inconsistencies and attenuated logic.

    I doubt I'll ever obtain the notoriety as an educator necessary to cross his radar, but my lord I would love to debate him. I don't care how pretentious that sounds, it astounds me he's considered a paragon of conservative thinking and debate when a considerable percentage of his debate tactics are as loosely composed as my students.

    Sorry for the rant.
  4. Comey gets fired and there is hypocrisy everywhere. From Trump to the Democrats suddenly everyone is changing their tune about Comey. On the latest Ben Shapiro show he has a montage of Democrats last year regarding Comey when they wanted his his head. Ugh.
  5. The main problem is not that Comey is leaving. is that he is suddenly being fired by President in the middle of investigating the president.

    Concentrating on the fact that democrats didn't like the guy and wanted him go as well is smoke screen. is frankly irrelevant to the issue.

    You do not fire someone who is investigating you for performance issues from 8 months ago. Something you supported and agreed with 8 months ago.

    You don't fire you let them resign
    You don't do that when they out of office and they have to find out from news.


    Read the letter as well. How it's worded and how it clearly on paper tries to establish the fact that it's performance firing.

    The whole thing is full of bullshit
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  6. At what time would it of been appropriate for Trump to fire Comey from the Left? That was a rhetorical question cause I know the answer is at no time. Forget about the timing we all know Comey had to go, but what time do you think?

    If I was a guessing man I would think Trump wanted to fire Comey and then once he made up his mind he got the recommendations from his AG.
  7. Trump totally fired him over knee jerk rage and nobody in his circle called him out...like usual. Comey should have been gone last year because he was bad at his job but I agree the problem is the reasoning. But he definitely should be gone.
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  8. Classy farewell letter to his co-workers
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  9. Yeah, his AG who was also being investigated. If I'm ever charged with a crime, I want to be able to fire the lead police officer investigating it too. We all answered your question - the time to fire Comey was either immediately or never.

    Read between the lines of his letter - he's still flipping the middle finger at the president. He's reminding them that no matter who Trump appoints they should continue the investigation. Specifically these two lines:

    The line after that last line can be read two ways:
    1. Your job will be enjoyable and fulfilling to you if you follow the core values.
    2. If you are willing to fall on the sword, you will be sad to leave but know you did the right thing.
    Though after reading the letter, I'm starting to believe he might really think he did the right thing in the Clinton case. Guess I shouldn't expect too much from an FBI director who doesn't know how encryption works.

    They still did want his head, but that doesn't mean the firing at this moment was appropriate.

    Edit: The WaPo is quoting sources in the WH as saying that Rosenstein was not the instigator, Trump was:

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  10. Either as one of his first acts or never. Not without some other serious fuckery by Comey.

    The whole Clinton emails fiasco did not damage, endanger, or weaken FBI. Hence is no reason to fire the director... maybe recommend retiring by the end of the year or something like that.

    and dear god... if WaPo (never saw it being shorten like that) is right* then this is all fucking collapsing so quickly.
    Obama told Trump that being president is extremely hard, that Trump will be over his head. I guess he was right.

    *washington post is reliable source isn't it? Besides the MSM rethoric and screams the Post would not post something like that without some at least semi serious evidence.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.
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  11. @Dreed:

    The Washington Post is very anti-Trump. They're a legit news source, but that doesn't mean it's not slanted or otherwise skewing data. For example, even if I had 30 sources tell me this was all Trump and 30 sources that said it was all Rosenstein, I would be stating the truth that 30 people told me it was all Trump.

    I'd like to think they have more integrity than that, but after all the crap that's happened and been in the news lately there's no way I can take it as gospel if only the Post (or any other news source really) is saying it. Articles that can be backed up with other sources and/or facts in the article, however, get a free pass to that requirement.
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  12. I was laughing my ass off throughout that entire montage.
  13. I would guess he's bluffing. I hope he's bluffing. Surely, he's bluffing. Who wants to be the next Nixon?
  14. So when do we lock up crooked-Trump?


    Fox News of course, blames the Democrats and tries to cast doubt on the whole thing:


    One thing that should be noted is that the NYTimes gave the full quote of McMasters, whereas Fox chopped off the full quote to make Trump look better. Of course, the full quote makes him look worse which could be why the NYTimes printed it.

    Fox is also quick to point out that Trump, as President, has the authority to declassify classified material. What they do not point out is that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, also had that authority and that neither of them executed it - the material is still classified. The NYTimes has a good write-up on how declassification works:


    I'm really angry at the level of ignorance displayed by our highest positions and the blatant hypocrisy everywhere. Our political system almost needs a purge (though not like the movie). There are still a few good men and women out there, but they are few and far between.
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  15. The classified information came from Israel. I wonder what the PM has to say about all this.
  16. Fix'd.
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  17. I was trying NOT to get us flagged by 3 letter agencies...
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  18. Another day, another crazy Trump story:


    Short summary: Politico is claiming (using a senior staff meeting to substantiate) that random aids are slipping news stories to Trump (leaving them on his desk, they say) without vetting them. They've apparently left more than one internet hoax... but he acts on everything.
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