1. I'm glad that person is grateful - but that doesn't mean that Trump didn't specifically do exactly what he told Obama would be a mistake and a dumb idea years ago. John Oliver on Sunday had a good segment (albeit brief) on why exactly Trump firing missiles meant jack squat and isn't well thought out.
  2. I just found that interview hilarious because she clearly was trying to and hoping to get a different response but he didn't get the memo.
  3. Look, the neophyte in chief learned a valuable lesson.

    It's cheap and easy to criticize those in power when you're on the outside looking in, but when the torch is passed and you suddenly looks up and see that sword of Damocles hanging over your head, the scope and enormity of those nascent presidential responsibilities takes on a entirely new palpability.

    And I say he learned a lesson, but in reality, like everything involving trump he really only half learned it.
    Just like the articles he "Reads", he merely skimmed it or read the headlines and went off on a blind tangent with little to no acknowledgment to historic context let alone his own fucking explicit comments.

    Which only reinforces the argument I've been making since day one, if he'd just shut his damn piehole and let the grownups do their job his credibility wouldn't be as far in the shitter as it currently is.
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  4. At least they weren't killed by non-chemical weapons in holocaust centers?
  5. That was just fucking retarded :again:
  6. Pepsi: Man we're having a terrible week!

    United: Hold my beer!

    United: We're having a terrible week!

    Sean Spicer: Hold my beer!

    The best was Spicer's slip up when he apologized...man that guy really is just having a bad week. His job fucking sucks, it really does. I feel kinda bad for him. Never has the White House press briefings been scrutinized this much. I mean every damn day something that people would normally not hear anything about in the news is being reported on every second of every day. Who would want to be the White House Press Secretary? It's basically a job that requires you to destroy any and all credibility you have.
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  7. It's especially difficult for Trump's, since Trump more or less says whatever the hell he's thinking regardless of if it's even true or not.

    In a (likely temporary) change of subject, I know there are many of you out there who feel anti-feminist because of nonsense like this:


    and the coup de grace:


    Most liberals hate these people too, I promise. Then again I'm not exactly invited to all the liberal parties, so what do I know.
  8. I guess they don't know about the white farmers being murdered in South Africa.
  9. I some how find it hard to believe you don't get invited to all the Liberal parties.
  10. This part of the above article and it's just precious. One reason is because she's actually describing government and two let's take her views to their logical conclusion using black men for example.

    It's a statistical fact that if you were to imprison ALL black men in America between the ages of around 25 to 40 you would virtually eliminate violent crime in America. So should they round up all black men? Because all black men are responsible because you must be judged as a group, right? Despite the fact that it's actually around 2% of the population that is responsible for half of the violent crime in America (which is still VERY BAD).

    Also, keep in mind gender is a social construct, right? So really this article means nothing because men are women and women are men so therefore everyone is at fault and nobody is at fault.
  11. @San: I'm really only "liberal" in the context against the far-far-right "conservative" sentiment that's been rising in pockets of America. Trump and his appointees are the epitome of what I don't like about the current Republican party. We have a chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology committee who doesn't understand science. We have a chairman of the FCC who used to used to work for Verizon, and stopped a proposal to remove the federal mandate on blocking cell phones on planes just because "he likes quiet." Betsy Devos, Rick Perry, Nicky Haley, and Ben Carson's appointments all speak for themselves, as none are qualified. We've gone from misguided politics of old - some corruption going on and usually behind closed doors and in smaller positions (ex: see Hillary's emails, etc) - to Trump's new "fuck you" policy of "this person helped me / gave me a bunch of money, they can have this important position and I'll do whatever because I'm the president."

    @DM: My favorite part of that quote is that white males only have "individual responsibility" which somehow allows them to ignore a debt they owe to society. If they have individual responsibility, wouldn't they still pay any debts they owe?

    She would have had a much better argument if she had attempted to argue morality, but she can't because morality would apply to more than white males.
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  12. At times the Simpsons can still do it:

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  13. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Homer looks freaking hilarious too. It's been forever since I watched a full episode of the Simpsons.
  14. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world...rorists/ar-BBAdSIG?li=AAadgLE&ocid=spartandhp

    This guy is my hero lol, his rhetoric is lulz
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  15. The new healthcare proposal is again letting states decide if insurance companies have to meet the mandatory minimums under the ACA, with one exception:

    Republicans specifically gave themselves and their aides protected status, so no matter what state they're from the insurance company has to maintain all provisions for the ACA on their insurance. Supposedly the justification is that they were afraid of their aides losing needed healthcare.

    "Obamacare is terrible for you, for everyone! Except us, I mean. Boo Obamacare!"
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  16. Do you actually know anything about Rodrigo Duterte? Other than his well publicized caustic, trumpian-esque personality(which explains your affinity for him), and his penchant for saying politically outrageous things with little to no public backlash.(the dudes approval ratings are so bloated they are either fabricated or he's perfected the art of social conditioning).

    This "Guy" doesn't just spit venomous rhetoric san, he's all but sanctioned extrajudicial executions of criminals, even non violent offenders who are guilty of little more than petty theft and drug use.

    Do me a favor, research him.
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  17. He got invited to the White House, he can't be THAT bad...

    /sarcasm in case I needed it for some reason.
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  18. Like meeting with Kim Jung Un "under the right circumstances" whatever the hell that means. Do I even need to disclose what he has done to his own people..


    This nonsense about the Civil War and Andrew Jackson. :again:
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  19. Yes I'm aware of his stance on attacking criminals, I'm also aware that his approval rating is very high among his people for it. I was being sarcastic about the "hero" comment. I guess it is pretty sick what he said but it made me laugh, meh. I think his approval ratings are legit (I asked some born Filipino's what they think of him and they love him, my sample size was like 2 people) but it gives me some sense that they like what he's doing and or saying. People and foreigners are getting killed by criminals and terrorist, like heads being chopped up, you should research that.


    I'm not much of a fan of Trump as before like you think, probably less (or more) after a year. I can't say you guys (not necessarily you) don't give him a fair chance anymore.

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