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    Le Pen For President!

    Cain said "Personally, I consider the overall contribution of an individual(such as a refugee) to the betterment of the society they live in to be of paramount importance than the cost of their relocation."
    Hear Hear!
  2. I agree with you to an extent on immigration of people and that diversity betters every civilization that embraces it, but I had to point out that Von Braun wasn't a refugee technically. He created the v2 rocket for Nazi Germany and was target numero uno for Operation Paperclip.
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  3. Correct.

    But as I mentioned in my post, I don't draw a huge distinction between immigrant and refugee. The impetus for migration is circumstantially and contextually different by the smallest of degrees, and my point was intended to highlight the paper thin definitions separating them, ergo my comment "Not all immigrants are refugee's, but all refugee's are immigrants".

    Von Braun was a perfect example of the United states illustrious history of appropriating the greatest minds from other nations, even ones sullied by despotism.

    The US has produced some of the greatest intellectual minds of the past century no question, that's beyond dispute. But its also stood on the shoulders of immigrants who have contributed in no small part to the establishment of the worlds most powerful country and I contend that's not by accident, but by design. No other country does this to the same success as the United states, and it will always be an indelible part of the American social stratum.
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  4. @Cane Western culture is very different from Middle Eastern culture and from what I've seen they don't seem interested in adapting to the west. A lot of them want to live in these countries but have no interest in becoming a part of those countries. In many countries they self segregate and try to recreate their cultures with the west and parts of their culture are not compatible with western society and it's laws. I saw a report of a neighborhood which I believe was in Belgium with a large Turkish population. They had the flag of Turkey everywhere, they considered themselves Turks and their loyalty was to Turkey. The amount of violent crime committed by migrants seems to show an utter disregard for the native citizens of those countries. The very fact that citizens are being told that there are "no go zones" which they are told not to enter because it's too dangerous and women are being raped shows this. These problems are exacerbated by the various governments treating them with kid gloves. If they are trying so hard to come to the west for whatever reason then they must integrate and show respect for both the laws and the citizenry and if they can't do that they don't deserve to be there because they have no right to the resources of another country. It is by generosity alone that they are there.
  5. No shit.

    Is this an anecdotal observation, or do you have some statistics I can work with?

    Question, were they disobeying any Belgium laws or local ordinances?
    Second question, does national pride exclude you from immigrating to another country?
    Third question, does the display of the flag of your home country automatically mean your a diehard expatriate devoid of all loyalty or respect for your new home?
    I guess that would make me an ungrateful "American" in name only, since I've been displaying the National flag of Ireland outside my door since the day I landed.

    In terms of the "Rape" comment, I can only assume you are referring to Sweden.
    Take my advice, look up Sweden's rape statistics and you'll find a sprawling mélange of inconsistent data and contradictory reporting.
    In terms or the correlation between immigrants and violent crimes.

    However as I have stated numerous times in the past, posting "Articles" in support of an argument, especially with one dealing in statistics is pointless, because there is ALWAYS a source claiming to refute it.
    But if you have a few minutes, they're worthy reads.
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  6. Fly that Irish Flag with pride every day!!
  7. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/201...ing-to-white-house-correspondence-dinner.html

    Anyone else smelling KFC?

  8. this is so terrible omg

  9. I want to edit your post to take out the extra commentating that detracts from the very good point that is being made
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  10. Love him or hate him, I've grown fond of Tucker's show. I especially love his "WTF" face which is actually just his regular expression. Seriously, he always just has that look. His show is just so amusing.
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  11. Goddamn, I go away for a little bit and the topic doubles in posts.

    The bathroom issue is dumb. Just start having multi-sex bathrooms. Stop separating the sexes in general. I swear, the fights the White House picks to fight are the dumbest things that impact the least people.

    Meanwhile organizations designed to actually protect people get gutted, and we get bullshit like this:

    Yes, the rules making ISPs divulge what information they collect and how they use it is such an onerous and terrible idea. Ugh.
  12. He cherry picks morons who say provocative things and then publicly eviscerates them. Very rarely does he invite people on who can actually engage in a cogent debate.

    Not that it hasn't happened, but I think he understands what his viewers expect of him. When the primary focus of your audience is reveling in the schadenfreude of the opposition, you got to keep that wheel turning.

