1. This thread is for the discussion of anything political in 2017. Try to keep the meme's down and have some actual discussion in here. The el donaldo thread turned out fantastic, I won't be renaming it, so keep it similar to that one.

    I'll keep this locked until the new year
    Honestly, someone wake me when four years are up.

    New year's here, going ahead and unlocking this.

    Anyone want unleash the first political salvo?
  3. Good luck with that, Senator. Democrats are just going to pull the same shit Republicans did - you're on your own.

    P.S. There isn't a long-term sustainable replacement unless you're dropping Medicare/Medicaid entirely (can't/won't happen), you end the "free market" pricing schemes of drug companies and hospitals, or you go single payer.
  4. I watched a bit of that on liveleak, pretty fucking disgusting. Those punks probably never voted and need to be locked up or shot dead.

    I'm hoping the Sec HUD Carson and Trump can do something. That would be the perfect city to start to turn around. That city is just getting retarded with the murders.
  5. From my recollections of the previous discussions involving Marlie, there are two popular definitions of racism. Black people can certainly be racist in one, but not in the other.

    1) If you equate racism to be intolerance of a specific race, then yes, black people can definitely be racist.
    2) If the definition of racism you're using is the systematic oppression of a race (what Marlie was using, I believe), then black people don't have the power to do that yet.

    I usually just go with people are hateful fuckwits in general.

    I'm not sure I can stand 40 minutes of Hannity, but I suppose I should watch it just to see if he at least uses any sort of journalistic integrity. I'd wager no. Interviewing Assange about the Russians is worthless anyways. At this point he's probably just buttering up Trump because he knows Trump might be dumb enough to let him go.

    It's even worse that the "evidence" the US released is crap. According to every cyber security source there is strong evidence it's the Russians, if you're going to release evidence at least make sure it's good or it just makes the deniers even stronger.
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  6. Number two is silly (being polite) to even entertain. Besides, who had the "power" in this video? Not the white mentally challenged kid.

    Chicago police say it wasn't motivated by race but that he was targeted because of his condition but that is bullshit. Also, still makes it a hate crime.
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  7. Good point but I think it's silly for DM to even mention "black people can be racist too" of course they can who would dispute that. Any race that has hatred towards another race based on their race is racist. I maybe able to empathize a bit with some that had bad experiences with a particular race and that shaped their perception. For example a white kid grew up in a poor part of town and in that town all (generalizing) black people were bad. A father a year or two ago saw his wife and children get blown up at the airport by ISIS and now he hates all Arabs. If you want to deny economic opportunity and education (systemic) based on race I can't have any part of that. I have no problem with people wanting to call this a hate crime, it can just be some dumb hoodlums doing dumb shit.
  8. Oh, SG...your heart is so pure. You'd think it people wouldn't disupute this but so many do.


    Looks like they are being charged with hate crimes. Probably due to social outrage. Also notice how the MSM goes to great lengths to avoid mentioning the race of the 4 black youths involved in this.

    Had the situations been reversed the fact that they were white would be plastered everywhere and it would be the main story everywhere and we'd have people rioting in the streets.
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  9. I'll have to look at that when I'm off work.
  10. This discussion is aimless.

    No race or ethnicity is immune to inherent prejudice, anyone who argues to the contrary is a moron not worth addressing.
    I would never engage in a debate with a flat earth denier, that "Discussion" was doomed In utero. This topic originating from a similar vein is not worth the key strokes I'm using to repudiate it.
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  11. Okay, despite the naming of it.. please explain modern flat earth and this 'denier' thing? At first I was taught in kiddy school that the earth was round before later it in life, information on it being a sphereroid (sp?) of sorts.
  12. Contrary to the crazy people's ideas, the earth is an oblate ellipsoid/spheroid. This means that the diameter is shorter from north pole to south pole than at the equator. If you go high enough in altitude, you can see the curvature and thus, the earth is not flat
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  13. Back to the focus, Hannity does use journalistic integrity in the interview. He obviously tries to nudge Julian towards the direction to fit his narrative but he doesn't need to cause all the evidence is there and Hannity couldn't be more overjoyed about it. When Hannity asked if Obama was a liar, Julian said no, but he's acting like a lawyer which is almost like a liar. I found it amusing when Julian discussed how an election should be ran between two parties with choosing the strongest candidate and having all the facts available for the people to decide because it's just pure fundamental common sense and you can say theoretical cause it doesn't happen in the real world.

