1. It's almost like they have 8 years of experience watching it happen for them to learn from.

    Republicans had 8 years to come up with a plan, and the best they could do was a "fuck you" to the American people that they couldn't even agree on. Both parties put up fake arguments against the other, collect their bribes lobbyist hand-outs, and twiddle their thumbs while hardly working on anything. Trump actively attempts to sabotage the people who voted for him, spews some bullshit about how it's someone else's fault, and they sabotaged lap it up.

    Freaking sick of all of them.
  2. Republicans couldn't fathom that they would ever win the WH like that over the years when they should of been putting a plan together.

    Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes now? Seen after the UNC vs Kentucky game (EPIC).
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  4. I think the most surprising one was When Bill O'reilly had to call out all the major news outlets for not covering the 14 yr old girl that got sodomized by illegals at a High School cause that would help reinforce Trumps agenda smfh lol.
  5. Stop believing everything you hear on fox news.


    In fact, I'm going to flip it around on you. Fox News, known for throwing women who cry rape under the bus, suddenly cares about a woman who was raped? It's more like they're playing it up because it fits Trump's agenda.

    Illegal immigrants are people. They commit crimes. 1 crime doesn't mean all illegals are rapists, that illegal immigrants are more likely to commit crimes, or that all immigrants should be deported. Assuming the crime actually happened in the first place - he is innocent until proven guilty, after all.

    Meanwhile, Fox STILL hasn't reported on the Senate voting to allow ISPs to sell your information.
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  6. It's all about playing politics, I know this. :troll Of course illegals are people and yes 1 crime doesn't mean all illegals are rapist BUT it's pretty obvious if this story got a lot of coverage it would without a doubt help Trumps agenda which you or anyone else wants.

    All the news medias on all sides do this I'm just pointing a shocking one out.
  7. House voted to repeal the FCC privacy rules. If you're not already using a VPN, time to get one.

    It should be noted that the rules repealed haven't come into effect just yet, but the rules were created in response to a desire by ISPs to correlate activity between devices and across networks (AT&T LTE vs AT&T DSL for example). The problem with the collection is that the information being collected isn't limited. The FCC rules would allow consumers visibility into what was being collected and an opt-out option on sensitive information.
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  8. What's a good VPN to buy?
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  10. Given that's a government institution, I'm curious how that's not a first amendment violation... but I can't find any other major sources to back Politico up on this one.

    I'm still looking, but IPVanish is the one I'm leaning towards currently. I've just been googling around and reading up on them.
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  11. Lucky I saw this question San in here lol. I use Airvpn https://airvpn.org/ My man in Amsterdam.. only servers I use. Years of usage and not one single issue. Good Cust. Service too. They do not turn over or keep any personal information. Use Netherlands man.. anything else is like swinging with 2 strippers from the tuesday night B team at the local strip joint.
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  12. I was listening to The Jason Stapleton Program yesterday and he brought up a good point. Let’s think about this for a second. Assad is WINNING the civil war in Syria and for the past two years or so he has managed to not upset the American public and government enough for them to really care to push full on direct American action in Syria*.

    He is currently backed by Russia. What does he have to gain from dropping chemical weapons on Syrian civilians? Knowing full well that action would be the direct opposite of what is best for him. Knowing that this could incite full on war.

    People think these dictator types are idiot loonbags. The thing is they are not. These people aren't stupid and they aren't crazy. Think about it for a second. Who actually benefits from this?

    Oddly enough after Trump says he is retiring the slogan, “Assad must go”. There is a chemical attack. Who loses big time if the US pulls back its support against Assad? Well, the rebels, right? Who is doing the postmortems? Turkey. And they aren't a big fan of Assad. Also, we do know that the rebels have chemical weapons of their own.

    Meanwhile warmongers like John McCain are salivating right now. He hasn't seen a war he didn't like. Didn't he just return from that region?

    Maybe he did do it. But take a second to really think about this.

    *beyond the usual government backing rebels stuff. Rebels who also happen to be aligned with those that would hurt Americans. Good job government.
  13. He's been using chemical weapons all along and no one has done anything. From August 2016:

    Turkey did autopsies, sure. That doesn't account for the eye-witness accounts of the attack and what the World Health Organization described as the symptoms of the attack. Russia isn't saying that the rebels launched the attack - they're saying that they hit a rebel storehouse of the gas. That's a pretty bold claim that can be corroborated, but hasn't been by any accounts.

    Russia has given Assad a carte blanche to do whatever he wants. Why does he care what we think? Hell, maybe Russia told him to do it. He knows the US or anyone else can't do anything without either fighting Russia or calling their bluff. Maybe he'll prove me wrong, but I really doubt Trump is going to do anything serious - if anything at all.

    Meanwhile, Hillary is still totally clueless:

    Everything except her, of course.
  14. It's about not giving a fuck, killing is killing to him and it's nothing new. This is not the first time chemical weapons has been linked to Assad. He would just deny even thought evidence says otherwise and no one would do anything.
  15. Remember when Trump invented terrorist attacks in Sweden back in February :again:
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  16. He's flexing his muscles in an effort to project a stronger affirmative stance from the perceived dithering missteps of the previous administration who had the laudable but ultimately fruitless idea that congressional authorization was the prudent mechanism for carrying out military strikes. That's not to say I think he's hamming it up in respect to his "Deeply affected" comments, but this was a clear about face from the rhetoric of the past week on top of trumps commentaries on this kind of intervention throughout the campaign and prior.

    Whether this is a one-off or just the opening salvo remains to be seen, but I do think he wants to appear strong and decisive if rather incoherent in strategy.

    But I agree, I don't think assad gives one flying hang what the rest of the world thinks let alone The US because he knows the devils bargain we have with the regime in fighting isis and our complacency with Russia's unfettered meddling leaves the United States in a precarious situation of choosing between two conflicting fronts.

    I don't have a whole lot of doubt that assad is responsible for this, its not out of character and he's very likely unconcerned with any sort of consequential escalations(this is meaningless without further action) emanating from the trump white house until a real policy paradigm shift occurs.
  17. So, political theater? All those tomahawk cruise missiles and syrian jets were seen taking off from that airbase two hours after the bombardment. I get that Trump wants to seem tough, but at least make it so you can't use the runway anymore.
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  18. Still if that is the case, he made his point (a very strong one) with out a casualty.
  19. Was his point that if Assad gasses a town, the US will inconvenience him for a few hours? Because if so, I agree.


    Guess the Donald makes mistakes too, who knew.
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  20. Donald may not have known that at that time, but be let known about a technicality during his few months as pres so far. A "Technically, yes he can" clause.


    Take wikipedia however you will, but there may be citations to back it up. ( wikipedia tends to be big on the citing sources ).

    Also something about a "Under the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force," thing. ( hyperlinking not intended it came with the copy and paste ).

    Apparently, even Obama made the assertion once. of being able to do so.
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