    This whole transgender debacle is sooooo fucking irrelevant in comparison to the real issues, I Honestly don't care either way.
  13. He does bring up a good point in sports area, which was probably prompted by the transgender girl, who's undergoing testosterone treatments to become a guy, who won the texas state women's wrestling title. It's a grey area currently. The whole bathroom debacle can be easily solved by having a single toilet that can lock from the inside (like just about any convenience store shitter).
  14. The whole transgender bathroom thing is irrelevant but it's the left that made a huge deal about it. They keep trying to push this idea that there is no difference between men and women. Fake black woman Dolezal is eviscerated by the left for pretending to be black but would be praised if she said she was a man. There are no standards, both are biological aspects of humanity and race is significantly less of a big deal when compared to gender. There's a reason why the Australian women's soccer team loses to high school boys and why every single TV show or movie that has a 110lbs woman beating the shit out of a bunch of 200+lbs dudes is complete nonsense.

    Obama's executive order was bad policy because it basically extorted every school in the country to do what he said. One of the reasons why the federal government has no business involving itself with education to begin with.

    When it comes to the bathroom stuff and states rights. No state has the right to tell a private business what to do with it's bathrooms. If they only have one bathroom for everyone, no problem. If they ask you to use the bathroom of your biological sex then that's their right. It's their bathroom. Public bathrooms are the problem, which is the problem with having "public" things. Tragedy of the commons, when everyone owns it, nobody owns it.

    I honestly just don't care if states make it so that for public places you have to use the bathroom of your biological sex. I mean wtf were they doing before this became a big thing? So like...in 2015 and before? If you look the part, nobody is going to give a shit. Clearly trans people were working around this stuff before last year.

    As far as locker rooms go, if you have the dangly bits, you have no business in a female locker room, if you have a vagina you have no business in the male locker room. In schools, this isn't a big deal because there are single person bathrooms in schools. You just have to find it. But if you're an adult and you're going to the gym, well...put on your workout clothes before you go to the gym. Because if you look like a woman but you have a dick it will probably cause some issues in the locker room. Or you can go a gym that has individual changing rooms instead. You could also change in the bathroom stall of the locker room but that might not be the best solution if you "get caught" so to speak.

    That's why if you are a transgender child, it is important to have gone to a doctor, been actually fucking diagnosed with gender dysphoria and then take that to the school officials who can then work with the doctor, the parents and the child to figure out the best solution. So many people push protecting the one child at the expense of the 800 other kids at the school. The trans population is so small that it would literally be a handful of kids (maybe in even less) in a school of hundreds. It doesn't need to be national policy or even statewide policy for that matter.

    Seriously, trans people have existed for a very long time and they've somehow been able to deal with these situations up until last year. Which usually means that majority of transpeople don't want any of this attention and want people to stop hijacking their identities for political gain.

    I tend to agree with Blaire White on this and she has a penis...so that means it's legit, right?

  15. The left made a huge deal about it when North Carolina passed HB2, which was the religious right having a meltdown over nothing. If gender has a bigger biological factor than race (it does), why should we protect race and not gender?

    As someone who's seen what individual states trying to do their own thing in the education system has done, this is unequivocally false. The federal government has every reason to step into education.

    1) When states set the rules, only 2 states set the rules. Texas and California. Once they decide something should be in a textbook, it doesn't matter what other state you are it's in your textbook.

    2) Standards. When each state sets its own standards, everybody loses. It's a race to the bottom because performance is everything. Why do you think there's so much resistance to the common core? We're so far behind it's the minimum has become "hard."

    Sure, because it wasn't a legal issue until HB2. Now it is.

    This is only an issue to you (and others who think similar to you) subjectively. There are plenty of people who aren't so hung up in our Puritanical history. Objectively there's no reason genders can't comingle. Using your logic homosexuals should only be able to shower with the opposite sex, lest their raging horomones get the better of them.

    Agreed 100%.

    Then why did we need HB2? Also, what expense are you talking about? How are the other 800 kids affected at all? A genetically female person will always use a stall. A genetically male person will always use a stall. It's not like they're walking in the door, dropping their pants, and waddling over to a toilet sticking out from a wall in the middle of a room waving their gender-bits at all the passer-bys.

    Right, because it was legal for them to do what they were doing until HB2 was passed. Once state law is in effect, there's two options:

    1) The courts
    2) The federal government

    Courts take years, so Obama went with #2. And yes, as long as talking heads keep finding people who want 15 minutes of fame, this will be an issue (among others).
  16. I'd honestly rather the government not legislate anything regarding bathrooms. If you wanted to make it so that you couldn't discriminate against someone being transgender then fine, if you're going to have "public property" then that's the issue that comes with it. Trying to navigate the murky waters of everyone owns it so nobody owns it. So do protect people trans people from discrimination, that should be a thing (if you're going to have public stuff) but I don't really see much issue with the bathroom aspect of that. Especially if part of the bill means making sure that single occupancy bathrooms and changing facilities are created. I dunno, maybe that makes me a hateful bigot. Do you have the right to use the bathroom of the opposite gender from your own biological one? Now, I agree that the law is impossible to enforce so that does kinda make it stupid.

