1. Assuming it's even true, which we can't verify because someone thought allowing secret courts was a good idea.

    FISA is a god-awful idea and I have no idea how it passed constitutional muster. Oh, I know, it's because it can't be challenged because to challenge it you have to have standing, and to have standing you have to prove you were targeted by a FISA court.

    Which you can't do.

    God bless America, land of the surveilled free.
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  2. I'm just sitting back and laughing at the inanity.

    The mantra is the same on both sides, they just spin it to align with whatever slant happens to be in vogue.

    Russia connections with The trump administration, Cue the democrats "There's no evidence....but."
    Illegal wiretapping outside the purview of a FISA warrant, Cue the republicans "There's no evidence.....but"

    This country needs an enema.
  3. I will say that Obama changing how the intelligence community operates days before the Trump administration took office is akin to the 4th Hokage's eight trigram sealing jutsu he left behind before he went, sneaky smart bastard.

    Wikileaks just keeps on giving, nothing we didn't know already with smartphones and smart TV's but it's good to get the 'c' out of conspiracy and put it in confirmation.
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  5. Conservatives everywhere just came.
  6. so two thing...three things actually

    1. I have no idea what most of those agencies do...just blows my mind...so I feel gov. is too bloated

    2. because I do not know what they do...emotionally, I like seeing the government shrink...intellectually, I don't know how to evaluate the move

    3. I would be more excited about it if he didn't want that 50B increase
  7. The united states is a quarter of the world's, let me repeat that
    military expenditures. In four to eight years, this country could very well own close to half of all industrialized military spending with seemingly no end in sight.

    I'm all for a strong military, but when it gets to the point that you could literally slash billions and still out spend the remaining 4 highest countries combined, you're pretty much throwing money away at that point.
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  8. There's something wrong here. We have a budget proposal done right now and no signs of a government shutdown in sight. Let alone a 23rd extension of the budget within the same year.
  9. The Democrats have already threatened a shutdown days ago, if funding for the border wall or defunding planned parenthood are included in an appropriations bill (as opposed to a new budget). Supposedly this isn't the same as when Republicans shut down the government, because Republicans were looking for policy change (repeal of the ACA) as opposed to only a "clean budget bill."

    Shutting down the government is dumb in any case. I hope they don't pull the same shit Republicans did over the debt ceiling.
  10. Seeing as how they are pulling every last legalese they can to try to remain relevant???
  11. I wonder what's more likely to be discovered on Monday during the house intelligence committee hearings: substantive evidence let alone proof of a systemic Russian relationship with the trump candidacy/administration, discreet rendezvous with cheap prostitutes at clandestine hotel's involving all manner of sexual debauchery, illegal wiretapping carried out by a foreign ally at the behest of the former president of the United States, submission of documents proving Obama is in fact not an American citizen but a shape shifting reptile from the planet Nibiru........or Jimmy Hoffa in an oil drum.

    All things being equal, Hoffa would shock me the least.
  12. Who knows nowadays since apparently a White House labtop got stolen that had Trump Tower layout evaculations plans ( pretty much detailing if x event happens, y procedure and z escape route is most efficient ) and Hillary Clinton email scandal information. Didn't Hillary 'do nothing worth investigating' ? If anything, this just goes to show that Trump team was indeed proceeding on Clinton scandal prosecution investigation.
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  13. Are you insinuating there's something more nefarious at work here than just a petty theft? That this rogue laptop was stolen expressly for the purpose of obtaining information on Hillary Clinton's email scandal? The supposition that Item A. Had data on X,Y,Z, thus ipso facto it was stolen primarily for information in bracket "Z" seems like a grand canyon size leap into unnecessary conspiratorial nonsense.

    I know conspiracy theories are in vogue these days now that we have a president who indulges in them and then prevaricates like a five year old caught red handed stealing from the cookie jar, but personally I'm tired of the extraneous distractions that are unproductive and just plain silly.
  14. FBI Director Comey said that they were investigating Trump's Russia ties for months when he released the statement about Clinton's investigation. Special. How this man continues to keep his job astounds me.

    Also, as everyone already knew, there was nothing to substantiate Trump's wiretapping claims.
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  15. Is it bogus to say 'wiretapping' when the FBI say they are PROBING the TRUMP admin x Russia ties? I agree w/ XX I am surprised that Comey still has his job. Lord knows most people would of been fired long ago.
  16. Almost 40 god damn years ago and he was saying it then. It's really interesting watching old video of Thomas Sowell, it's like he had a crystal ball into the future.

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  17. That was pretty interesting, DM you're irreplaceable to me lol.
  18. Yes.

    Trump can't magically supplement his factually unfounded and malformed accusations on specious reasoning derived from related but still separate discovery.
    It's simple logic 101.

    You don't have to entertain his delusions san.
    The moment crazy ceases to be genetic and psychological, and becomes communal, that's the birth of a cult.

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