    The U.S intl can't 'gauge' how much (if at all) the Russians influence the election and they can't reveal or name sources. The deniers have a nuclear bomb worth of ammo at this point as they should. It still amazes me after all these months that no one in the media is denying that the hacked emails are factual.
  14. Whoah there. The US can very well do just that. They just won't release their methods, because it would expose how they gathered the information. It's the same crap they pulled with stingrays - they let guilty people walk because they didn't want to disclose how stingrays were used. Granted, they shouldn't have been used in the first place...

    The cyber security industry as a whole (which I am a [small] part of) can say with a large amount of certainty that it was the Russians. I asked our intelligence analyst what percent he would give it - and without the US government's intel he said he'd put an 80% likelihood of it being the Russians at worst.

    Also keep in mind that when the NSA's equation group was accidentally caught by Kaspersky when they let some domains they weren't using any more expire, their 5-10 year old technology was miles beyond what anyone was doing at the time. I have no doubt in my mind that the US knows it was Russia for a fact - they just don't want to cough up the details. The secure briefing with Congress will likely be where [some of] the real dirt comes out. I'm sure there will still be some deniers, but unless the Chinese or Israelis have gotten really sophisticated really quickly there's little doubt.

    For what it's worth - the NY Times has the headline "4 Black Suspects Charged in Videotaped Beating of White Teenager in Chicago."
  15. Republicans on the FCC are looking to dismantle net neutrality and the title 2 classification of ISPs as soon as Wheeler is out later this month.

    It was nice while it lasted, I suppose.
  16. Hannity wouldn't know journalistic integrity even if it bent him over a barrel, fucked him sideways while quoting "The Two gentlemen of Verona". He wanted one answer, and one answer only..... an unequivocal denial of Russia's involvement in the DNC hacks in order to bolster the highly contextualized slant he applies to every issue that has even just a modicum of partisan friction.

    What's driving me absolutely bonkers about this whole kerfuffle is the spin on both fucking sides of this issue. Some democrats view this report as carte blanche to re-litigate the absurd notion that the Russians stole the election from Hillary Clinton, and some hardline republicans are continuing to downplay an attack on the electoral sovereignty of the U.S out of obsequious loyalty to Donald trump. Your boy tucker would rather pivot and change his argument from "No evidence" to "But wasn't it a good thing we found out about Hillabeast's duplicity?".

    Anyone who's more concerned with the optics of how this reflects upon the legitimacy of Trumps victory, rather than a national security breach other more mature conservatives have taken much more seriously is doing their viewers a disservice.

    Although, I cant help but laugh at the supreme Irony of Trump bemoaning the efforts of those attempting to delegitimize his future presidency, when you consider he's been the pontificating bastion of the birther movement for the virtual entirety of Obama's two terms.
  17. It's unfortunate cause I feel some conservatives want to come out and agree with the national security breach problem but at the same time they feel and know Trump's victory was legit fair and square ownage of Hilary Clinton and don't want to take that away cause of course the Liberals will spin the heck out of it and downplay Trumps historic victory.
  18. I'm very confused - ownage? He lost the popular vote and barely won 3 swing states in order to win. I mean sure, he won - and his victory is historic, in that he's the person who's lost the popular vote by the most and still won the electoral college - but let's not rewrite history.

    I wouldn't go as far as to say Hillary would have won without the breach; she was rife with problems. However, let's not pretend that it had no effect.

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