1. This may seem like your atypical battle, seeing as its two human characters with no extraordinary powers, but I think that makes it more thought provoking.

    Dexter Morgan is noted as being an expert in sneak and assault tactics/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is adept with weapons and can adapt to a high pressure situation easily; not severely affected by emotions.

    Temperance "Bones" Brennan is said to be trained in three types of martial arts, is familiar with use of firearms and is also capable of effectively compartmentalizing emotions and logical thought.

    That being said, I wondered how the two of them would fair against each other in a bare one on one fight. I realize each person has many other skill sets, (e.g. dexter always has a syringe of drugs ready to pounce on his assailants, bones sometimes carries a gun) however I felt including these would present a very one-sided unfair advantage in different situations. I am mostly interested in seeing who would be victorious in a match of hand to hand combat.

    empty, average, night-lit parking garage.
    each has no knowledge of the other's abilities
    There are two wooden staffs available as additional weapons.
    This is a high pressure fight (dexter has to protect his secret, Bones has to protect her life)

    It is my opinion that Bones would take down Dexter since she has familiarity with more than one type of martial arts. However, if Dexter can get the jump on her using the environment of the dim garage, then it can go the other way.
  2. Strange battle. Bones fan by any chance? LOVE IT! haha.


    I don't know.

    Bones also, by the way I think you forgot to mention this, is so good at her job, she spot any sort of weak point in anyone in a matter of minutes, hell, a minute.

    Remember, booth went undercover as a fighter, bones noticed, in just a minute or two, that he had blah blah and told booth where to hit him, and booth pretty much took him down in a matter of seconds.

    I'd say because of that skill, bones could easily identify what points to hit him and then easily take him down in a few minutes.
  3. WTF?!

    This is the serial killer, Dexter, and the forensic expert, Bones, right? When I saw this I was expecting a battle of wits, like can she catch Dexter, and you're talking about a martial arts battle?


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  4. ^ yea i thought the exact same thing lol

    Well whoever gets the jump on the other first is the winner but i'm gonna have to say dexter if it's a straight facing each other fight as Dexter will have the upper hand in the direct fight as she won't have time to fully analyse his body for weaknesses when she's trying to guard herself from him strangling/face punching her her lol.

    Knowing more than 1 martial art doesn't always equate to being better in a fight, quality > quantity
  5. Don't forget the time Bones took down that gang banger who was twice her size in height and girth. (The Woman in the Garden 1x13)
    She had analyzed his faulty knee during their skirmish, not before. oh and she didn't die. haha.
  6. ^ well that's a relief since the show most probably would've ender there

    Yea but the examples being made are of people that are already hurt i.e badly hurt shoulder from a previous fight, a faulty knee.

    We don't know if dexter has any of these sorts of weaknesses though so therefore that can't be a factor if it hasn't been stated or shown that he has any injuries of this type
  7. Yes, but that point of me making that example was not necessarily to highlight the point of someone having bad knee. It was to point out that Dr. Brennan doesn't necessarily need to decipher you before the initial point of contact. She's had hand to hand bouts with seemingly healthy people before as well (as in, no physical limitations stated) and not been harmed. Granted, she's been caught off before, but so has dexter.

    P.S. if you'd like, I can make a "battle of wits" following this. Although, that I avoided because I believe it would become way too complicated to keep track of with all the character precedent from both shows, considering each has been going for 4-5 seasons.
  8. New season, Bones took out like five armed Guerrillas, has Dexter done something similar?
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  9. Bones is definitely smarter in some ways, but Dexter is a champion-level trained fighter (not that he seems to use it in the most recent seasons)... not some asshole on the streets like Bones is usually shown kicking the ass of. Dexter is also a sociopath, and has taken many attacks from people who are literally fighting for their lives against him (including one fully trained black ops guy). Dexter has no physical ailments that bother him that she could exploit. Bones has no shot without a gun.

    If she has a gun, then she wins almost certainly. If she lets him get too close and he has a syringe, we're back to square one and she's dead.