    As far as protecting race goes. Again, you're talking to a guy that would prefer to privatize everything so that this isn't an issue...I could tolerate police and fire not being privatize but once again, understand that's where I'm coming from when I talk about these things. Limited government guy so remember that when I say this:

    The Civil Rights Act overextended protections. SHOCK I know!. Now, would I have signed the Civil Rights Act back in the day? Yes. It needed to happen, but it did overreach with private institutions. I would have signed it knowing that we needed to eventually go back and work on that whole private institutions part. Much like the founders knew that it was either handle the problem of slavery later or you know...not have a country at all because the support from the south would have never happened.

    Limited government and liberty means having the right to be an asshole who doesn't hire black people because they are a hateful bigot. At which point everyone else boycotts the shit out of their business. Freedom of association gives you the right to be a piece of shit. Segregation was a government program that needed to go because it was the government telling people they weren't allowed integrate and therefore violated first amendment rights. Voluntary segregation is fine...and happens all the time in real life. By fine I mean, it's your choice. You're not violating anyone's fundamental rights by not hiring them or serving them at your restaurant.You don't have a right to be served a hamburger or be hired for a job.

    Here in Japan for example I can be denied an apartment because the owner doesn't want to have foreign occupants. Now that used to bother me. It doesn't anymore because they own the apartment and they have the right to have who they want in their apartment. Same with a bar (I've never been blocked from entering a bar but it has happened to people). The only thing that would bother me is if the bar thing happened to me, I told my Japanese friends and then they still kept going back to the bar. I'd be like, "Really, guys?" I don't think the bar owner should be forced to serve me. It's their bar.

    There is nothing in the Constitution regarding federal control over education. The Department of Education is actually unconstitutional. The three branches can't just make up new powers on the fly. Granted they do it because nobody challenges them but they are constitutional forbidden from doing so without an amendment. People just don't give a shit anymore and basically just let them do what they want.

    My father was in his early 20s when the DoE was established. Meaning both he and my mom went through all levels of school without any federal oversight like no child left behind or common core. They arguably had better public educations that we have today.

    The US is a collection of independent (now more like semi-independent) states that voluntarily give certain powers to the federal government. It's been forgotten that the states can take that power back. That's essentially what nullification is, when states refuse to comply with federal laws. Of course, the federal government tends to dangle federal funding over states' heads to compel compliance. One of the powers constitutional not given to the federal government was education. Technically, it's not even the states right to tell people how to educate their kids.You can say that the the federal government should be involved all you want...amend the constitution to give them the explicit ability to do so. Of course, doing that is incredibly difficult and it was set up to be that way on purpose. Furthermore, they know it would never happen. So they try to go for loopholes.

    I actually don't know how to respond to this. It's just so not based in real life. Hormones getting the better of them has nothing to do with this, it's about a reasonable expectation of comfort. Are you really trying to tell me that I'm wrong for not wanting a woman in the men's room? Why not? Because it's the fucking men's room. A male space...for men. Are women really unreasonable for not wanting a man in the women's room. Specifically a man that can be fully identified as man based on what human beings consider a male to be from 150,000 years of history. Yeah, that's not unreasonable.

    The thing is, this whole situation goes well beyond HB2. This fundamentally isn't about HB2 at all. It's about people pushing to have male and female be an arbitrary thing that people can just change because they "feel" one way or the other. That men and women are exactly the same and therefore it doesn't matter.
  17. I wasn't serious in my previous post fyi.
  18. Forgive me for swooping in but I must correct this egregious error before my head explodes into a cloud of rainbow dust.

    The Department of Education was NOT a new power or authority conferred by congress to the federal government, it was a functional reorganization that allocated the educational duties from what is currently the health department(then named the department of Health Education and Welfare) into a separate entity.

    The Department of education organization act of 1979 transferred authority already established from the previous reorganization of "HEW" through the dissolution of the Federal security agency decades prior.
    After the establishment of the education department, HEW was renamed "The department of health and human services" It's extant incarnation.

    It was a division of administrative responsibilities, not a unilateral power grab.

    Please continue boys.
    *Swoops out*
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  19. I am really not a fan of his VOICE plan nor do I know where the fuck the money for that infrastructure investment is going to come from if he cuts taxes and increases military spending

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