    This fight looks VERY bad for Bones.
  10. I think you guys are forgetting that Dexter also knows alot about the human body. Did ya'll see the episode where he beat the shit out of that girl's dad? That's the kind of shit you can use in every battle. Dexter doesn't need to know where to hit a specific person (bones has to analyze for bone conditions in the person she's fighting). Dexter knows the body's weak points and he knows the exact effect hitting that spot will have. Dexter would also overpower her.

    And I know why he didn't do it the natural way and have bones hunting dexter and dexter hunting bones. In a one v one, she has a chance to beat Dexter but if Dexter gets to do his research, set up the kill room and stalk bones until he gets the perfect opportunity to sneak up on her she has no chance. It wouldn't be easy because she'd be on her guard and she'd also be looking for him but he'd still get her.
  11. Bones doesn't need to analyze anything to know someone's weak point. She can take a glance at someone walking,or how they move an arm to instantly know if their favoring something because of injury. And she knows the human body better then anyone, she's knows how and where to hit someone to cause maximum damage. And the conditions say no prep time, they just meet each other in a parking lot, with no prior knowledge of each other abilities, and they're both bare fisting it. And again 5+ armed Guerrillas, couldn't over power, and barely laid a scratch on Bones, I don't think Dexter could either if he's going in blind. In a straight bare fisted fight, no knowledge of eachother, bones has a clear advantage.
  12. your contradicting yourself, she is analyzing, it just dosnt take very long for her to do it.

    Dexter broke his hand in season 3, yet suffers no ill effects from it. Pain isnt much of a factor for him either as he gets married almmost immediately after it happens.

    Dexter has shown the same ability as bones to dismantle thier enemies, last season he narrated a step by step process of bringing a man down.

    Bones probably has a bit more knowledge on the human body then Dexter does, being a serial killer that cuts his victims to peices as well as being a blood splatter analyst gives him a pretty decent grasp on human anatomy.

    One cant really get a good look aat how dexter fights unless you go back to the earlier seasons. The reason being he dosnt fuck around, he puts himself in a postion where he dosnt have to fight or it puts the struggle at a minimum.

    Dexter is able to handle high pressure situations easily, multiple times he has been cornered our held by other serial killers yet he always ends up being the one coming out on top and with the other guy on his table.

    to be clear i dont watch bones, and since all i can find on youtube are bones/booth mv's i cant really say much about how she fights.

    I dont think bones has faced anyone quite like dexter, at least from what ive read in previous posts. He's quite a bit smarter than your average thug, a trained fighter, and a remorseless killer.

    the five armed guerillas sound bogus to me, if you know the season and episode i would be happy to watch it.

    I think Dexter comes out on top in this, his size, strength, training and his mind would make him a signifigantly harder foe for bones to take out.

    this would have been a better battle thread had it been done through wit. rvrn though with preptime i still see Dexter coming out the winner.
  13. the newest season first episode... it's legit. And I'm not contradiction myself, I meant she doesn't need to stand there and look at picture forever to know what to do. Booth was in a boxing match, the guy he was fighting threw a couple of punches, bones told what side was his weakest,and where to hit him and booth demolished the guy. A guy made a fist, she knew that he had broken it a couple of times. S I seriously doubt that Dexter knowledge of the human body is close to hers. She is the best, and most respected anthropologist in the world, the human body is what she does, she's cutting up, and dicesting up to 20 bodies a day as her day job, and disceting and messing with bones to solve murders as a hobby, she without a doubt has a lot more knowledge then Dexter, in that regard. She deduced booth's ancestry by just looking at his bone structure, i mean really? I've seen every episode of bones, and some episode of Dexter, I've seen enough to have a good enough grasp on the character.

    Now if they were really going into this, like Bones and her team is tracking him, and he's trying to kill bones, then I'd give it to Dexter, because Bones has been captured by less capable villains. But a straight up fight? Where they know nothing about each other just a brawl in the street? I'm giving it to bones, because Bones already going to be fight as hard she she can out the gate because of the man-factor, Dexter could easily be caught off guard, and it usually only takes one move for bones to put someone on their back, and they haven't really shown bones just brawling with someone, the person is usually subdued rather easily.

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